A Little Beauty Can Go a Long Way

Clarke County has a new queen!

Little Miss Clarke County winner Emma Jo Donnelly (r) is congratulated by 2010 winner Lilly Carlisle - Photo Todd Carlisle

Emma Jo Donnelly was crowned Little Miss Clarke County on Monday night. First runner up was Ms. Brianna McClellon and second runner up was Danyelle Franz.

Reigning queen Lilly Carlisle passed her crown on to Ms. Donnelly with a smile and a hug during a heavy thunderstorm that cleared the grandstand and sent contestants and parents unto the stage to find shelter from the storm.

Congratulations to all contestants for sharing their beautiful smiles with our community. Clarke County thinks that all of you are beautiful!

Special thanks to Todd Carlisle for sharing his excellent photos from last night’s events.

Second runner up was Ms. Danyelle Franz - Photo Todd Carlisle










Little Miss Clarke County judges - Photo Todd Carlisle

First runner up was Ms. Brianna McClellon - Photo Edward Leonard


Little Miss Clarke County eight semi-finalists - Photo Todd Carlisle




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  1. Hey runner ups, you didn’t win because you’re not as “pretty” as the winner. What a lesson we’re teaching the kids.

    • Niki Reedy says:

      Wow! It’s hard to imagine that commented posted under an article about 4 & 5 year olds! All the contestants were beautiful and I congratulate all of them!!

  2. Roscoe Evans says:

    Of course they’re all beautiful: they’re sweet little girls. But sid’s on the right track. What sort of mother sets her daughter out on the little girls’ road to Beauty Pagentry? And what do the winners say to their sisters and their friends, who don’t win because some adult doesn’t find them or their dress quite up to standard?

    There may be some good that comes of these contests. I just don’t know what it is.

  3. Well, we could do the liberal thing and give all the girls a trophy to make them feeeeeeeeeeel better.

    Your world must suck Sid. No pig scrambles. No beauty contests. What’s next, gonna ask the fair folks if they did an environmental impact study before having the fair? I mean all those rides powered by gas engines, all those cows farting and releasing methane into the air. And where’s all that cow poo and bird poo runinng of to? I mean, you don’t want that stuff getting into the Chesapeake Bay after all. (Sarcasm off)

    People like you suck all the fun out of life.

    • Well there seems to be a lot of exagerating hot air flowing out of you. Acutally Sarge (whatever that means) these are the only 2 events at the fair I would not participate in, or encourage others to not participate in, but it’s a free country, so do what you want within the realm of the law. I like the fair, I go to the fair, probably longer than you have, and will continue to support the fair. Hey, I may even see you there tonight.

      Poo makes excellent fertilizer for my crops. I encourage poo, but a little too much coming out of yooooooooou.

    • Smellin roses says:

      Problem is, Sarge, is that you never turn your sarcasm or cynicism off. If an idea ain’t in line with yours, you dismiss it as “liberal” or some other trite shallow alpha-male-machismo styling.

  4. Nancy Reedy says:

    The beautiful little girl who won Little Miss Clarke County is the same beautiful little girl who wore a pair of scuffed up cowboy boots and a pair of dirty Wrangler jeans and showed the cow that she had raised and cared for since it was born. She may have done it with a tiara but let me assure you she was and is the same little girl who is taught manners and goodness and we would have been just as proud of her if she won the pig scramble contest. Let’s worry about things that are going wrong with our country and not the things that are still right! Congratulations to all participants in any category in any state and in whatever you may do!!