1-minute Video Tutorial – Navigating CDN Comments

Last week Clarke Daily News changed its “comment” display format to provide readers the option of viewing comments or not. Admittedly, the change does require an additional mouse click over the previous format for posters who seek to go ┬ádirectly to a comment. The following video tutorial demonstrates an efficient approach for quickly navigating to the most recent comment posts.


  1. Thank-You! Very, very helpful and artfully produced.

  2. Nice explanation; however, it seems like a lot of work to get to one little thing. I’ve discovered that, until things are fine-tuned a bit, I can go to the blogroll and see what I want to see just a tad faster. I enjoy CDN, so keep up the good work!

  3. What would be a very easy thing to do is to copy the code used to open the comments section of an article and put it up at the top of the article just under the headline where it states how many comments there are.

    The best thing would be to allow folks to toggle between always allowing comments to be displayed and not.