Amir Banks Named in Connection with Aaron Shirley Death

Amir Shabazz Banks, 16, of Clarke County was arraigned on Friday in Clarke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in connection with a pickup  truck crash that took the life of Aaron Benjamin Shirley, 17, a rising Clarke County High School senior.

Banks’s  trial is scheduled for October 27, 2010.

Banks was arraigned in closed session on charges of aggravated involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter, driving under the influence, and driving in violation of passenger restrictions.

Aaron Benjamin Shirley - Photo courtesy Enders Shirley Funeral Home

According to state code, the restricted driving charge was filed because drivers under 18 are limited in the number of passengers they can transport.

The arraignment stems from a June 18 accident in which Shirley was riding in the bed of a 1999 Dodge pickup truck. The vehicle, allegedly being driven by Banks, ran off Summit Point Road (Va. 611) north of Berryville in Clarke County striking a tree and overturning.

Shirley was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead shortly afterward at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, Virginia.

Banks and four juvenile passengers riding in the cab of the vehicle, allegedly, were travelling from a party where alcohol had been available. Banks and the other passengers in the vehicle received non-life-threatening injuries from the accident.

An alcohol breath test administered to Banks by Virginia State Police shortly after the crash registered a 0.07 alcohol reading according to a June 29th search warrant filed in Frederick County Circuit Court.

The legal blood alcohol limit for anyone under the age of 21 is 0.02.

A passenger in the car is alleged to have told Virginia State Police officer Kevin Myers, the trooper investigating the case, that the driver of the vehicle had consumed alcohol twenty minutes before the  accident according to the affidavit.

Myers also stated in the affidavit that a subsequent search of a BlackBerry cell phone device revealed a discussion of possible drug use before the crash.

Authorities are still investigating how Banks obtained the alcohol. In a recent statement, Suzanne “Suni” Perka said that the  incident is still under investigation.

Aaron Shirley was the son of Reginald and Katherine Shirley.

On Friday Banks was also charged in another alcohol-related incident that occurred Tuesday night at the Clarke County Fair.

On Tuesday evening Clarke County Sheriff deputies responded to a report of an intoxicated juvenile resulting in Banks detention and then release to a relative. The following morning a Juvenile Intake Officer placed Banks in custody at Winchester’s Juvenile Detention Center.

Friday’s hearing added “drunk in public” and “underage possession of alcohol” to the litany of charges that Banks will face at the October trial.

Banks’s name was released by Judge Ronald Napier in a statement after the hearing.

No decision has been made as to whether Banks’s trial will be public.


  1. Why have we never heard if any of the other occupants of the vehicle were tested for alcohol or drugs?

    • Naked Truth says:

      Maybe because they were not driving? They maybe charged for underage drinking. The death was a result of the driver, not the other occupants.

      • It’s not really relevant to this charge. You can’t just go drug testing people without a reason. Being in a car accident in which they were not at fault doesn’t give anyone reason to test someone.

        • They were all at a party before the accident. There certainly would have been probable cause for testing them. NT’s point, however, is a good one. It is easy to forget that this is not about teen drinking (or should not be). It is about drinking and driving. The issue of teen drinking and the laws regarding it are a separate discussion.

          Sorry about that, it is just hard to hear relatives of some of the other partiers be so judgmental about kids’ behavior and parenting.

    • Why? Should they have been? Do you know if they were using drugs and/or alcohol?

  2. he is a minor, how is his name allowed to be posted? isn’t this illegal?

    • From the cheap seats says:

      The judge released it with his statement Friday afternoon, so the press ran with it.

    • Maybe their planning to try as an adult?

      I hope so.

    • Juvenille and Domestic Relations is a court not of record, which is why the info isn’t available online like others. I don’t believe it’s illegal to release info or names, you just can’t search for it like others. I personally don’t see this as being a huge issue. You either knew it was already him because you knew him, or the Shirleys or someone involved. If you didn’t already know it was him, the name more than likely means nothing to you anyways. Personally if you can do something so reckless to kill another individual why should you remain anonyomous, teenager or not?

      • Tick-tock, tick-tock. 9 more days until justice begins….

        • John Q. Public says:

          Really?!? There must really be a dark lump of coal in the center of your heart to gloat like this. Give it a rest.

          • Only for people who think they don’t have to play by the rules. It gives me great pleasure to watch them squirm when reality hits them like a ton of bricks.

          • Trish Fox says:

            You have serious issues that you should consider getting/seeking professional help for, some opinions like this should be kept to one’s self, or maybe you just enjoy bringing up a painful subject??!! I seriously hope you are not a teacher in this community, I would be scared [redacted] to have you guiding my son or daughter !!

          • Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm. Discipline is how those Chilean Miners survived their ordeal. Discipline is how a society thrives. Without discipline, there is chaos. Have fun and enjoy life, but don’t hurt anyone else in the process.

            I pity the kids who have been raised without regard to other people.

            8 more days until the wheels of justice switch gears! I can only hope that the hostess of the party will also face some sort of legal punishment.

          • BTW, Nobody forces you to read my postings, you do it voluntarily.

          • Naked Truth says:

            Funny how it is a “Painful subject” for the person charged with the offence. There seems to be more outrage that this kid is brought to justice, then the fact that he killed someone. I’m not into bullying this kid. But let him face his crime. Let him do his time. It’s a tough lesson. Stop the excuses. The reason I get involed is to try to save the next victim. All of you should be concerned with safety of our kids on the roads. Enough with the just sayin…

          • John Q. Public says:

            The point is, Naked, that “Rightwinger”/”Right Winger” seems to revel, rather sadistically, in the pain of others…all under the guise of “wanting to see justice done.” The young man IS going to get his day in court, and get what comes to him. Not ONE thing that “RW” says or posts will influence that one way or the other.

            Even though Halloween is nigh upon us, “RW” needs to stop gloating and clicking his talons like some pesky imp awaiting a fresh batch of cursed souls at the black gates.

