2010 Slams Clarke with Arctic Blast

P1040056_ps_rsClarke County was slammed by some of the coldest air in decades this week with temperatures dipping to 5 degrees in parts of the county on Saturday night. Strong winds that began on New Year’s Day continued throughout the weekend with gusts reaching 44 MPH near Mount Weather on Saturday night. The frigid temperatures combined with high winds generated wind chill temperatures of -15 degrees across the area. Further south, morning lows of 20 degrees were recorded in the panhandle of Florida with temperatures today only reaching 40’s near Miami. A pair of Arctic high pressure systems, one over eastern Nebraska and another located over southern Manitoba, will continue to keep temperatures below normal for most of the eastern United States for the rest of the week. The bitter cold temps made normal jobs difficult to do. On Sunday evening Clarke County Schools Superintendent Michael Murphy used the new phone alert system to announce a one hour opening delay for Monday to allow extra time to prepare buildings and buses as students begin returning from the holiday break.