Amir Banks Sentenced in Death of Aaron Shirley

Amir Banks, the juvenile retained on charges related to the drunk-driving accident that killed Clarke County teenager Aaron Shirley, was remanded to six months custody in the Northwest Juvenile Detention Center in Winchester by presiding Clarke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court  Judge Ronald L. Napier today.

As in previous hearings, today’s action was closed to the public and media because Banks is a minor.

Banks agreed to a plea deal in the case in October, 2010 shortly before he was scheduled to go on trial on charges of aggravated involuntary manslaughter, aggravated manslaughter, driving under the influence, and driving with too many minor passengers in his vehicle.

In today’s hearing Banks accepted charges of involuntary manslaughter and driving under the influence. Banks was remanded into custody after the hearing and did not emerge from the courthouse.

Bank’s attorney, Paul Thomson, said after today’s hearing that in addition to the six-month detention period, which will include a substance abuse treatment program, Banks will also be subject to an extended probation period.

Commonwealth Attorney Suzanne Perka and Thomson, along with family members of Aaron Shirley and Amir Banks, emerged from the courtroom at 6:30pm EST after a three hour closed-door hearing.

Neither Perka nor members of either family were willing to comment on the outcome of the proceedings.

Attorney Thomson, however, described both Aaron Shirley and Amir Banks as significant contributors to Clarke County’s youth community and who frequently spent time at each other’s homes. “These were two extraordinarily good boys who were the best of friends.”

Thomson said that he could not thank the Shirley family enough for their role in the plea agreement proceedings. “These proceedings have been a real tribute to the Shirley family,” Thomson said. “Today they wished Amir well and said that they hoped he would become a beacon to the community. This is what makes Clarke County such a special place. The spirit of forgiveness here is really a message for the holiday season.”

Amir Banks was charged as the driver in the June 18, 2010 accident that took the life of Aaron Benjamin Shirley, 17, a rising senior at Clarke County High School. Aaron Shirley was the son of Reginald and Katherine Shirley.

According to Virginia State Police, Shirley was killed in a single-vehicle accident when the 1999 Dodge pickup truck he was riding in left the roadway and overturned before striking a tree around 11:45 p.m. on Summit Point Road (Route 611) just north of Berryville, Virginia.

Shirley, who was a passenger in the bed of the pickup, was ejected from the vehicle when the crash occurred. After the accident Shirley was transported to Winchester Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

Banks, the driver of the pickup, and several juvenile passengers had allegedly just left a party where alcohol had been consumed. State Police records alleged that Banks’s blood alcohol reading on a breath test administered after the crash was 0.07. The legal blood alcohol limit for anyone under the age of 21 is 0.02.

Banks and the other passengers in the truck’s cab sustained non-life-threatening injuries. To date, Virginia State Police have not released information on where the teens obtained the alcohol that contributed to the accident.

Aaron Benjamin Shirley - Photo courtesy Enders Shirley Funeral Home

Today’s sentencing will offer at least some closure to a Clarke County community that has been deeply torn and divided over the tragedy. Many questions still remain about how the community can prevent similar teen substance abuse problems in the future. Thomson said that Banks plans to make the best of the detention period and substance abuse treatment program and would like to someday be an example for others.

“My client wants to get past this tragedy and has plans for the future,” Thomson said. “He hopes to go on to college and play football.”


  1. Naked Truth says:

    six months. That’s about what I had figured. I was hoping for probation until he was 21 though. Hope he changes his ways.

    • I agree. I hope he takes this opportunity realizing how lucky he is to get off as easy as he did and really makes changes in his life. I’m also hoping one day he can be an advocate and try and teach high school students why they should not drink and drive no matter what age they are. Some good should come of all this and Amir has been given the ability to make that happen…hope he chooses wisely.

      • Darren "Fly" Lambert says:

        Very nice post Sara…You hit the nail on the head! The bitterness and anger need to change to forgiveness! All anyone can hope for now is that this young man and everyone else in that truck that night,will now make wiser decisions in life!

        • “..These were two extraordinarily good boys who were the best of friends…”

          Last time I checked, good boys didn’t do drugs or drink and drive. Guess times have really changed. Standards for proper behavior are really low.