          • Spongebob says:

            I think you have issues of reality, Mrs. Fox. He killed someone’s child! He was responsible to his death! If that was one of your children that died at the hands of another, would your reaction be the same? I doubt it. Right Winger’s views on this subject is spot on.

            Right Winger, I hope that you are a teacher in this community. All of the kids can use a good dose of reality and to be taught how to be accountable for your actions.

          • John Q. Public says:

            I think you’ve sung the “Gooft Goober” song one too many times. Nobody here is disavowing the accused’s culpability; nobody here is ignoring the pain inflicted on so many others by his poor choices. What fails comprehension is “RW”‘s sick fixation with a countdown to “Judgement Day” and his obsession with ripping off the scabs and causing blood to flow once again.

            Constantly harpin on “punish, punish, punish” negates any inkling of merit his “message” might otherwise attempt to convey, and makes him look very petty and small. Sad, really…

          • “Right Winger, I hope that you are a teacher in this community. All of the kids can use a good dose of reality and to be taught how to be accountable for
            your actions.”

            You want to teach all the kids how to be accountable for Rightwinger’s
            actions???? Well, I guess atleast then somebody would be.

          • Naked Truth says:

            I don’t think Rightwinger’s actions has killed anyone.

          • Reality is that this was a tragic accident involving two families…not just one. Would your reactions be the same if you were a part of the Banks Family?

          • Kevin Lambert says:

            I think Rightwinger has a thing for seeing his FAKE NAME on the message boards…. Things had gotten quiet and look who drops the bomb to get the poop stired…… Word on the street is that RW is a teacher…….

          • First, I don’t know what the above comment offers to further this discussion, which in my opinion is beyond appropriate at this point. However, since it was permitted through the moderator perhaps we should all be reminded that as distasteful we may find someone’s comments, they have the right to submit anonymous postings. Especially in this community where apparently one can be vilified for differing in opinion. Case in point would be these threads. Of course, there is the “yelling fire in a crowded room” aspect that I believe imposes limitations on free speech, but RW is right. We don’t have to read what he/she writes.

            Second, I am dreadfully tired of hearing that RW is posting from the school. It is shocking how some people have placed pressures on the schools to find out who RW is. Teachers do NOT have the time to post all day. Even the ones you mistakenly THINK have that sort of time on their hands. WHY would you wish to shut this person down? What do you have to hide that an employee might know? What do you wish to accomplish? What would you do if you ever discovered RWs real name? Seriously, if it is one of your friends and you don’t know it, then you don’t really know your friends. Plus, how do you intend to stifle his/her right to free (albeit often terse) speech with simply having a real name?

            Several people I know have been accused of being RW. Tsk tsk to those of you who have spread these false rumors. No wonder he/she wishes to remain anonymous. Re-read the posts, and think about it. The people you are accusing are so far from being “rightwingers” it is comical. Learn from experienced teachers. You see a behavior you want to stop, your best option is to ignore it.

          • Fly Swatter says:

            I think the ones using real names get more satisfaction. Lets face it.

          • And that’s precisely why I remain anonymous. There needs to be some “open channels of communication” to keep the powers that be in check.

          • Naked Truth says:

            Mine would. At least Banks is still alive. After he serves any time given him, due to his actions. He will still be at the table for holidays. It does involve two families, but just not equally.

          • People are actually being “accused” of being RW? Geez, this sounds a little “Salem Witch Trials” to me. RW, you better hope those folks don’t get any ideas to substitute the dunking test with a poison ivy reaction one! LOL!

          • It just proves that the powers that be are nervous. They need to clean up their act.

          • Better hope the “RightWinger” cover is never blown! Just sayin….

          • So…a teacher gives up the right to express an opinion simply because his/her job is in a classroom? And veiled threats are allowed to be posted on here? Wow…

            What if it’s not whom you think it is? Why does it matter anyway?

          • Darren "Fly" Lambert says:

            Who made a threat? I could care less who RW is…(if that is what your post was referring to)…Just stating that I’m sure he/she has offended a few people with the statements he/she has made….just sayin!

  3. You say they left a party where alcohol was served. So, if all of them were under legal drinking age, then would not the adults of the property where the alcohol was served have to be questioned as to why they allowed it in the first place? Are they accountable?

  4. Oh no…Here we go again! Everybody and their brothers will want to be Judge Wapner all over again! Let the justice system do their job.

    • Aww poor baby, don’t want to be reminded of the horrors of underaged drinking and driving, do you?

      We’re almost 2 weeks into the school year, AND NOT ONE PEEP about it. Just a stupid email reminding kids under 18 how many kids they can have in a vehicle. Nothing about drinking and driving.

      On the first day of school, that demolished pick up truck should have been parked right in front of the doors as you walk into the HS.

      But no, just ignore it, and it will all go away.


      • You my sir…are an idiot! I don’t need to be reminded. I’m a grown adult! I will be having a sit down talk with my children the day they become old enough to drive. That would be called “Parenting”. (And I pray to God that will work!)

        • BTW, waiting until they are old enough to drive is too late.

          Nobody is talking about it anymore. And they won’t until another kid is dead. And then they’ll just talk a little more, and do nothing again. I ain’t gonna let that happen if I can help it. Calling me an idiot just shows you don’t have a better solution to offer.

          • Sure…I’ll get right on that with my 9 & 4 year old. I really don’t think they will understand at this moment in time. My solution to everyone is better “Parenting”. Believe me…your post on the CDN will not be the savior for teen drinking and driving. (Hence: that is not a great solution either!)

          • You’re selling your kids short if you don’t think they’ll understand.

            You’re right that better parenting is the solution. It’s the solution to most of the problems we encounter everyday. Sadly, it’s the good parenting by the many that loses out every time to the bad parenting by the few.

            I don’t want to see any more kids die from this stupidity, so if being called an idiot and ridiculed for trying my darndest to prevent another death by any means necessary (including beating this drum incessantly), so be it. I think kids are too cool to be buried before their parents.

