Angels in Clarke County – Boyce 5th Graders Raise Funds for Shelter

clarke-voices-thumbWhat is it about our pets that touch our hearts so profoundly?

This week I visited Mrs. Erickson’s Fifth Grade Class at Boyce Elementary School. Each year since Mrs. Erickson became a teacher, she lets her class choose a charity to donate the proceeds of a class bake sale to. Apparently there are a lot of loving pet owners in her class, because this year it was the Clarke County Animal Shelter.

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So the class planned and organized and advertised and baked. They got permission from The Bank of Clarke County and on a cool Saturday in the middle of May set up five tables full of goodies to raise the funds for this years project. The whole class participated throughout the day.

It seems there are also a lot of pet lovers in our wonderful county, because the class was able to raise over $1,000 to donate to the shelter!

“People in Berryville are very generous”, Mrs. Erickson explained, “They would buy something with a five or ten dollar bill and tell us to keep the change!”

Jenny Wright, Shelter Manager of Clarke County Animal Shelter, also stopped by the class with two special friends. Charlie, a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier, and Scruffy, a 5 year old Chihuahua mixed breed, really appreciated the loving attention they got from all the fifth graders. Ms. Wright explained that they came from the same home and their owners had to move and were not able to take the dogs with them, so they gave them to the shelter. She said Charlie and Scruffy are both neutered and up to date on all their shots.

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Ms. Wright presented Mrs. Erickson and her class with a special Certificate of Appreciation from the shelter.

And then Ms. Wright gladly accepted the generous donation of $1027.00 from the class!

With that important work done, Mrs. Erickson and her class got back to studying and preparing for the upcoming SOL tests! And Ms. Wright took Charlie and Scruffy back to their “hotel” where they will wait for their forever family!

But I have a strange feeling there will be a few stories told around the dinner table about Charlie and Scruffy. And you never know maybe one of those places will be their new home!

Thanks to the Angels in Clarke County – Ms. Erickson and her whole Fifth Grade Class, The Bank of Clarke County, and the generous Clarke County Community!!

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  1. Laura Bohall-Boyce PTO says:

    We are so proud of Mrs. Erickson’s entire 5th grade class. Lots of wonderful efforts with great results-way to go, Boyce students!! YOU ROCK!!

  2. Fact Checker says:

    Way to go Mrs. Erickson. You folks are teaching your kids the meaning of Community.

  3. Scruffy is still at the shelter and he is such a sweetie pie! Great on a leash and lets the volunteers hold him like a baby. =-)