9-11 Remembrance Service – Apple Valley Baptist Church




9-11 Remembrance Service

Apple Valley Baptist Church, D.G. Cooley Elementary School, Berryville, Virginia


This Sunday, September 11, Americans across our country will gather on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington to remember those lost on that day and express appreciation to their local first responders.

Clarke County residents will have a special opportunity to recognize the day by attending a “9-11” Remembrance Service at Apple Valley Baptist Church, 10 am, at D.G. Cooley Elementary School.

As part of the gathering, appreciation will be expressed to local first responders.   Local units invited include the Berryville Police Department, the Enders Volunteer Fire Company and the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, those attending will view several videos produced to convey a sense of the immediate national response to the attacks.   Those directly affected on the day will share how their faith has changed as a result.

The attacks of 9-11 are still having an impact on the lives of everyday Americans.   Subsequent battles and continued response consistently remind the nation of the high cost of Freedom and the sacrifice of those that represent it and defend it.

Additional service information may be found at wwwapplevalleybaptist.com.