          • Just think you could beat your drum in a different manner….parking the truck at the school on the first day of school is a little over the top! Don’t you think? You talk of high intellect…so do you really think that is a good idea? I just think the Shirley Family deserve a little more respect than what they are getting….my opinion.

          • Nope, I think the sight of the wrecked truck would be a good dose of reality. Don’t you remember the old “Last Prom” videos they showed when we were in HS? Pretty bloody stuff, but it was a good message.

          • And how many kids STILL went out and partied, got wasted, and tried to drive home?

          • We didn’t have anyone in my school or several other area schools killed in drunk driving related incidents where the kids was driving drunk. NOVA area.

      • CCHS Parent says:

        I was reminded yesterday as I sat in the parking lot of the high school waiting for my son to get done with practice and a parent allowed two freshmen boys to ride in the back of their pickup truck. I was shocked!!

        My son may get really mad at me for comments that are made to him or not allowed to attend parties when I don’t know the parents, but hopefully when he is a grown adult and he has to go through the things that us parents are going through now he will appreciate it!!

        And hopefully the justice system will get the adults that are providing this to the kids. Shame on them!!

      • Fellow Mother says:

        Right Winger,

        If you are the concerned parent that you profess to be, what efforts have you made to try to get the message out to the teens in our community about the dangers of drinking and driving? Some random “last prom” video that you were made to watch in high school is a far cry from what you are suggesting as a “good dose of reality”. [redacted] The teens at Clarke County High School are well aware of what the truck looks like, and painfully aware that their friend is no longer with them. Every time they go to football practice, marketing class, DECA activities, the lunchroom, the locker room, the football game, they are reminded! How about allowing them to adjust to the harsh reality they have been dealt, without rubbing salt in the wounds.
        Instead of spending so much time posting comments here, maybe you could volunteer at the high school, get to know some of the teens, talk to them about how passionate you are about preventing this tragedy from happening again. Be a mentor! Just a thought!

        • Naked Truth says:

          Well Fellow, It seems that most of us here are fed up with the schools having the responsibility to raise the troubled kids so the parents don’t have to. I don’t mind being a mentor. But what is wrong with the parents being parents? Why should it take others to teach your kid that underage drinking and driving while intoxicated is wrong? I don’t get it. It all comes down to parenting. Teach your child respect for others and themselves.
          BTW , how would you feel if your son was killed by an underage drunk driver? Just a thought. With parents allowing their children to drink, what kind of mentoring is going to work anyway?

          • Fellow Mother says:

            Well Naked Truth,

            Unless you and Mr. “Right Winger”, are one in the same. I wasn’t addressing you. And, I am by no means suggesting that it is the schools responsibility to raise the troubled kids.But, if you go back and read, Right Winger is bitching about what the school hasn’t done, instead of getting involved and actively working with the school on this issue that he proclaims to be so passionate about. Someone who sits behind a computer all day long spitting their opinion and taking no action is worth nothing more than the ink on the paper.
            And, BTW, I would be absolutely devastated if my son was killed, in any manner!
            It’s precisely that “what’s the use” attitude that gets us no where. You might as well be saying the kids aren’t worth the effort. None of us have the choice of what type or caliber of parents we are born unto. So I say any mentoring is worth the effort!! Any kid is worth the effort!!
            Again, just a thought!!

          • “…Someone who sits behind a computer all day long spitting their opinion and taking no action is worth nothing more than the ink on the paper.”

            You assume too much.

        • Because last week I watched one of the girls who was in the truck come bouncing out of the HS, got in her mom’s vehicle, and drove away without a care in the world, that’s why. I see the kids in the school who act as if nothing had happened. I listened to kids at the fair that I recognized from the facebook postings of all the drinking and drug use over the summer and heard them talk about how they were going to party hard that night after the demolition derby.

          These kids don’t get it. And neither do their parents. It’s a [redacted] shame.

          • Fellow Mother says:

            Careful there, you’re starting to sound like a stalker!! Maybe stop spending so much time “watching” and “eaves dropping” on other peoples kids and do something to show how much you care about their wellbeing.

            Perhaps the parents of the “girl who was in the truck” might like to know who this “Right Winger” is that is watching their daughter.

            I could see your point if this girl jumped in said vehicle, with 5 other friends, no seat belts, someone in the bed, or under the influence. I am not seeing your point otherwise.

          • Of course you would say that because you have a negative opinion of me. I’m a stalker because I’m sitting at the fair minding my own business when a group of teenagers sit down near me and start talking loudly to each other about their evening plans? I’m a stalker because I’m waiting to pick my child up from school when I recognize one of the girls from the wreck? You, Fellow Mother, are part of the problem when you react negatively to what people in the community say is going on. You are the “NOT MY CHILD” type of parent that I avoid like the plague. It’s the beauty and the curse of living in a small town like Berryville, everyone knows your business, whether they mind their own or not.

          • Cat in the Hat says:

            Fellow Mother, you sound like the type of mother who enablers her children-find excuses for their mistakes, cover up their transgressions with the whole “Love the children, don’t punish them.”
            I, as one parent of a high school student, do NOT want my children to associate with you or your kids. That is why I tell my child to stay away from people like you. Your morals are not even on the same wavelength as ours!

            Right Winger, the more you write, the more I like you! Keep giving ’em hell! You audience awaits!

          • Fellow Mother says:

            I don’t believe anything I’ve stated here represents bad morals, and I certainly would never stand in judgement of any of you people! I leave that part up to God.

            As I stated before, I don’t believe parking the wrecked truck in front of the school would accomplish anything except rubbing salt in alot of wounds. I don’t believe it is your place or mine to judge some girl who happily skips out of school and drives home, nor do I think all of your negativity benefits your kids or mine. And above all I don’t believe anything Right Winger, Naked Truth or Cat in the Hat say, shows any respect for the memory of Aaron Shirley.

