After-Prom Details

Final preparations for the CCHS After-Prom Party are underway and excitement is building about the inaugural event. The celebration will have dozens and dozens of activities. Participants will enjoy free food, games, and close to $2,000 in gift certificates and prizes that will be raffled off during the last hour of the evening.

According to CCHS Principal John Werner, all after-prom attendees must arrive by 12:30 AM in order to gain entry into the after-prom event. The event is not limited to Prom attendees.   Any junior or senior may attend the after-prom celebration even if he or she did not buy a prom ticket. Those juniors and seniors who did not attend Prom must purchase a $10 after-prom ticket during their lunch.

The after-prom will run until 5:00 AM. Attendees may leave before that time only if school officials are able to contact a parent on the phone that evening to let them know what time the students are leaving the after-prom celebration.

Enjoy a special evening at the Prom and finish the night out with this great community event. It promises to be a night full of fun and prizes for everyone involved.


  1. Would like to hear how this event turned out!

  2. Paula Shipman says:

    I was only one of the many volunteers in attendance, but I thought it was great! There were young people playing games and enthusiastically winning “funny money” all throughout the evening. As the end of the event began to near, students were seen lining the halls and walls, writing their names on raffle tickets (purchased with said “funny money”) for entry in the drawing for a 32″ Vizio LCD television. I heard nothing but positive remarks throughout the wee hours of the morning. My personal opinion was that it was a success. I hope this is a new Clarke County tradition that the community will support far into the future.