Additional Indictments in Gail Smith Murder Case

As a result of the ongoing investigation into the murder of former Berryville Council member Gail Smith, additional indictments were handed down by a Nottoway County Grand Jury this week.   Investigators from the Berryville Police Department, Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police, Farmville Police Department, and Nottoway County Sheriff’s Office have tirelessly worked on this homicide and those efforts yielded information to secure additional indictments in relational to a murder for hire plot.

Timothy Smith Jr., Edward Visosky, and Edward Poley had previously been indicted on counts of conspiracy to commit murder for hire in regards to a summer of 2008 plot to murder Gail Smith.   On March 22, 2010 a Nottoway County Grand Jury also indicted Timothy Smith Jr. on two (2) counts of solicitation to commit murder for hire.   Gail Smith’s sister, Deborah Smith (58 years old, of Prince Edward County, VA), was also indicted by the Grand Jury for conspiracy to commit murder for hire in relation to the summer of 2008 plot.

crime_sceneDeborah Smith was arrested on March 23, 2010 and is currently being held without bond at the Piedmont Regional Jail.   She is scheduled to appear before the court in Nottoway County on April 15, 2010.

Members of the Berryville Police Department, Clarke County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Winchester City Sheriff’s Office aided in the Grand Jury testimony this week and recovered a vehicle belonging to the estate of Gail Smith that was being kept at the residence where Deborah Smith resides.   Sheriff Millholland had been appointed by the Clarke County Circuit Court to administer Gail Smith’s estate in earlier court proceedings.   The vehicle was recovered during the execution of the indictment on Deborah Smith at her residence and transported back to Winchester.


  1. the car was at Gail Smith’s mother,s house not just where [redacted] resided why didn,t they put that in. thats were it goes anyway right to the mother

  2. this is where your tax dollar goes.because there gonna have to release them when they realize they screwed up and still have nothing .Cmom all that love and no reward yeah rt this is political and they know it, timmy aint did nothing and nor has deb b for real he,s crippled and deb,s just not like period

    • Right Winger says:

      I wish I could begin to understand what you’re saying.

      • you want to believe that the police would do no wrong but they do thats way you dont understand.Timmy,s always had an attitude so what thats makes you a killer: not.she was killed because someone wanted her council seat and thats where the truth lies bet that just keeping it real

        • Adam Deerfield says:

          Right, the much sought after council seats that are almost entirely uncontested in this election. I hardly see that as a motive for murder.

          • If it,s gonna get you KILLED I wouldn,t contest either.You see you dont understand the thinkings of a NEW YORK(Inner)CITY,s BLACK man,s state of mind. But you are right never can tell ok, and anything is possible who are you too say it,s not

          • Right Winger says:

            Ahh, so it’s now a racial thing. So you think a black woman in a sleepy little town is murdered for her council seat? And because you say you are a black male and live in the INNER CITY of New York, that gives you enlightenment?

            Ms. Smith’s Brother and Sister have never shown the ability to handle money, that’s why Ms. Smith was appointed to oversee her father’s estate. [redacted]

            Do the math. Your argument doesn’t hold water.

          • You know nothing, Timmy and Deb both managed and still do their monies just fine before all of this.So I know you know nothing.Timmy always had control. It wasn,t until he wasn,t going too be around for awhile that Gail took over.Check that out know it all ok.Main thing is I don,t sit back and profess to know it all like some..Let the one who has not sinned cast the 1st stone ok right winger.I,m not making this a black and white thing. but dont act like that issue isn,t still around either ok

          • A family Friend says:

            Umm why would you put that out there and how would you know someone was proven or not proven they never had the opportunity or know how to swindle money from the many mates that they had. Nor did either go to college they are not angels but they are not aggressive back bitting business people either. And the father was border line senile and his daughter never came to see him until later in his life and depended on and lived with her mother on several occasions in NY(Gail). As did the rest. I am just really disappointed why is the case taking so long if they have airtight theories it has been almost a year something is not kosher with the prosecution if it doesn’t have it together by now. Remember they are definately guilty in everyones eyes!!!! Except the people who know the family like me.

