Another Commercial Win for Berryville

Berryville’s reputation as an all-American town may be starting to get around.

Third Story Films at the Berryville News Stand on Monday - Photo Edward Leonard

On Monday, film crews had set up shop to film yet another commercial for a world-class company, this time Ford Motor Company. The film work will be featured in a soon-to-be-released web commercial featuring Ford’s new Escape Hybrid vehicle.

A nationally featured television commercial for Wendy’s restaurant was filmed in Berryville earlier this year.

“Ford is launching a web-based media campaign for it new Escape Hybrid” Wes Sullivan of Third Story Films in Washington DC. “Ford wanted video showing an all-American town so that’s why we’re filming here. Berryville is perfect.”

Sullivan and two assistants spent several hours on Monday shooting video along Main Street, first in front of Thomas Plumbing and then later from inside the Berryville News Stand. The focus of the team’s attention and cameras was on a large plywood prop featuring a prominent “Ford” logo occupying two parking spaces along Main Street. American flags supplied by the Town of Berryville provided what is sure to be a patriotic theme for the new vehicle promotion.

“We’re filming four vignettes that will be used as lead-in web content for the Escape Hybrid commercial” said Sullivan. “This is our fifth day of shooting.”

However, it appears that Berryville offers not just a photogenic back-drop, but its citizens also like the client. The film crew said that based on their informal interactions with passers-by on Main Street, Berryville is a solid Ford town.

A web commercial for Ford's new Escape Hybrid will feature Berryville, Virginia - Photo Edward Leonard

“There are a lot of die-hard Ford people here in Berryville” said production assistant Christ Lyngas. “However, there was one GM man that walked by. He wasn’t shy about letting us know what his allegiance was.”

Both Lyngas and Sullivan said that the Town of Berryville had been very receptive and supportive to Third Story Film’s production needs.

“Berryville has been great to work with” Sullivan said. “Christy Dunkle did everything that she could to help us including reserving the parking spaces that we needed for the props. The town has been a pleasure to work with.”

After finishing its work in Berryville, Sullivan plans to do additional filming in Purcellville on Wednesday.

The release date for the web commercial was not available.


  1. j. paige ledford says:

    When i was a kid, growing up in the 6O’s, I remember spending 1/2 hr or more in the BNS figuring out how to spend my nickel!

  2. Will Bob’s Sporting Goods be having a grand re-opening?

  3. Because I Care says:

    Are they giving out free food or better yet, free Fords?

  4. Bville-Bud says:

    Thanks FMC, enjoy your stay!

  5. bystander says:

    Imagine where Clarke would be if it’s government work as hard to make outside businesses feel welcome…

  6. I was wondering the same thing. I guess the town officials feel their allegiance is with big name companies(Wendy’s and Ford) rather than with mom and pop shops that constantly fold and go unde on Main Street.

    Yeah, that’s the message you wanna spread, Christy and Keith….and people wonder why the residents of the town are so sour on the town office and their officials!

    • You are talking apples and oranges here. How can you even begin to compare the two?

      And what negative message are they sending? That they will allow outside companies to use Berryville for a day to generate the town some extra revenue? Wow…horrible message!

  7. Clarke Life says:

    How’s it their fault? Put a decent product out there and people will support it. Now if you wanna discuss the empty lot at Food Lion, I’m all in……

    • Travis Goodwin says:

      I’ve not ever seen or heard any good discussion as to why there has NOT been more development there by Food Lion. I’ve heard scuttlebutt and rumors, but what are the real issues? Give the tens of thousands of cars that go by that interchange every single day…that’s a LOT of untapped potential just getting its grass cut yearly. Potential for jobs, for revenue, for a commercial heartbeat that would seem to ripple into the downtown area. Anyone from the town, or otherwise in the know, wanna elaborate?

  8. Sharon Strickland says:

    I visited a Wendy’s in Fort Worth, TX this summer and told the store manager that I was from Berryville. The whole staff went nuts because they actually got to meet someone from Berryville. I got a free meal! Now, if I visit Ford Motors in Michigan and tell them I am from Berryville, do you think I might get a great deal. We drive nothing but Ford’s. A nice new Lincoln would be great. Ha!

    Good job to all that worked on getting Ford to come to Berryville.

  9. Stonebroke says:

    You know what is even funnier? People ask me all the time about the commercial and when I tell them that Berryville doesn’t even have a Wendy’s, they really get a kick out of that!

  10. Sharon Strickland says:

    Stonebroke, I get asked that question all the time. Family started asking me where the Wendy’s was located so they could visit for a meal. The staff in Texas asked me if our Wendy’s was popular and I had to tell them that we do not even have a Wendy’s, a McDonald’s, a Burger King, etc. I told them we had a Tastee Freeze but it recently closed due to lack of business. I keep telling people that we have other places to eat but that fast food is very limited. We do have a Subway and that is good. It would be nice to have some sort of drive through that would provide jobs for many in our town., Sometimes, you just want a caloric meal or “freeze.” All that land near the Food Lion. Nice site for a drive through. Oh, I do love Mario’s but you have to come inside and with three grandchildren sitting in the back of my Lincoln, I need to order at the window. So, we just do not eat fast food and that is a blessing.

  11. Stonebroke says:

    Maybe CDN could provide some insight from the “powers to be”, why we don’t have a popular fast food joint in Berryville? Is it that we don’t want it, or is it that, because they have tried in the past (only to be turned away), that they don’t seek this location out for their franchises anymore. I’m just curious as to what the answer is to this million dollar question. See what you can find out CDN!

    • I seem to remember a while ago about McDonald’s looking at the 340 and 7 East intersection, but that was slapped down.

      • Sharon Strickland says:

        I wonder how many people would really like a fast food business in Berryville? Some talk about it but they do not have answers. I once heard a rumor that the land near the Food Lion is owned by the “Mario’s owner. Maybe, he is keeping the land free and clear so that a competitor can not come in and force more competition for business. If that is true, that is a good move.

      • McDonalds wanted to build next to the cemetery–was a righteous slapdown I think.

        • Stonebroke says:

          Voted down because that property is in a historical zone! Yeah…good one!

          • Travis Goodwin says:

            Didn’t stop Walgreen’s from tearing down a home (and most recently a used car lot) in Winchester and building a new pharmacy. All they had to do was put up an historical marker. Seems that tired green house on the hill has seen better days.

          • Stonebroke says:

            I see where someone has painted the Old Tastee Freeze with a new splash of blue paint! Please tell me that this isn’t going to be a sign that the Tastee Freeze will be coming back to its old home! Someone please tell me it’s not so! Please! Please! I’m asking you! Don’t do it to the people of Berryville! We can’t take it anymore!

  12. I always see a lot of Berryville people at the Waterloo and Senseny Rd. McDonalds.

  13. Berryville, Virginia ~ No McDonalds, no Wendy’s, no KFC, no Popeyes, no Burger King ~ I am not judging wether these franchises are good or bad. I do think the lack of them makes Berryville special and why it stands out as an “All American Town”!