ABC Store in Berryville Adds Sunday Hours

On July 1st the Virginia ABC Store in Berryville will open it’s doors for the first time on a Sunday. A new law passed in the Commonwealth of Virginia allows the Crow Street location to join the ranks of other ABC stores across the state that will begin the sale of liquor on Sundays.

Changes to Virginia’s “blue law” started in 2004 when select ABC stores in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and areas of Northern Virginia began selling alcohol on Sundays. It was expanded to stores in large cities in 2008. The new legislation that was passed by the General Assembly in February removed the population restrictions and will now allow all ABC stores to sell alcohol on Sundays as of July 1 where local ordinances do not prohibit it.

Current laws already allow consumers to buy beer or wine at grocery stores on Sundays and order  hard liquor drinks at bars and restaurants.

While the freedom to purchase alcohol from ABC stores on Sunday is a plus for consumers, the real winner is the State of Virginia as the extended hours add up to more sales that will generate more money for the state’s general fund. Last year’s ABC report shows Sunday store sales were up 9.6% from 2010, putting $1.8 million more into the state’s pocket.

After the new law goes into effect, the state plans to monitor the 200 ABC stores that will be affected. After six months, the sales figures from the stores will be reviewed for profitability and a decision will be made whether or not to keep the new hours.

The Sunday hours will be from 1:00p.m. till 6:00 p.m.


  1. Realistic Joe says:

    Not really sure how to respond to this but let’s see. Either we have a lot of people that have a very bad problem or more individuals just can‘t get thru their “to do list” in a timely fashion.

    Yep, more money for the state’s general fund. Maybe it should go toward supporting state and local law enforcement or drivers safety funding?

    When I think economic stimulus it sure didn’t go in this direction.


  3. Another View says:

    Imbibing cocktails on Sunday does not make you a bad person.

  4. Mr Mister says:

    Brought to you by the Repubs. The same group who likes to quote the Constitution and the Bible. You know the part that says “Thou shalt drink on the Holy day”. I’m just curious how many people are going to really need the liquor stores open on Sunday. Most of all, I wonder who (or group) is really benefiting from this.

    • Right Winger says:

      “… Most of all, I wonder who (or group) is really benefiting from this.”

      The state is benefitting, as well as the people who forgot to go to the ABC store earlier in the week.

    • Another View says:

      Those who will benefit are those who run out of alcohol on Saturday night. Duh!

    • Keenque says:

      More people should be quoting the Constitution. Or at least reading it.

  5. They did set their hours after most Sunday morning church services are done. Will close before the night services begin.

  6. Outside Looking In says:

    Personally, I believe that Sunday Funday’s are much more enjoyable when candid and unplanned. Who doesn’t like a screwdriver on a Sunday morning. And for those of you “planners”, check and see if the lumberyard is open on a Sunday… I hear they’re good at removing sticks.

  7. Sa what? says:

    Yay, now when I drink up all my liquor on Saturday night, I don’t have to wait for Monday to get more!

    What would really help is for liquor stores to not be State ran… like most all other states.

  8. Traveler says:

    Two unrelated comments:

    1) So I guess the extra revenue will not feed back into our County? It would be interesting to see the statistic on how much ABC money goes into CC.

    2) As a native of the West coast, our surpermarkets sold beer, wine, and liquor in them. There was no need to go to a liquor store unless you lived where there were no supermarkets. I’m not saying having a separate ABC store is bad, or that being open on Sundays is good, I just don’t see what the big deal is with some people.

    Cigarettes are sold on Sundays, so are McDonald’s hamburgers, and you can buy liquor drinks at restaurants…

    So if you are not drinking and driving, if you’re at home or a friend’s house, and the only person you hurt is yourself (i.e; heart and liver), what’s the big deal to people in community?