          • Good people can make bad decisions. amir was a nice funny special guy. I am very glad I got to know him and am hurting very bad for him and for the Shirleys.

          • You call someone who is a known drug user and shows up to the fair drunk after he killed his “best friend” a “nice funny special guy”?

            Stay away from my family.

          • I know that he made terrible mistakes and used very bad judgement, but yes i knew another side of him. The sad thing is that so many people in and around this county did and still do the same thing that caused this accident. They go drive after a few beers and speed on back roads. Teenagers will always party and get drunk, it’s really not something anyone can put a stop to. especially when you have parents who buy alcohol for their underage kids and their friends. I fully support things like Teen Awareness and SADD, but teens are stubborn and even a death of a friend will not stop most of them from partying.

          • “…The sad thing is that so many people in and around this county did and still do the same thing that caused this accident. They go drive after a few beers and speed on back roads….”

            You are absolutely right, but I’m the bad guy when I point out the very same thing.

          • Just sayin says:

            That’s not what made you garner little respect. It’s the crass, bombastic manner in which you beat the drum for a harsh sentence, berated the defendant and all the teens who did (and continue to) drink alcohol, and portrayed yourself as an angry parent in this community.

            There’s a difference between raising awareness and what you did – your determined, pointed demonization of a young man who made a series of colossally poor decisions. THAT is why you are “the bad guy.”

          • Do not people that make “collossally poor decisions” deserved to be publically shamed and demonized? Especially when those decsions result in the loss of a life?

          • “…your determined, pointed demonization of a young man who made a series of colossally poor decisions. THAT is why you are “the bad guy.”

            So, you advocate what he did? You think it’s okay he gets away with a slap on the wrist?

            Edward Nathaniel Bell made a series of colosally poor decisions that ended in the death of Sgt. Ricky Timbrook.

            Ted Bundy made a series of colosally poor decisions that ended in the death of several.

            Timothy McVeigh made a series of colosally poor decisions that ended in the death of hundreds.

            Adolph Hitler made a series of colosally poor decisions that ended in the death of millions.

            Would you be so quick to defend them?

            At some point, somebody has to stand up for what’s right. 6 months in Juvy lockup for making a series of colosally poor decisions that ended in the death of a kid ain’t right.

            I’m just sayin’

          • RightWinger…There is one major difference from each person you mentioned…. They “purposely” killed people! I don’t think that was the intent on the evening when Amir picked his buddy up to go party! Just sayin!

          • @ Sarge – what a Puritan you sound like. I suppose that you advocate for the return of the use of public stocks, the pillory, and the gibbet to publicly humilate offenders. Would you want such public humiliation were it your child involved?

            @ Rightwinger – seriously, dude, get over yourself. You’re equating the death of Aaron Shirley to the genocidal antics of a deranged Austrian, a deluded ex-soldier in Oklahoma City, a twisted serial killer, and a Jamaican thug running from police trying to serve him a warrant? Really?!? You really are shallow.

            I am in NO way defending what Amir did. However, your willingness to constantly harp on his crime and scream for some pound of flesh to which you have no claim makes you not much better than the Red Queen in Wonderland…”Off with his head!” you screech over and over again. The Shirley family has shown FAR more Christian love in this situation than you EVER have. Is it fair? Perhaps, perhaps not; such is the nature of our legal system. However, NONE of us were present in the room when the plea agreeement was hammered out. It’s a tragedy, for which Amir will be stigmatized for the rest of his life. Move on from it, sir.

          • So you say that Amir didn’t know the consequences of his colosslly poor decision to drink and drive could lead to the death of his “best friend”?

            Bravo Sierra.

          • (Here is probably what was on his mind that night…two girls in the truck…picking up his friend to go party)….Sorry to say…but probably not!

          • Just sayin says:

            RW, you know perfectly well what I’m saying. My initial point here is that you have persisted in demonizing a young man who made a series of poor choices. It’s real easy for we, who were NOT in that truck, to armchair quarterback and spout off. It’s easy to rail about the “injustice” of the sentence he received.

