48th Annual “Doc’s Apple Blossom Meet” Antique Car Show

Dozens of antique Hudson, Essex and Terraplane automobiles will be displayed on the lawn of Skyline Caverns, in Front Royal, on Sunday morning, May 8.   The car show — free to the public — is the concluding event of this year’s “Doc’s Apple Blossom Meet”, a three-day gathering of Hudson owners now in its 48th year.   The show begins about 8:00 A.M. and is over by noon.   A flea market of Hudson automobile parts will also take place.   The Caverns is located at 10344 Stonewall Jackson Highway, Front Royal, VA

The meet will begin Friday, May 6 with a 6:00 PM pot-luck dinner in the banquet hall of the Front Royal Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department at 221 N. Commerce Ave.   On Saturday morning, most attendees will drive to Winchester to enter their cars in the Apple Blossom Antique Car Show there.   A flea market of Hudson parts will take place behind the Front Royal fire hall from 2:00 to 6:00 P.M. on the same day.   A banquet will be held at the fire hall at 6:00 P.M.   The Sunday car show at Skyline Caverns will move to the fire hall in case of rain.

Complete information appears at the website of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane club, www.cbc.hudsonclub.org. The Chapter sponsors the meet.   Questions can be directed to either Carl Wennberg at (301) 609-4816, or Jon Battle at (540) 364-1770.

The Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan began business in 1909 and for the next 45 years built such vehicles as the Hudson Super Six, the Essex, the Terraplane, the compact Jet, and a line of light pickup trucks.     From 1951 to 1954 Hudson’s “Hornet” dominated stock car racing.   In 1954 Hudson merged with Nash to form the American Motors Corporation, which continued to build Hudsons in Kenosha, Wisconsin through the 1957 model year.   AMC was purchased by the Chrysler Corporation in 1987.