Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks to the numerous people who helped make our 4th annual Conservation Day – “Watersheds:   Discovering our Connections” a huge success.   We spent an entire school day OUTDOORS building upon students’ prior knowledge of watersheds and conservation education, fostering their new knowledge of important natural resources in Virginia and what they could do to become better stewards of protecting those natural resources.   A second opportunity gained by this experience was that all 4th graders from Powhatan, Cooley, and Boyce were able to share in a day of learning.

Conservation Day 2010 was spent outdoors as CCPS students learned about watersheds - Photo Amy Larrick

Powhatan School provided an opportune setting of natural resources: a stream, vast open space, and natural shade.   I appreciate Mr. Lathrop’s willingness to allow us to use his facility for this event, and the hospitality of Mrs. Megeath and Mr. Ray Legge who assisted in the coordination of this event at Powhatan.

Gem Bingol, of the Piedmont Environmental Council, was the overall organizer of this event and I am extremely hopeful that we can continue to provide this experience to students.   Conservation Day – “Watersheds:   Discovering our Connections” would not have been possible without the collective efforts of the multiple participants who provided activities and/or literature for the students.   Their dedication to planning and delivering a meaningful lesson was phenomenal, not to mention the fact they took time out of their day to help educate our students.   The list of participants include:   Piedmont Environmental Council, Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, Carter Burton Architecture, Blandy Experimental Farm, Berryville Water Plant Facility, Shenandoah Audubon, Patsy Gochenour, Mountain Trails, Amy Smith from Shenandoah University, and Maureen Adamski, Amber Frazier and Lee Coffelt who volunteered to present on behalf of the Native Plant Society.   This year we concluded the event with a presentation from the Virginia Wildlife Center.   Students were introduced to an opossum, corn snake, and owl and educated about the dangers of littering.

Amy Larrick

Clarke County Public Schools

Amy Larrick is assistant principal at Boyce Elementary School in Boyce, Virginia


  1. Donna Carper McDonald says:

    What a great way to educate our kids! Learning about the environment and being OUTDOORS! YAY.