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            .. like i said childish code names. plus, that is just weird you would even refer to yourself like that. i would never want to come in contact with a person like you to have such little respect for this whole situation. so why don’t you keep writing. your audience is waiting for more idiotic comments.

          • Darren "Fly" Lambert says:

            Now your a psychologist!?…..How do you know if she had a care in the world? Speculation or Assumption…I guess?

          • So…your solution would be to have them walk around, a la “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and wear sackcloth & ashes, whack themselves in the head with a board, while chanting “Pie Jesu Domine, dona nobis requiem”? Just because some girl came “bouncing out of the HS” doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten any of the tragedy. They are reminded of it every day.

            Yet, much like New Orleans, or Homestead, FL, or even NYC…tragedy strikes, but people begin to move forward, rebuilding their lives as only they can. You, however, seem forever stuck on the same tired note like a CD with a scratch on it, forever looping back over “make it harsh for them” and so forth. Let it go.

          • okay right winger. So because this girl appears to be happy and enjoying life she obviously has learned nothing from the accident and doesn’t care?? So what? Is she supposed to walk slowly with her head down? Like who are you to judge her on the way she leaves school? She probably replays the accident over and over in her head all the time. i know she has learned from this and i know she misses Aaron so much. I wish her many more moments of happiness.

          • No she doesn’t. She still hanging out with the same crew, getting high with them.

            Her parents are just enablers.

          • How do YOU know she’s hanging with them and getting high??? What intelligence service are you working with? Get real pal. Too much dribble…..

          • You get real, cuz I see it happening.

          • Anyone who knows anything about intoxicants would say she appeared to be under the influence of “something” at the game. Lesson learned?

  5. Hey Right Winger ….I often wonder if I know you….if I did this is what I would say to you…
    If you can’t print your name prior to what you say then maybe you shouldn’t say it?? Ever thought about that?? You are very judgmental, you must be perfect.

    We as parents can only do the best we can, talking with your kids daily, giving direction, coaching, being a role model, teaching them right from wrong, and modeling the behavior we wish them to use to enjoy a healthy productive lifestyle is all we can do. As Fly mentioned above “Parenting is the key” we are not their buddies, providing beer and or any other substance to underage kids is illegal and fatal in this case. It is NOT the school systems duty to parent our children, the sick reality is that this was an accident. Amir obviously has some serious issues that go beyond this incident and I can only pray that he is in the right place to get help !!! Reminders are everywhere around us, my son reported to me that he caught a ride home from football on the back of a truck this week, while I am thankful that no one was hurt, the message my son learned is next time to walk. He stated that he was scared while riding, however if I was a parent at that school and saw a kid getting in the back of a truck, I would have immediately got out of my car and said NO, I could not in good conscious allow this to happen my kid or not. My son learned a valuable lesson, 1. not to ride in the back of a truck ever at a party/practice/hot/lazy/stupid or any other reason and 2. to learn from your mistakes daily and try not to make them again !!

    Reminder to everyone, we don’t know God’s plan, all we can do is try to be pro active and try to prevent accidents, but in the end God has a plan– like it or not !!!

    • Not perfect at all. Never claimed to be.

      Why is it important to you (or anyone else for that matter) to know my name? What would knowing my name do for you or anyone else? Would you stop saying hello to me if you saw me out and about? Would you not let my kids play with your kids?

      This was not an ACCIDENT!! This was a kid who was high on drugs and alcohol who made a choice to get behind the wheel of a vehicle knowing that he was in no shape to drive whatsoever. This was a TRAGEDY THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!!

      I’m a parent who loves kids and wants to see them grow up safely, and make good choices. I hate it when people make bad decisions that harm good people. I’m the parent that kids can come to with their problems and know that I won’t mince words and tell them what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. I have very deep convictions, and people who don’t share those convictions because they want to be the buddy to their kid don’t like to be around me. I’m in your face. Because I have kids still in the system here, I KNOW HOW THINGS WORK, so I stay anonymous. I know firsthand that if you cause ripples with the folks in charge, your kid will suffer.

      When my kids are done with the school system and none of my family is involved with the local system, perhaps I’ll consider dropping the alias.

  6. That’s real funny (meaning) that you hide your name because your afraid of retaliation. I have lived here all my life, and I am just the opposite, if I advocate for my kids and feel that the “system” retaliates against them, then I advocate harder and LOUDER. I understand what your saying really I do, however, those who know me know that I am not shy about communicating directly in order to get change, or to make a difference. I am not afraid to get in a coaches/teachers/another parents/umpires face to make him/her understand that what they may be doing may not be right, however I am an open minded person and advocate for everyone not just me. I disagree with your comments above, but mostly I wish you would think about your statement that this was not an accident. Do you believe that anyone that night intended to kill or hurt anyone? Did they all make tragic choices –yes, but the root cause is the parents who did not parent their children that night and oversee the party that went on at their house that night. Had they be involved maybe, just maybe no one would have had beer, and maybe just maybe no one would have left drunk and drove. Again, we don’t know the plan that God has for us all we can do is try to be pro active everyday every minute and keep are loved ones as safe as possible.

    One last point of advice would be–not that you want it, if you feel your kids will suffer because you have something to say, then maybe you should consider moving, if this place is such a good ole buddy system that you have to hide your name. Why would you want to live here and raise your kids?? Maybe I know you personally, maybe I don’t, try not to flatten my tires anytime in the future. Thanks and best of luck to you and your family.

  7. Kevin Lambert says:


    Is it me, or does this message board consume your life? You have no respect whatsoever for the Shirley family with your idiotic posts! Why don’t you be a man/woman and state your name to your posts……

    Let this thing play out and move on! Out of respect for all parties involved.

    • Dear Shirley Family,

      Sorry about the tragic death of your child. I’m gonna make sure it wasn’t in vain, because I give a durn.