            However, as more time passes, your persistence in doing the ranting only serves to make you look petty and smallminded and unable to move on. Don’t try to deflect the matter by feebly attempting to ask questions merely to prolong your argument.

          • “Teenagers will always party and get drunk” I really disagree with this statement. Don’t put a label on all teenagers as being drinkers and party goers. Your statement has gotten a lot of people fired up, including me. I’m 18. I may be considered an adult now, but even when I was a under 18, I was smart enough to make better decisions than that. Not ALL teenagers party, drink, smoke, or do any other stupid things in general. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone will fall into the habit of making bad decisions. Everyone has the power to control their lives and their actions. It’s up to them whether they choose to be smart or be stupid, and I know a lot of us choose to be smart and make the right decisions.

          • Naked Truth says:

            But you see it only takes one teen to affect the lives of several. Not only affects but ends the life of another. That is the point that has to be made. The teens that choose not to party are far less likely to make fatal mistakes. Good for you and the others that choose not to. But the ones who continue, thinking that they are immuned, it’s time to rethink!

          • It would be a different story if the teens were in another car and amir had hit them. They chose to get in the truck that night. They chose to drink. It’s not just one teen’s fault. They all made their own decisions, only one is being punished for it.

          • Naked Truth says:

            Dear Dixie
            Only ONE killed another. Don’t forget the facts. Why should the drivers bad decision be excused by you and the others not?

          • Dear Naked Truth,

            When did I ever say I excused his actions? NEVER. Get your facts straight. He deserves his punishment completely, but he’s not the only one that deserves to be punished. Everyone involved in that accident had two options. Get in the truck or Dont get in the truck. They all made the same choices Amir did. Amir is just the only one getting the punishment because he was the one driving. But all in all, Dont you dare accuse me of excusing his actions because I am definitely not. If you’re going to accuse me of things I never said at least own up to your false accusations by commenting with your real name instead of a screen name. I dont mean to be rude but get all of YOUR facts straight before making such harsh and very misguided accusations.

          • Naked Truth says:


            “They all made the same choices Amir did” He was the only one driving, period! So the didn’t all make the same choice. He also is getting punished for driving with more that one passanger. Again, they didn’t all make that choice. Don’t fault the others with the death of Aaron. Because they were not in control of the vehicle. Amir was. He is being punished because he alone caused the accident, not the others. Get you facts straight. The others should have been punished for the underage drinking, but that is not the cause of the accident.

          • Naked Truth,

            “Don’t fault the others with the death of Aaron” I never faulted them So learn to read things thoroughly before making accusations! They all did make the same choices as Amir. They all chose to get into that truck. No one forced them. I never said that they caused Aaron’s death, but Aaron and the others didn’t exactly make such a smart decision by getting into that truck with Amir. That decision was in their hands alone and no one else’s. Amir does deserve his punishment, but the other’s deserve a punishment too. Not for Aaron’s death, but for the stupid decisions they made that night. I’m sick of your false accusations. So get this through your head. 1. I NEVER said the others were to blame for his death. I DON’T believe that they were to blame for his death at all. but 2. They knew what they were getting themselves into the minute they decided to step into that truck with a driver that had been drinking. No one forced them. There’s no excuse for that and there never will be. And 3. If you’re going to continue with these misguided and false accusations, at least own up to them. You already know my name. Maybe you should share yours.

          • Yeah, because being dead really isn’t punishment

          • I know not all teenagers drink. That’s not what I was saying. I was trying to say that there is always that group of kids in school that party and drink. I agree with you, Dixie.