          • You might have wantad that seat aw,Why else are you concerned.As far as my feelings, everyone is supect.That includes you to?right along with all the others.By the way! Do you hold 1 of those seats? Honest answer thats all. See I care and wanna know. Be it Tim, Deb OR you my only concern is in finding the killer or killers period ok.Yeah you dont have the feelings that I do towards this matter can you at least understand that.

        • Lonnie Bishop says:

          Either you are (A) someone who knows some details and isn’t talking, or (B) someone with little knowledge using this as a copout to state opinions not even worth 2 copper Lincolns.

          • Question Do you even know the late Mr.Smith,Timmy,Deborah,or the late Ms.Gail, Mrs.Rosa anyone.I,m just talking about people I know. It,s my opinion you dont have to like it, read it,and keep it moving.keep the focus on getting Gail,s MURDERER or MURDERS instead of making jokes of my small comments cause that what it,s about 2 cent man lol

          • I ,m hiding hoping they dont find me ok lol.

        • Right Winger says:

          No, I don’t understand what you are saying because you aren’t commenting in coherent sentences.

  3. Sharon Strickland says:

    I know that the police are really trying to be careful in how this case is handled. It is critical that everything be done right. Sheriff Tony Roper and Berryville Police Chief Neal White are doing a good job and let us hope the person or persons that murdered Gail and left a little defenseless dog go without food or water for five days be found.

  4. By all means let those who have done this to Gail pay in full for her murder. I personaly know Timmy, Deb and the late Ms. Gail Smith. I know the late Mr. Smith and I know Mrs. Smith and so what.I,m sorry my sentencing wasn,t great, more feeling than thinking was the case for that.But I do take the side of the LORD,GOD is GOOD.So in answer to the who done it I dont care who they are they killed someone like a cousin too me ok.They should pay whoever they are.

  5. I believe that when all ends. Debbi will be relesed without charge. I know Debbi and I don`t believe she has the stomach or heart to hurt or kill anyone. What I know of her, she was too sweet to hurt anyone`s feelings.Murder? No!,No! No! look elswhere…Iam praying that the real killer will be exposed before trial.

    • Thank you Ms. Heidi for your loving concern for Debbie and I,m sure if you knew Timmy your feelings would be even stronger.As family I dont want to believe this.I just wish they get a fair shake here .My faith is in the Lord that he,ll make this right.My strenght in my family and there is no in between.They charged [redacted] with forged DMV papers, [redacted] forged DMV records on one of the cars also.Not gonna drag Gail,s name down cause she is the victim. But lets get the truth ok not just 1 side and thats the gospel.these are peoples lives here.

  6. foosgram says:

    Oh,Please, leave it alone, let the courts take care of it!

  7. silent witness says:

    i was told from a family member of the smiths, there was no love between gail [redacted], they fought like dogs, i can remember hearing [redacted] talk about a time when he was in colorado living with his older sister, and a fight broke out between [redacted] boyfriend/husband at the time, from what i gathered and it came from [redacted] mouth, that blood was shed during this altercation. and u got to understand [redacted] has been in prison not just once but twice… for drugs.. and i can remember hearing him brag about the times living in ny selling crack cocaine hanging out with gangsters and guns and everyone forgets how [redacted] became a cripple… rumor has it that it was drug related. drug dealer vs drug dealer at a shoot out at a store… the cover story is [redacted] was in the wrong place at the wrong time. but we all know the real deal.. so if you put 2 and 2 together, [redacted] history with gail in past years and from [redacted] mothers own mouth and [redcated] (his cousin) own mouth gail and [redacted] would never be in the same room together. they would be at each others throats. gail couldnt stand [redacted] and the feeling was mutual with [redcated]. so if everyones looking to say that [redacted] innocent, look at the background and family history, guns, ppl, drugs that he associated with in his upbringing and past years. i think and others would agree there is motive here…