      Right Winger

  8. Sandra Stickovitch says:

    I have been reading these posts for the past few weeks and see how divided the community is regarding teens and drinking and driving. One child is gone by this horrible mistake. The other has a long and stressful road ahead of him. What about the rest of the teenagers in this community? How will we, as parents, take this painful experience and be able to make a positive change? How can we, as parents, open the lines of communication better between everyone and come together so that this doesn’t happen again? I can’t even begin to understand how painful this is for the Shirley family and Aaron’s friends. I would hate for another child to turn around and make the same mistake. Can we, as a community, work towards helping the teens to make better choices? I know that the responsibility falls with the parents to teach their children right from wrong but unfortunately some children just do not have the support at home, and could be battling their own issues at home. We do not know what issues they might have but as a parent, I’d hate to see another teen make another thoughtless mistake. I’d hope that the school system would be willing to come forward and partner with the parents and community regarding underage drinking as well.

    My sincerest condolences to the Shirley family and to Aaron’s friends. I know how painful this must be for all of you. I’d love to see this community come together in memory of Aaron and make a positive difference out of this horrible tragedy.

  9. Brittany Keesling says:

    As a senior at Clarke County and being closely related to EVERYONE in that truck, i would like to state a few things. I want all of you to imagine your bestfriend calling you, saying they were in a car accident and the nicest boy in the school can not be found, and then calling back to break the news to you. Now, while you are typing these arrogant comments back and forth think how you would feel to know that most of these people behind foolish and childish “code names” were not even involved..

    oh and for the comment about the girl going to her mothers car looking like she didn’t have a care in the world… were YOU even at the funeral? were you there for “that” girl when she needed it the most? are you the one who spent sleepless nights with her after this accident while she grieved? no. I WAS. she is my best friend. so back off. and, i want all of you to know that i know for a fact that everyone in that truck is in therapy or has seen someone to help with their grieving. so why don’t you all go and think about this before you comment on anything else. this is getting out of control and i’m sick of seeing these stupid comments on things most of you don’t even know about.

    most kids in the county know why this happened and know that it was a huge mistake and MOST will never do anything like that. but face the facts, that’s what “our” county was like. and hey, it got out of control and look how we are having to live with it. Losing Aaron is the hardest thing i’ve gone through thus far in my life, think about having to start school and attend the classes you had with him last year and know he’s gone. That right there is enough to get to a high school student. and if i come to school and see that truck one day, i WILL leave immediately because that is so disrespectful. some people could barely make it the first day of school and some broke down during the moment of silence dedicated to him. and– were you at the dedication of his jersey? did you hear how silent that crowd was? That should be enough for you. Drop the we need to teach these kids a lesson it is [redacted]. We’ve learned enough.

    • “….Drop the we need to teach these kids a lesson it is [redacted]. We’ve learned enough.”

      No you haven’t. You’re still a child.

      Yes, I was at the dedication of his jersey, you could hear a pin drop. I go to every CCHS football game. Enough for me would be knowing that the person responsible for his death is behind iron bars for a long time.

      • Brittany Keesling says:

        i’m still a child yes, but how do you know who i am? I have learned enough so you can’t say that i have or have not. I went to the funeral and watched everything that happened and honestly i haven’t been to a “so called party” in clarke county since BEFORE the accident, not saying there hasn’t been any. because we all know spongebob made that clear for us but i haven’t been to one. You don’t seem to know what you are talking about. “not to bash you” but, i’m annoyed with how all the adults in this county are handling this. He was a kid he made mistakes he didn’t know what he was doing and neither do the rest of us but please don’t go and tell me i haven’t learned something about this especially if you can not show your own name. Also i’m open to change, but postively NOT by placing a truck that i went to see after the accident on my own time and cried just seeing the damage. some one come up with an idea that us “children” would enjoy as well as making a change, and count me in.

        • Brittany, do not waste your time trying to reason with [redacted]. Also, do not waste your time reading the rest of the garbage posted here. You know who you are and do not need to argue your points with the cowards behind the keyboards.

      • Brittany Keesling says:

        and, that person you are talking about, is one of my good friends as well. My senior class has already lost one person why would you want us to lose another? He feels the guilt and his actions shortly after do not make up for it, i know, but he does know what he did was a horrible mistake. And now he is paying for it. I can’t imagine that if your teenager had been the one behind the wheel of that truck you would still be saying that..

    • “We’ve learned enough.”

      I would venture to say at least one of you hasn’t.

    • CCHS Parent says:

      Obviously these kids didn’t learn anything or Amir would not be in the situation he is now or I would not have seen another girl involved in the accident with an OLDER child coming out of 7-Eleven with beer. Sorry Brittany but not everyone has learned their lesson. It was heart breaking for all of us parents to go through this, and my heart and prayers go out to the shirley family for still having to endure all this!! I hope they push hard to do good with the programs they are trying to set up.

  10. OK!!!!! I have been reading all of this, and sit here shaking my head. First, all of my kids have completed school, all in CC. I have grandkids who will be starting soon.I gotta say I agree with RW, all the way. I think parking the truck in front of the school is a good idea. They did it at LFCC! WHat is wrong with being reminded of what happend and how?

    I am a little tired of all of you bashing RW. I happen to know him, know what he does for the school system and the kids in general. He is not a stalker. Kids dont care who they talk around, while I was an employee with the school system, I heard it all, things that would make their mothers blush!

  11. Right Winger-
    You have a “valid” suggestion on getting the point across when it comes to parking the truck at the school- but it’s a short term solution to a problem that’s been around forever. Not to mention, it’s up to the Shirley family if they want that- NOT YOU or anyone else- for obvious reasons.

    The problem with your suggestion is the typical right wing attitude you bring with it:
    – You know what’s best for everyone
    – It’s your way or the highway

    This attitude is one reason it’s so hard to get anything done in this country today.

    How about continuing to do what’s best for YOUR family and volunteering your time in an OPEN-MINDED constructive fashion?

    And by the way- let me guess:
    Obama wasn’t born in this country? George Bush was a great President? And there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

    • Again, you assume too much. In answer to your questions…I dunno about where he was born. I do know that the folks who would know that are already dead. History will show whether or not Bush was a great President, not us. The WMD in Iraq was Saddam, and he’s dead.