          • But, that statement is true. It may be general, but it’s true. It’s like saying “People will do this or that” or “kids enjoy this”. In most cases it is true. A lot of teenagers party, you may not, and know some who do not, but many do. No one is saying “ALL”

          • Rightwinger [redacted] What bubble are you living in, stop throwing stones, get a reality check..hmm sex, drugs and rock&roll have corrupted most of the world, why would Berryville be any different, it’s just really bad that it happened at all, good or bad boys or girls, just that it happened to anyone is a shame. Let’s be role models and act like responsible adults, and forgiving ones. Learning from the past is all we can do daily. We have poor role models in society like past presidents um like President Bill Clinton..I did not inhale, I didn’t sleep with that woman, but I ran the economy perfectly..blah…blah…blah..
            Seriously I feel sorry for your family !!! When that bubble bursts, will they survive??? !!!!

            hmmmm let’s see GET A NEW NAME::::
            right-winger – a member of a right wing political party
            conservative, conservationist – a person who is reluctant to accept changes and new ideas-[redacted]
            fascist – an adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views
            monarchist, royalist – an advocate of the principles of monarchy
            Tory – a supporter of traditional political and social institutions against the forces of reform; a political conservative

          • Just sayin says:

            Act like a responsible adult, and then proceed to mock a former President, Rightwinger’s screenname and him, and the like… REALLY proved your point on that one.

          • Fly Swatter says:

            Facts do not equal mockery.

          • When facts are presented in a mocking tone, and when said facts are linked to swipes at the writer’s screenname, his family, etc. – yes, that is mockery…and thus it undercuts any attempt at a point she tried to make.

          • Dear Rightwinger,

            I’m sure many would stay away from you and your family in a heartbeat…if only you would be so kind as to share your surname.

            Come on out and play with the rest of the adults who identify themselves on the CDN.

            Brenda L. Barr

            p.s. Showing someone true grace is the measure of a human being. I commend all those involved in the Aaron Shirley and Amir Banks tragedy. You can understand a man’s character by the words that he uses when in crisis and by the actions he takes toward resolution.

            Peace to both of your families.

          • Naked Truth says:

            RW’s comments are harsh at times. But the truth hurts. He/she is saying what a lot of us are thinking. I don’t feel safe on the roads if there are people, including teens, out there drinking and driving. Do you? Stop making excuses for this kid. He broke the law. Laws written by man to protect you and me. Let him do his time, even though he should have gotten more of. He can cry every night for loosing his friend. But he still gets every night. Someting that Aaron dosen’t get to do.

  2. berryville says:

    I am very glad to hear that he has to do the substance abuse program. I really hope it helps him now and in the future. I wish him the best.

  3. Wow, six whole months for causing the death of another person.

  4. I DONT CARE THAT AMIR IS A MINOR!!!!!!!!!! He took the life of someone greatly loved in this county and We wil NEVER get that back! He better be counting his lucky stars becaue 6 months in jail is the least he deserves!

  5. I guess one’s grief can cloud one’s understanding that everyone involved in this accident bears some responsibility, even the deceased. Unfortunately, the deceased’s punishment vastly outweighed his lapse in judgment. And now some say we should crucify the driver for his. Surely, if the Shirley family has (based on this article) found a spirit of forgiveness and closure in their grief then others should be able to as well. But alas, we humans are weak creatures. Perhaps, we should follow the teachings of the great orator Clayton Bigsby, who once eloquently said: “Don’t let the liberal media tell you how to think and feel. If you’ve got hate in your heart let it out.”

    • The citizens of Clarke County do not want Amir crucified for his actions. They did expect that he would be held accountable for his actions. Unfortunately in this case that did not happen. The next time a young drunk kid climbs into his vehicle this verdict will certainly give him or her pause for worry and concern.

    • “spirit of forgiveness and closure in their grief?” seriously?

  6. His 6 months are too much of a punishment. I am sorry if you do not agree with that but Amir killed his best friend and if that doesnt get put on his conscience for life then what would? Also the alcohol abuse is needed because as much as we would to believe that he wasnt partially to blame, Aaron is slightly to blame for his death. We know that they were all on the way to the party and that Aaron [redacted] took the risk when Aaron hopped in the bed. But that’s all I have to say.

    • I think you’ve taken too many hits to the helmet, young man. Just because you kill your best friend doesn’t mean you deserve pity or a reduced sentence.

  7. livein22611 says:

    I think it would have been easier to forgive if the young man had not shown up at the fair drunk. Hopefully he will eventually learn something from all this. Only time will tell. And for all those who are so quick to get mad at those who think this punishment is a bit light, consider losing a member of your family this way and then speak.

