7:30pm – Westbound Route 7 Reopened at Retreat Road

A single vehicle accident has Westbound Route 7 closed just west of Retreat Road at 7:00pm. Emergency personnel on scene report that the vehicle struck the median but neither the driver nor the passenger are reporting injuries.

Clarke County emergency management advises that one lane of westbound traffic is open as of 7:30pm.


  1. PineGrover says:

    People drive WAY to fast and aggressively on the mountain, pay NO attention to what is going on around them and have no CLUE which lane to be in or when. They’ll NEVER move to the left lane for a car turning right onto 7, or they’ll NEVER get out of the left lane – even when I’m ahead of them preparing to turn left off of 7 – they’ll slow right down to my speed as I make my turn rather than move out of the left lane. Just exactly what do people learn in drivers education in Virginia?

    • I especially love the box haulers and other trucks that have to pass u right before the hill…no wonder we have so many accidents! They think they need to build speed to get up the mountain…then, slow so I have to pass them, creating more opportunities for accidents! People need to call that # on the back of the trucks and complain!

      • Did a truck cause this? or just another person not paying attention to driving.

        I don’t think trucks are the problem. It’s people not paying attention to what their doing.

        I wish there were numbers on the back of cars so I could call and complain!!

        Watch what your doing, our lives depend on it..

  2. Oh Pshaw says:

    It is a potential real tragedy waiting to happen on that mountain. What will it take for something to be done, a massive pile up with multiple fatalities? Glad no one was seriously hurt in this one.

    Slow down!

  3. East of river says:

    severe weather conditions didn’t help- at 6:45 p.m. traffic was actually slower than usual in the westbound lane and several cars going eastbound actually had emergency flashers on….
    glad we missed the backup- and that no one was severly injured

  4. 7driver says:

    this happened right in front of me. The idiot went flying past me even though it was pouring rain.

    What a moron..