A Banner Day For Gun Laws In The Old Dominion

gun-crime1On a day loaded with bills pertaining to gun laws, House lawmakers voted consistently in favor of gun rights for Virginia residents.

House lawmakers voted 61 to 37 on HB49 which would repeal the 17-year-old law enacted in 1993 under Gov. Doug Wilder that limits Virginians to a single gun purchase within a 30 day period. The proposal is sponsored by Del. Scott Lingamfelter and is supported by Governor McDonnell.

The House also voted  for HB 854, the so-called  “castle doctrine” which would allow a homeowner to use deadly force against  an intruder if the homeowners reasonably feared bodily injury. This bill would also give homeowners the right to use physical force whether inside a residence or outside of a residence.The bill sponsored by Del. James Morefield, passed with a 75 to 24 vote.

Last but not least the House voted on HB 69 which declares that firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition made in Virginia and retained within its borders are not subject to federal law or regulation under the authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. Sponsored by Del.  Charles  W.   Carrico the bill passed 70 to 29.