  8. cc citizen says:

    Chappie- As hard as it must be being responsible for your friend’s death, the law is still the law. I’ve heard people, even other minors, that have gotten much more time for manslaughter and a DUI. He is lucky he is receiving the second chance he is. Yes, Aaron made the mistake of getting into the truck- but again Amir broke the law and thats that. No guilt tripping on either side is needed; he needs to pay the price for the laws he has broken.

  9. Let’s see now, Amir’s “punishment” will be over in early June, just in time for CCHS graduation.

    I hope he’s not going to be allowed to walk at CCHS’ graduation, or participate in any way, shape, or form.

  10. Spongebob says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve brought a dose of reality to these children’s lives so I will post some more pics that I found on Facebook from local CCHS students who just can’t seem to learn a lesson when one of their peers is found guilty of a crime that included drinking and driving:

    Just scroll through the pictures and you will see more underage drinking.

    So no wonder you have kids on here like “Chappie” asking for more lenient sentences. His peers still do not and probably will never get the severity of underage drinking…..even when one of their own peers is killed by the hands of another peer for drinking.


    • Fly on the wall says:

      While it is sad…check the date stamp on those photos, Spongebob. The beer ones were uploaded on April 27, 2010 – 6 weeks BEFORE the tragic accident. So…to use photos taken at a party that predates a tragedy to pass judgment on the girls at said party as if they “still do not and probably will never get” the lesson is not entirely fair.

      It IS, however, incredibly shortsighted that these photos were not locked down – or, better still, deleted. But…again…to use them to pound your point home makes you look petty and small.

      • Naked Truth says:

        I see your point on the date stamp, but the fact that the pictures are still up on a minor’s page is a little disturbing. Why would a parent of a minor child allow pictures of underage drinking? And don’t forget that the minors have these types of pictures posted because they think it is cool. So obviously they see no shame in this type of activity. No wonder they think that Amir so walk with a little slap on the hand for killing someone because of his drinking and driving. Don’t be blinded by a date stamp Fly! They are still minors. And they are still partying!

    • Next time you decide to serve up a “dose of reality” you should make it something recent, and I bet the reason you haven’t done it in a while is because it took you FOREVER to find some more pictures. I found 3 pics of the same 4 kids.

    • Underage drinking is going to happen. Sorry but that the truth. It Shouldn’t be about illegal vs. legal. The lesson here is that the consequences of drinking as a minor can be MITIGATED with increased alcohol education and the elimination of alcohol’s taboo nature. Bring underage drinking out of the shadows, field parties, and basements. Drinking is going to occur, either in Clarke or in college. Everyone needs to stop pointing fingers at the teens who are caught drinking and instead think of ways to lesson the damages of alcohol without the implementation of complete prohibition.

      • Naked Truth says:

        Tell that to the next dead teen’s parents. Your way of thinking is bad for the community.

        • get your head out of the sand. What’s your solution? Is it militaristic style prohibition of alcohol for ANYONE under 21?…I’m guessing you’d be in support of breathalyzers next to metal detectors at the high school. Maybe even a full body scan!

          My point in the previous post was to highlight the fact that drinking IS a problem is this county/country (for both underage kids and ADULTS) and I think that an obvious, if not simple, solution is to eliminate alcohol’s taboo and “cool” nature for the 16 yr olds. A party out in the middle of a farm field or some vacationing parent’s basement is WAY more unsafe than the act of drinking itself. I wish people in the county would stop the accusations and start using their brains!

          • Naked Truth says:

            What about the bodily harm that alcohol and narcotics do to anybody regardless of age. Why would you want to encourage this for the young kids? And how many times does someone get behind a wheel of a vehicle after he was drinking, even after his intend was not to but for some reason he did? Accidents happen. I trust the judgment of an adult more than I do a minor. Some minors feel they are invincible at times. Remember when a drunk driver is on the roads it also affects other drivers and passengers too. Again, why would you condone or encourage this?

