Letter to the Editor: Restoring Trust and Integrity to the School Board

With Election Day this Tuesday, I feel it is important for the citizens in Berryville to be informed that you have two distinct choices in this election to represent your voice for the next four years. You can continue to accept the same problems and issues that we have had in recent years, or you can vote for change and new leadership to improve our schools.

I have spent the last four months meeting with Berryville residents and listening to your concerns about the low test scores, the constant bickering on the School Board, low morale among school staff, and the lack of viable vocational career programs currently offered. These are just a few of the concerns the citizens of Berryville have shared with me in meetings with them in their homes.

MY Promise to You:

* I will work with the Board to improve academics.

* I will offer you responsive leadership.

* I will focus on improving and expanding our vocational programs.

* I will work on improving the reputation of our school system.

* I will always do what is in the best interests of our students.

My background in public education gives me the insight that I need to fully understand the complexities of our schools, but also the great appreciation I have for the teachers and administration.  My experience teaching at Lord Fairfax Community College and over thirty years experience in business and management has shown me the importance of working with people in a environment where there is trust and respect for all opinions and the need for all voices to be heard.

There are times when continuity is not a good thing, and change is necessary to move forward and create a better learning environment for our children. I believe that time is now, and you have a clear choice here between me and my opponent.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday and promise you that your voices will be heard, and I will always do what is best for our children.


Jim Brinkmeier


  1. I commend you for sticking your neck out and seeking public office, but this is not your time… nor your place. Jennifer Welliver has served our children with integrity, honestly, and with a whole lot of heart. I could ask for nothing more in a school board representative. There is no reason to change the course… this board actually has tangible and visible results to show. I lived through 20 years over bickering over this high school being built, and it FINALLY started to rise out of the ground thanks to THIS board.

    The choice is clear. My vote is for Jennifer Welliver.

    Good Luck Mr. Brinkmeier in whatever your next venture may be, but it shall not be as a member of the Clarke County School Board.

    Game. Set. Match.

  2. Hal Jordan says:

    Mr. Brinkmeier, in case you haven’t noticed lately, the bulk of the negativity has come from 1 board member in particular – Robina Rich Bouffault, who (thankfully!) has decided not to seek re-election. Thankfully, Jennifer, Janet, and Barbara have stood up to her and refused to go a long with her character assassination of the superintendent, and other things. Berryville has been ably served by Mrs. Welliver, and the issues you speak of are being addressed.

    You want to improve and expand our vocational courses? That takes financial investment in facilities, equipment, resources, and staff. You want to improve academics? What School Board member doesn’t want that. But, doing so will require a financial investment in facilities, equipment (new computers and other devices in some of the buildings, etc.), resources (new and up-to-date textbooks and materials, access to online resources, solid libraries, etc.), and staff (additional staff to reduce class sizes in critical areas, adequate compensation, money for enhanced professional development, etc.).

    I’ve read the schools’ budget, and I’ve seen the cuts they’ve had to make. They can’t cut any more. I already pay a good amount out of my own pocket for my kids to have what they need; when I can, I chip in some extra via Bingo for Books or the recent book fair at J-WMS or the EAA. But, that doesn’t replace the fact that the county needs to put up the money to properly invest in its children.

    Just because I’m married to someone with an advanced degree doesn’t mean I know how to prescribe solutions for where she works.

    • Roscoe Evans says:

      Hal, I am pleased to agree with you 100% on this one. I have read everything I can find, and still have no idea what Mr. Brinkmeier does for a living, or what new skills he would bring to the board. I’m not keen on the current board, though 3 of the 4 are nice women.

      It is embarassing to see a community with so much wealth insist that it is overtaxed, and therefore too poor to educate its own children, while it houses them in overcrowded and unsafe facilities. (I’m still big on tearing down the wooden stairways to the “temporary” classrooms, and rebuilding them before somebody is seriously hurt, or worse, caught in a fire. No school board member has responded to this issue.)

  3. Tony Parrott says:

    I’m still not impressed, nothing personal. I’ve read three articles in the CDN and they seem to be covering three different people. I’m just not sure who he is. If elected I sure hope he is running for the right reasons; the kids! Our children are depending on it!

    • Naked Truth says:

      Tony, your opion is not a factor since you do not live in his district. It seems that the voters in your district have expressed their opion twice before.

      • Tony Parrott says:

        Sorry NK, I have started to discount anyone who can’t stand behind their comments by using their real name.
        But just so you understand that I TOTALLY disagree with your comment….
        So my opinion doesn’t count because it’s not my district? Believe it or not people actually ask my opinion. With four kids in the school system you better believe I’m going to have an opinion. By your logic people outside of White Post shouldn’t have an opinion about Dunning or Robina; but they do. So you are WRONG. Having an opinion is a good thing even if you don’t agree with it.

  4. livein22611 says:

    Thank heavens this man is running for this position. I have not been impressed with Welliver. Listening to her over the years she seems to be uninformed. “The Kids” need someone on the board who will give the issues at hand some thought.

  5. J Jenkins says:

    To whom ever ran over my yard sign and a few others on my street for Jennifer Welliver yesterday, do you feel better now? You did not deter me from my vote for Jennifer. Just wanted you to know.