      With regards to your assumptions on my political affiliation, your assignment is to go back through the archives of this little site and find that for yourself where I explained rather succinctly my political leanings. I’ll even give you a hint, you’re assuming too much again.

      “….How about continuing to do what’s best for YOUR family and volunteering your time in an OPEN-MINDED constructive fashion? ….” Again, you assume that I don’t. Assignment # 2…look in the archives, otherwise, [redacted].

      I never said I know what’s best for everyone. My opinion is that these kids still don’t get it and they need a hard dose of reality. These kids are coming on here defending the drug addled drunk that killed one of their friends. They. don’t. get. it.

      • I just hope one day that the shoe is not on the other foot as a Parent. Karma is a [redacted]!

      • Richard Cranium says:

        No need for the assignments Hoss- I know a chicken-hawk when I see or read one.

        You. Don’t. Get. It. – Parking the mangled truck involved in an accident where a senior lost his life in a small knit community THIS SOON after the accident does more harm than good. Just as there are many suggestions and approaches to the problem- there’s also a time and a place to get the various messages across.

      • Brittany Keesling says:

        “These kids are coming on here defending the drug addled drunk that killed one of their friends. They. don’t. get. it.”

        Exactly kids are getting on here and seeing how ridiculous this is… are you not realizing that maybe you are the one in the wrong?! the majority of people are not agreeing with YOU!!!

        And, i, as a kid, was never defending him. i feel awful for him and he is dealing with the pain of his actions along with the reality of it. I suggest you actually meet amir before you get on here and start accusing him of being a “drug addled drunk”. Because honestly that is not him at all. Stop with the judging and leave that up to God.

        • Cat in the Hat says:

          Is this what you do while on school time? It’s so refreshing to see that the school system is filtering which web sites the students are going on.

          Our tax dollars at work!

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            Well if you knew anything you would know the highschool offers a work study option and i’m actually at my house waiting for my shift. Stop being so arrogant. Sad that grown adults act this way towards 17 year olds.

          • We only act this way to 17 year olds who refuse to understand that we parents have been there and done that and know a heckuva lot more than you do. Besides, you jumped into this cesspool voluntarily.

          • So Cat in the Hat, you don’t think are students should be allowed to visit a
            local news website?

        • CCHS Parent says:

          I think you need to think long and hard Brittany about what you are saying. ALOT of people do know Amir and know exactly what he did and that is why he is in the situation he is in. He had a second chance after the accident and because he hadn’t learned his lesson he is heading down a much different path. So we as parents are not accusing him we are telling the plain ole truth!!

  12. Jeremy Carter says:

    There’s no A&P, there’s no Highs anymore, nor Melting Pot. We all used to ride Main Street like someone said. You can’t even do that anymore I don’t think without the po po telling you to go on.

    There’s never been anything to DO in Clarke County…..nor will there be anytime soon for young adults.

    I know we made do back in the day.

    The fact of the matter is, as a parent, or just a guy standing looking in, it’s terrible for all involved. Parents think there’s something that can be done to stop these things, Kids think they’ve learned enough. There’s no ‘right’ answer.

    As a parent…I hope that I can simply teach, explain, be there, mentor, and help my son and daughter into knowing which/what choices are good choices, and to understand the differences in bad choices.

    A concerted effort can be gotten to with all opinions and ideas…and I personally think that’s the way to approach this. A ‘shock’ value may work…but may do more harm than good. We had the same ‘mock’ car accident back in high school in like 97-98 or so. They placed wrecked cars together, and got the crews out to extract them, etc. Did it work? Who knows.

    What good can come of this? That’s the question at hand to me. Can there be any good from this? Only if people allow it.

    • “There’s no A&P, there’s no Highs anymore, nor Melting Pot. ….”

      No, but there’s Mario’s, Tastee Freeze, Subway, Fox’s Pizza. You can rent movies pretty durn cheap at the Redbox at 7-11 (the old Triple J place, not the old Quarles place). I know many parents who willingly let groups of teens hang out to watch movies or play video games, myself included.

      “…I know we made do back in the day. …”

      Still can, just need a willingness to do so.

      • When did the cops run everyone out of town? Aside from people parking and BS’ing at High’s and the A&P, what really was the harm? Better than getting tanked at some party

        It’s funny too, because the other night I had to go to my grandmother’s at about 1am. I cruise into town and what do I see? Three cop cars parked at the old A&P with three cops out talking

        Left my grandmothers about a half an hour later, they were still there.

        Guess it’s not thee same, eh?

        • Jeremy Carter says:

          Right…not the same…b/c they’re bored. Who cares that everyone else isn’t bored. They enforce those rules to others….but they get to break them when they want. They could consider that ‘on patrol’ or something.

          My intent really isn’t to bash the cops here….just looks that way. But..I mean..when you see it… see it.

          “When did the cops run everyone out of town? Aside from people parking and BS’ing at High’s and the A&P, what really was the harm? Better than getting tanked at some party

          It’s funny too, because the other night I had to go to my grandmother’s at about 1am. I cruise into town and what do I see? Three cop cars parked at the old A&P with three cops out talking

          Left my grandmothers about a half an hour later, they were still there.

          Guess it’s not thee same, eh?”

      • Jeremy Carter says:


        And you see my point exactly.

        ‘Only if people allow it’ as I stated.

        By: ‘we made do back in my day’ this transfers to almost exactly what you said: ‘I know many parents who willingly let groups of teens hang out to watch movies or play video games, myself included.’ — That’s what we did back in my day as well.

  13. so i’m reading all of this and all i have to say is WHAT IS DONE IS DONE no one can change anything and NO ONE CAN SAY ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE ANY ONE HAPPY. i think that everyone has learned a little something NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE! i think everyone takes this major issue into making you think twice before doing so. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, all (parents) can do is put there word in and hope that they teach their kids well enough and to all the (students) hopefully they double think about everything including what parents have instilled in us, WHATS DONE IS DONE and EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. i am not here to back anyones thoughts whatsoever i’m just stating a fact and offering my opinion and everyone needs to find some kind of peace and go on with life because all this arguing of she said he said crap wont bring aaron back. just a lesson for us all to learn.

