Administrative Changes at Clarke County Public Schools

Mr. Rick Catlett

The Clarke County Public Schools today announced the appointment of Mr. Rick Catlett as Assistant Superintendent for Administrative and Personnel Services, effective July 1, 2010. Mr. Catlett has served the Clarke County Public Schools for twenty one years and has demonstrated his dedication to teaching and learning and the success of all students.

Mr. Evan Robb, Principal of Johnson-Williams Middle School, commented, “I have had the pleasure of working with Rick for many years, not only as a classroom teacher, but as a school administrator. Rick has provided valuable mentoring to me and many of my colleagues over the years, and understands the needs of our students. He is child centered with his thinking, committed to the students and staff of the Clarke County Public Schools, and the community at large.”

In the words of Superintendent of Schools, Michael F. Murphy, “Rick’s ongoing service and support to the Clarke County Public Schools will continue in new and exciting ways as we work to sharpen the focus of our organization and deliver a high quality and exemplary education at all levels. His knowledge of the Clarke County community, its schools and its people, will be invaluable as we move forward in these exciting times of change.”

Mr. Catlett’s duties will be similar to those that he currently performs, and will include items related to personnel management, direct support for building administrators and other division level staff members, and an increased focus on division level leadership.

Also accepting new responsibilities on or about August 1, 2010 will be Mr. Jay Lucas and Ms. Jill Sowers. Mr. Lucas will assume the duties of Assistant Principal at Clarke County High School. He is currently the program coordinator for the F&M Center, an alternative program within the Division. Mr. Lucas’s background is in secondary education, with an emphasis on social studies and history. Mr. Lucus will be replaced by Ms. Sowers, who is currently an Assistant Principal at Clarke County High School. Ms. Sowers will split her duties between the F&M Center as program coordinator and as the Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services. Ms. Sowers is returning to F&M Center after a two year absence and returning to Pupil Personnel Services after a six year absence. Both employees bring a great deal of respect and enthusiasm to the Division and are excited about assuming new roles and responsibilities.

According to Dr. Murphy, the district is already 60% of the way through the staffing process, with 11 of our 18 licensed staff vacancies filled. Murphy said that the district is still recruiting special education teachers and looking for a much needed ITRT to provide direct support to staff and teachers.

“Through the elimination of the School Board Office receptionist position, and the combining of several unfilled positions, we are also looking for a testing coordinator to provide direct support for teachers and administrators in the buildings.” Murphy said.


  1. Right Winger says:

    Hooo boy!! Rick’s a good choice.

    When Dr. Eberhardt left, they were going to break his old job into 2 parts, (director of curriculum & instruction and a K-12 testing coordinator), and they said they were going to save money by doing so. Looks like they managed to do it, unless I’m missing something.

    IMHO, Rick was the best Principal at JWMS I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He ran a tight ship.

    (I hope I didn’t cause anyone to have a heart attack or stroke!! 😉 )

  2. Tony Parrott says:

    Congratulations to Rick and his family. I was hoping this would be the direction after Dr. Eberhardt left; good choice for our schools and kids.

  3. I aggree!!! The Catlett family has has a GREAT impact on the lives of my children

  4. Bville-Bud says:

    Rick is the perfect man for the job, he’s a great communicator, administrator, and really puts the kids first. We are truly blessed to have a family like the Catletts educating our kids. Congrats Rick!