Alicia is all “Pink”

by Mary F. Veilleux 

Entrepreneurial blood must run in Alicia Leith’s veins.

In 2009, before being laid off from AOL, Alicia had already set up her own waste management business with a bright, spunky pink garbage truck and a company logo – a sassy pink cat pushing a bin.  When not driving her Alley Cat refuse truck, Alicia changes her clothes, grabs her Mary Kay bag, and helps women learn more about how to better take care of their skin.

Both jobs require a lot of work.

Currently Alley Cat provides regular service to 120 customers and plans to build its clientele to 500 by the end of 2012.  How does Alicia plan to achieve her goal?

“It requires a lot of foot traffic and a lot of follow-up, but it pays off in the end,” Alicia explained.

Not only does she offer regular refuse removal service, but Alicia also provides pick-up for recycling,  junk and old appliance removal. Unlike other companies, Alley Cat doesn’t require that you move your trash cans to the road, though curbside service is still the norm.  Alley Cat will retrieve trash from the side of the home or garage – a real bonus for the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Alicia’s Alley Cat service covers Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick counties.

As an independent beauty consultant, Alicia enjoys helping women enhance their natural beauty. “Most women do not feel confident in this area and were never taught about proper skin care.” Giving free facials, Alicia can not only provide beauty advice, but also help women feel better about themselves.  She is also looking to build a team of women who can be their own boss in the business.

With a smile, Alicia comments, “I know it seems a bit like bi-polar to do both trash removal and skin care, but I love both.  It works for me.”

Alicia Leith and Alley Cat can be reached at 540-955-2484 or online at