Annual Millwood Community Picnic Weathers a Storm

By Candy Means

Millwood’s Annual Community Picnic was scheduled for last Friday night in the Burwell-Morgan Mill park at the same time the storm arrived…. 6 PM.

The tables were set, the musicians had arrived, the grillers were good to go, but the storm would not leave. People sat in cars to let the storm pass.

photo courtesy SynaVista, Inc.

Leslie and Bill Mclean were waiting so she could have her once a year hot dog. Robin Greenhalgh waited and called her friend Janet Hitchen to see why she was not there. Elizabeth Locke and John Staelin had waited and then came to the park with umbrellas to see what the story was. We sent the musicians home but decided we would stay and eat what we had. There were about ten or so of us. Then the rain did stop and people came out of the woodwork with their dishes to share and the grillers–Jon Perkins, Jeff Atwell, and Bob Cullen-organizer of the picnic- grilled on.

We had a guest from Chicago, a couple from Texas who are here for the summer, Aoife and Jeff Murphy’s baby Niall would have been the youngest guest, and the oldest…well, we do not know or are not telling, but Doris Green was celebrating her 77th the day after so we all sang happy birthday to her.

Chip Schutte and Maxine McGill and Howard Means took on the task of filling in the very large shoes of former emcee David “Millwood” Boyce. Chip delivered a touching tribute to David and then, soon after, “Millwood”s son and his sons’ friends appeared.

Maxine McGill gave a riveting talk about the community organization and the community itself which led in to the auctioning of Connie White’s, Millwood’s retiring postmaster, two cakes and other items donated to the event from local businesses and individuals. Howard Means was the entertaining auctioneer, helping to bring more from the auction than in previous years. Non-permanent residents of Millwood Mark Flagg, Chuck Downes, Kathy and Bob McNeily, and residents Elizabeth Locke/John Staelin, Anne McIntosh, kept the bidding lively.

Bottom line: we all had a great time, ate delicious food, and made some money for the community organization. The music was sorely missed, but we will try to make up for that at some time early in the fall.

Stay tuned!!!

Candy Means in a resident of Millwood, Virginia


  1. Sam Card says:

    I enjoyed seeing my friends Ben and Sharon Harrison at the picnic.

  2. Nice group of people and super food.Made me glad I live here. Good to see Mark Flagg.