          • You again misunderstand my argument. In no way did I condone drunk driving or even the use of alcohol. What I’m saying is that you must be realistic in that kids are going to drink. They will. I’m sorry but its the truth. And until you realize that we will be nowhere near solving the problem at hand.

          • And honestly I do not trust an adult more than a minor when it comes to driving. Its not about age, its about personal responsibility. I’ve seen my fair share of idiot drivers of any age.

          • Yes, it’s going to happen. Period. It has for ages. That however, doesn’t make it OK. Parents need to realize that “its going to happen” is different from “its ok if it happens”. My parents acknowledged realistically I was going to drink before I should, but I knew darn well that it WASN’T OK and if I got caught, I was in soooo much trouble. It seems that the new generation of parents know its going to happen, and that kids will be kids, so its OK, so long as they are aware of it or are present when its happening. And yes, I did drink some while in high school, but nothing like what goes on today and I was (as were all of my friends) very smart in how we did it. We stayed in one place and no one left. So yes, drinking will happen, but alot less if kids are scared to death of what will happen when caught.

  11. just interested says:

    Wake up call to all FB users. This is how easy it is for any link to be posted. Wake up call for underage children on FB keep an eye on their site. Hopefully the young women that were pictured are now aware and even scared that this will follow them for years. If this stops one single driver from getting behind the wheel of a car drunk then the pictures have served there purpose.

  12. Spongebob says:

    I guess this is the typical “rite of passage” for graduates…..get trashed at the beach and post pics on Facebook for all to see.

    • Just sayin says:

      So…now you’re some self-appointed snoop trolling teenagers’ FB pages for incriminating pictures. Wow…that makes you no better than that scarychap in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” with the net, walin thru town saying “Here, children. I smell children in here.”

      Get a life, dude, and stop stalking the friends of your kid(s) on FB.

      • Naked Truth says:

        Did spongebob out one of your kids? I can’t believe that this is fine with alot of you folks. It is illeagal for underage drinking. I guess when your child is in the same boat as Aaron or Amir , then you’ll look at it differently.

        • Hey buddy…isnt’ speeding illegal?? But everyone does it on a daily basis. So you are saying an accident that involves someone going over the speed limit by 2mph should be dealt with harshly because they are quote “breaking the law”. Everything isn’t black and white. Thinking along those lines is too simple…

          • It’s the combination of underage drinking and driving and causing an accident that kills someone that makes it all the more reason to receive a harsh punishment.

            I think we all realize that underage drinking goes on all the time. The parents that don’t allow that type of behavior are getting pretty sick and tired of the ones that do, and the parents that do allow underage drinking are getting more and more defensive about their actions.

            We still have yet to hear if the hostess of the party or her parents are facing any legal ramifications.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Do you know who the “hostess of the party” is? If so, speak up and out her. You seem to want to dish on all of the other details, and appear to be “in the know” on oh so many topics.

          • Naked Truth says:

            If you are going to try to compare things, then get it correct. There is a difference between speeding 2 MPH over and reckless (more than 10MPH over). They have different penalties. Like the difference between DWI and DUI, and the same for an accident that involves an injury and one that involves death. Now ask yourself, Buddy, which offence did Amir commit? IT IS BLACK AND WHITE!

          • Naked Truth says:

            And BTW. He did break the law. Also the six month sentence he received is not harsh enough for what he did.

          • In this case, buddy, your are correct. I was not talking about Amir’s case specifically. i’m sorry I have to outline every little point for you. I’m saying that just because underage drinking illegal doesn’t mean than 1.) Kids will stop drinking and 2.) it’s not necessarily immoral. Morals do not = Law .

      • Since it appears that the kids in those pictures are either

        a) too stupid to realize that anything can be found on the internet

        b) just plain don’t care that they are breaking the law

        maybe what Spongebob was trying to do was enlighten them.

        Be glad it’s him doing it and not some pervert that takes a liking to one of the young ladies

      • Spongebob says:

        If it helps to shake these kids up then, yeah….I’m a snoop and a snitch. I don’t care what you call me! Wake up people! Wake up parents!!!! Your kids could be the next ones that could be caught in a similar situation as Amir if you keep sweeping the underage drinking under the rug!!!!!