    • As long as Amir gets more than a wrist-slap, I’ll be fine.

      “What’s done is done- Everything happens for a reason”. I can’t just brush it off as easy as you can.

    • Laws were broken, and in this society there are consequences. You’re not living in the animal kingdom here kid.

      • im not a kid and all i was doing was voicing my opinion, but UNFORTINATELY was taken the wrong way..and i def. belive things happen for a reason…and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW THE REASON…ONLY THE MAN ABOVE DOES. like i said i think everyone needs to find PEACE

  14. I believe this is a way for some people to make peace with this issue. A great American forum where we can each share our thoughts, read other people’s thoughts, and learn how those around us feel. It is great to be able to vent, afterwhich we are much more likely to find peace and acceptance. Closure is also very important, and Amir needs to be punished in some way for that purpose. And, to each and everyone of you young adults…. I admire so much your loyalty but until you have brought a precious life into this world and nutured it with every ounce of your being…. you will not fully understand the loss of a child.

    • Yet again, I sat at the game and watched the hostess of the party and the girl without a care in the world both disappear, then return, reeking of pot. Their eyes were glazed over. And all their buddies were talking about the party afterwards.

      It’s gonna happen again.

      When are you people going to pull your heads out of the sand and wake up?

      • I can’t belive these parents are clueless. I heard a parent tell his high school child to not be drinking too much as I was waiting for my child after the game on Friday night. I just can’t believe that parents are encouraging drinking. It is a shame.

      • It’s a bit disturbing that you are “watching” teenage girls. Why didn’t you follow them, catch them in the act and make a citizens arrest if you’re so concerned? Sounds like you don’t really care.

        • You know what…..You people who attack me and accuse me of stalking young girls are part of the problem. You’d rather accuse me of being a pedophile and some sort of sicko rather than deal with the actual problem of teenagers drinking, driving, and doing drugs, then killing each other.

          I don’t sleep well anymore when my kids are out and about because I’m terrified that another drugged out/drunk is behind the wheel and most of the parents out there don’t seem to give a d*mn.

          • Well you see it going on, and do nothing [redacted]

          • Exactly!….I hope and pray that Right Winger is still sitting in his same seat when my kids get a little older. Only 1 thing that I ask of you…If my kids are smelling like Pot or eyes are glazed over….you take the time to come over to the fence where I usually stand and let me know. That way I can whip his/her (you know what) and take him home!

          • Well, when the kids walked right by one of the assistant principals who’s job it is to be on guard for these matters, then it’s pretty disheartening.

            But, I’ll take your advice and point them out next time. I shouldn’t have let my disbelief in the HS administration get the best of me. Actually, I’ll grab a cop instead.

          • I missed this if you mentioned it earlier; what happened with the administration?

          • You’re referring in the past tense. Still goes on, (the coddling of athletes, prior notification of “random drug testing”, obvious dress code violations, etc.) but that’s another thread. You find it.

      • RW-

        “It’s gonna happen again.

        When are you people going to pull your heads out of the sand and wake up?”

        I don’t agree with most of what you say but your bottom line is correct alot of kids and parents alike don’t get it….

        But how can you sit here and accuse so many parents of doing nothing when you admit to knowing teenagers are smoking up and you just let it happen? You are afraid that your children are going to be run down because of other irresponsible kids? How do you know these children that you knew were high didn’t get in a car and drive off? If you can’t put a stop to something you see happening how can you critize others that you assume aren’t doing anything either? You say how bad it is that the assistant principal didn’t notice what these kids were doing yet you did and then find fault in others who didn’t? You clearly feel you are intelligent so how can you not see how hypocritical that is? No, these children are not your own…but how many times have you critizied bystanders for allowing things like this to occur?

        You’ve said numerous times that these kids need a hard dose of reality…so GIVE IT TO THEM! Go rat them out! You have made it very clear you don’t think any of them care and don’t ever have consquences. You also talk about all these parents who don’t think their kids are the problem. You want them to know their kids are the problem? TELL THEM! Stop preaching and do something about it. You are just as bad as all the people you accuse who just let it happen!

        You are right, it’s gonna happene again…and how are you gonna feel when that kid you saw smoking up is the next driver in a fatal accident? How are you going to respond when people bash all the people who knew this kid was high and did nothing? All it takes is one bad situation for you to be like everyone else you bash for not doing anything!

        • Oy vey, I already said that the kid walked right by the AP and he did nothing, so I felt disheartened by the admin. I already said that next time, I’d grab a cop and point the pot smoking/drunk kids out.

          Here’s to hoping that this Friday night, I won’t have to do it.

          But I will say this…There is a rumor floating around that the hostess is planning another party during Spring Break.

    • i am no long in high school i am in college NOR am i a child…but i think everyone needs to find peace in this situation it has been hard on me because aaron was like my little brother and no one knew him as well as abbey and his family, and it sucks not having him around let me tell you…and dont tell me that i dont know what its like to lose people ive lost 8 of my friends in the past 3 years all of them i were super close to and aaron esp. i know what its like to lose people maybe not a child but it hurts more than hell i guarentee..but overall i def. agree with you that amir needs to be punshied (in my own opinion) he needs to be tried as an adult he did an adult move and knew the try him as one.

  15. “I sat at the game …”

    Was that you, RW, standing down neat the Band, schmoozing with all the young girls? Just curious …

  16. Well. Didn’t this thread go from an interesting back and forth of ideologies to something in the toilet in short order.

