Letter to the Editor – Trans Pacific Partnership

Dear Editor,

I recently read that the next round of negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership is to take place in Leesburg, Virginia.  It looks like this trade agreement could really be a great opportunity to bolster trade with a booming region of the world.

About 76,000 of the country’s 650,000 jobs in the biopharmaceutical industry are located in Virginia.  With such a large percentage of the bioscience jobs located right here in our Commonwealth, we should be particularly interested in the outcome of this trade agreement.  In order to make sure that this outcome is positive, negotiators need to include protections for the intellectual property of researchers and innovators in the industry.  The work of these researchers saves lives and treats some of our worst illnesses from Alzheimer’s to cancer.

Protections for this research should be at least the same as our current U.S. law of 12 years.  Let’s bring more prosperity to our bioscience sector through the Trans Pacific Partnership while protecting our researchers and their work.

M. David Skiles