      • I am not sure who is more stupid you or the kids that post this junk on FB. How can it be stalking when these clowns post it for the world to see? It is an advertisement that says look at me. Well folks are looking and future employers will be looking.

    • Say No To Bullys says:

      Do you even talk to these kids? Are you even well acquainted with them? If so talk to them, either to their face or by a phone call. Don’t just sit behind your computer nameless and out them down. Your not being a parent or concerned, your being a bully. They are just getting more and more mad at people like you who aren’t doing anything with their lives except stalking people you don’t know on facebook then posting their pictures. So when they get more and more mad what do they do? Rebel. So if one of these kids who you are attacking does die from alcohol are you going to feel good about yourself saying “i told you so” because for all i know you never told them. You told this website who the only other people get on are other parents. So i hope you feel bad when something does happen to them and you did nothing but attack them. There are other parents who i know that actually talk to their own children and other kids. They are actually making an impact on them, and thats the kids own fault for the not listening. But you sir, aren’t doing anything.

      • Spongebob says:

        Excuse after excuse…..grow up! Yeah, I’m the reason you kids rebel!

        Stop spinning it! Reality: you kids think you’re invincible and then when the poop hits the fan and one of your friends is caught in these pics, you get pissed at ME!

        I’m glad that there are other parents out here reading my posts because hopefully some reality will set in and once they see their kids in some of these pictures, they will step up and do the right thing before something bad happens.

      • Are you telling everyone that first these kids get mad and then get drunk because they are mad at the world. Oh boy and whats up with the “bully” label?

      • Oh nooooooos! A “bully”?


        Let me get this straight. These kids post these pics on the internet (That the whole world can see)and then get “mad” and “rebel” when evidence of their underage, illegal drinking go public?


        I have an idea. If you feel you have to break the law, don’t advertise it on the internet

        What should be posted on the internet are pictures of these kids “parents”.

        • These kids don’t have parents. They have enablers who want to be their best friend, rather than teach them right from wrong.

          What’s worse is that the kids in the pictures are held in such high regard because of their athletic and academic performances, yet they have absolutely no common sense.

      • We have done our jobs as parents…we are only expecting others to do the same. It won’t be anyones fault here if someone elses child doesn’t learn from this horrible tragedy. For you to try and lay the responsibility on “us nameless people sitting behind a computer” is not only silly, it’s pretty ignorant.

        And if a kid gets on this website and rebels against anyone here, then I’m sorry, that child has a deeper issue than us speaking our minds.

  13. livein22611 says:

    Wasn’t there another underage drinking incident over the holiday break. I think the main kid involved was in college, but still underage. Nothing will change until parents wake-up and take charge of their kids. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of parents who are willing to do this. A parent can tell when their kid comes home drunk. They just need to care enough to check. At least it’s harder to sweep things under the rug when it’s posted on Facebook!

  14. just interested says:

    btw I do not think Facebook is the problem here..the sorrow is that a young man was killed that never had a chance at the joys of downfalls or life. There is also the friend that drank,drove and killed his friend who will continue to live but without hope. The sentence is a lifetime of hell and grief for the family of the young man that died. Do we want to live in an “eye for an eye” society? And parents or older siblings…do not throw graduation,holiday parties that involve drinking for underage children. I do not care if it is in the middle of a field or in the basement of a home. Keep in mind that most teenagers have cell phones with cameras and those cameras are always clicking away and then posted. Underage drinking is illegal,just sit in juvie court a couple of times and watch how many cases there are of underage drinking.

  15. Looks like Amir and his lawyer may be classmates really soon.

  16. Fly on the wall says:

    You, sir, are a rather intolerant fellow.

    • If you mean intolerant of illegal behavior, I plead guilty as charged.

      • Fly on the wall says:

        No, I mean in the sad way you remain fixated on being a snarky malcontent.

        • Well, I find it sad that people are so willing to accept the unacceptable.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            You are not owed a pound of flesh in this matter at all. Charges were filed, a plea agreement was accepted with consultation from Aaron’s family, this case is closed. Does it seem fair, or “just”? Perhaps, perhaps not. The point is that neither you, nor me, nor anyone else not @ the courthouse that day really have a say in the matter. Your pathetic rantings on here won’t change sentencing guidelines that enabled such a plea to be struck. Move on with your life.