    Character assassination … always a great way to show how articulate and adult one truly is. It kind of reminds me of those people who curse all the time because they’re lazy thinkers and can’t be bothered to collect and present a cohesive thought. Most of you should know better; particularly since at least some portion of the student body is apparently watching the thread. This thread has become malicious and vile. I believe some of you posting here are in the field of education and are meant to be a role model for the students. Take a moment and look back over the entire thread, from the beginning.

    I’m embarrassed for you and I’m thankful I don’t have children in your school system.

  17. The total subject of this article is that a 16 year old made a terrible mistake and has pretty much ruined his life and took another. He will face a lengthy time behind bars. This war of words isn’t going to change what happened. The Shirley family has been trying to deal with everyday life without their son. The upcoming trial makes it harder for them to cope. The trial will be very hard for them to have the events leading up to their sons death played over again. My condolences to them..

  18. Oh, let us not start on the administration…How many parents saw the AP standing up at the top of the bleachers in the area in question? The group of students in that area were discussing who was having the after party and they were not being descrete. Yes, they were made to sit while the band played but they rudely kept loudly talking through it. And what was the chant about “Rednecks Rule”? From what I saw it appeared that they at minimum have no respect for other students or elders.

  19. Isn’t Wednesday the day?

  20. Hopefully jail until he’s at least 21

  21. WHITEANGEL says:

    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone. I am so sick of your postings. Have you ever stopped to look in the mirror. You are so quick to judge this CHILD how is a child. Have you ever stopped to think about him or ever talk to him. You are saying 20yrs hard labor, everyday is gets up he is serving hard time when he has to deal with people like you.

    • Hey, reading these posts is on a voluntary and free-will basis. You don’t like em, don’t read em, simple as that.

      • WHITEANGEL et al., have as much right to disagree with your opinions as you have to post them.

      • Fly Swatter says:

        Reading or not reading your posts doesnt change your character.

      • WHITEANGEL says:

        You are right for once in your posting. This is a voluntary and if we keep feeding into your crazyness then we are no better then you, at some point the madness has got to stop! I guess when you start pointing fingers at a child, then people have to question your characters. Not saying that the outcome of all parties actions were good, but the CHOICES they made will have a lasting impact on their young lives forever.

        • I find it interesting that you think Amir is a child, obviously he did not or he would not have been drinking alcohol which is reserved for adults. Do I feel Amir should be thrown under a bus, no. He chose to act like an irresponsible adult that night and should be punished like any irresponsible adult. Sorry, you do not approve of punishment for Aaron, his irrational decisions cost a young man his life. His family deserves to know that Amir will not walk away unscathed and will deal with the consequences of his decision. The Shirleys will be dealing with it the rest of their lives and had NO choice in the matter.

          • 1. Proof before clicking submit.
            2. Amir’s family (and maybe even the others involved, or not) will also deal with this the rest of their lives. None of them had a choice in this. It was all decided by the kids involved, including the one who paid the ultimate price for his bad decision.
            Hopefully others will learn from the tragedy, and it is tragic.

          • Naked Truth says:

            I bet amir will be with the family eating turkey for Thanksgiving. What about the shirleys? The Banks will get over this in a few years. What about the Shirleys?

          • Amazed Parent says:

            Sad thing is that you still see the kids that were involved still drinking and the parents are letting it happen!! Amir truly has to live with what he did, but what consequences are the other kids getting? You would think the death of their class mate would have been enough. Parents are still letting the drinking parties happen.

          • Yes and some are still maintaining a “holier than thou” attitude. Amazing. One has to wonder if the keys had been in their hands what would have happened.

          • Business Owner says:

            Then its your responsibility as an adult, to report this parties to the police! Period, nuff said!

          • Face it, nobody cares anymore, or at least, the majority of folks don’t care. I’ve been accused of stalking for saying the same thing you just did. I still hear it in the stands from the same group that they haven’t had anything to drink….YET!! The best advice I can give you is watch your own kids and make sure you keep them away from that group. If there are any parents on here that truly give a durn, I’ll email you the names of the kids you don’t want yours to associate with. Just email me at

    • Naked Truth says:

      “everyday is gets up he is serving hard time”. At least he gets the chance to get up evry day. 20 years may be too much. But I’m OK with hard time until he is 21.

  22. I can’t wait to move out of Clarke County. We can’t sell our house or we would have been gone ages ago. The good ol’ boy network, the ridiculous situation with the high school, the lack of quality education, and the poor governing bodies which rule the county are all far worse than most who don’t live here can imagine. “Git R Done” is the slogan for our exemplary schools???? Are you kidding me? I shudder every time I see that sticker and refrain from admitting my children go to school here. It’s pathetic. As a college educated professional, this is not the place to raise children who desire a multi-cultural, well-rounded environment. However, if one wants his children to be surrounded by narrow minded rednecks, welcome home.

    • movinonup, (what a clever little screen name for a “college educated professional”.)
      Being a “college educated professional” and all you would think that you would have
      done your homework before moving to Clarke County and therefore would have made a more “educated” decision before purchasing a home in this “good ol’boy, ridiculous situation with the high school, lack of quality education, blah, blah, blah county.
      But you didn’t. If you need any help packing I’m sure there are alot of “good ol’boys” who would be glad to give you a hand.

      • Movinonup, unfortunately there are many in your shoes. Just look at all of the houses up for sale just in Berryville alone. I agree with you on all: school system is a joke, BOS= good ‘ol boy network and everyone knows it, etc.

        A lot of ignorance out there and it’s running rampant on this forum. I guess you are a product of your environment, aren’t you Lucy?

        • Yep, I’m a product of my environment. Born and raised in Loudoun County, lived overseas and thru out the US as a young adult, came back here to finish raising my children, and they are all at college now. Yes college, I know hard to believe given thier environment and all. I don’t agree with most of what is said on this forum, it has gotten WAY out of hand. I know this community has it’s faults, ALL communities have them. Clarke County is what it is and has been for EVER!!!! and
          I happen to like it faults and all.

    • Rt’s 7 & 50 both run East as well as West

  23. Thought details were going to be released around the 10th?

  24. Dec. 10th………..