          • Wrong. I’ll have a say in the matter next time elections roll around so that the powers that be who brokered this settlement will not be in charge the next time some drugged up drunken fool kills someone. Perka is too quick to settle for too little.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Then you will decidedly be in the minority, sir. Your wearing-blinders anger over this is excessive, and you only look smaller and more petty as you harp on this one sour note.

          • “Then you will decidedly be in the minority, sir”

            I highly doubt that. It’s time for a new Clarke County where the good ol boys are run out, along with all of their brown-nosing buddies so that what’s good for the people trumps what’s good for the leadership’s personal interests.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            And you are the sole arbiter of “what’s good for the people”? Someone given to shallow, knee-jerk responses; a rather Puritanical view of crime and punishment; and one who feels the need to pontificate on a host of topics regardless of how ill-informed he is or who his rants besmirch? No…I don’t think this community needs folks like you deciding what’s good for the rest of us.

          • It’s not about deciding what’s good for the rest of us. It’s about listening to what the citizens want and doing it.

          • Just read your ratings to your post. Nobody agrees with anything you ever post. You will continue to be in the minority on this subject or any subject you seem to side with.

          • I’m not in a popularity contest.

          • Do you take all of the other little “partiers” serious when they don’t agree with RW? I think a lot of responsible parents agree with him/her. Just because you want to be cool with the younger crowd, don’t loose your head. What Amir did is wrong , PERIOD.

          • Often times, being right is not the popular position

          • Well Sarge, I have a conscience, and that guides my actions. Apparently, we’re a dying breed. So sad.

          • But your rants about changing the regime is based on popularity and it looks as if your views are in the minority. So whomever you decide to vote for will probably be in the minority based on your views and blah,blah post.

          • Right Winger, you know you have a lot of people on here that agree with you. FOTW and Fly Fan have a right to their opinion as we do but I sure as heck do not agree with them!

  17. livein22611 says:

    WHAT ABOUT THE PERSON WHO THREW THE PARTY AND ALLOWED THE UNDERAGE DRINKING TO HAPPEN?????? They just nailed a woman in Richmond for hosting a New Year’s Eve party with underage drinking and no one died or even drove in that case. Are we letting this one slip under the radar? Why have we heard nothing about this part of the tragedy?
    CDN–please do what you can to investigate this. Parties like this will not stop until people start paying a price for their stupidity!

    • My guess is that now that the attorney for Amir himself is in jail, he’s got a conflict of interest because the dealer he bought the cocaine from is in jail and is also an informant, so it’s a big tangled web.

    • livein22611 says:

      Wouldn’t Sunni Perka have to go after the woman who threw the party? They shouldn’ let this one fall through the cracks. The enablers need to be held accountable.

      • Fly on the wall says:

        As I recall, the party was in Frederick County, right?. Wasn’t it the Frederick County police who requested the warrant to dump his cell phone, not Clarke County? Thus, Ms. Perka would have no jurisdiction in that matter.

  18. I wonder if he will be graduating with his class this June.

  19. My 2 Cents says:

    Way to stir the pot Lucy! I hope he walks through those Shepherds Crooks with his peers!

  20. Stonebroke says:

    Exactly! Let it go! For the sake of everyone involved. ( You had to dig pretty deep to rekindle this discussion)

  21. Bob Kelly says:

    Lucy is a minor player here; the real villain is CDN. Why is the comment section tied to this article still open and active? They net nanny with petty redactions, but allow a stupid question to open the wound after six months of healing. Not smart, and if I were one of their advertisers I would be appalled.

  22. It was a valid question. I think as much as this community has had to deal with this devastating situation, we should know.

  23. Stonebroke says:

    I live in the community and have tried to put it behind me! But, it is people like yourself that continues to bellow the fire. (For some peculiar reason?) I’d probably say that the community as a whole, has also moved on….I hope one day you too, can let this pass by the wayside!