Anti-Semitic Graffiti Appears on Senseny Road

Tank near Route 340 tagged with a swastika. Photo credit Mike Dowling

Spray painted graffiti is often seen on trains as they pass through Clarke County and sometimes appears in and around Berryville, but there are two types that draw serious scrutiny, gang tags and racist graffiti. The tank that sits in the field just off Senseny Road near the intersection with Route 340 has now come under scrutiny after being tagged with a swastika.

It is unclear when the apparent act of vandalism was committed. No report has been filed with police but law enforcement officials said they were looking into the matter.

Anti-Semitic graffiti is unusual in the area but not unheard of. In March of 2011 vandals defaced the historic Wickliffe Episcopal Church in Clarke County. In that incident vandal(s) broke into the church and spread paint on the floor and used masking tape to make insignias and racial slurs on the walls .


  1. Whoever painted that symbol, if it is supposed to be racist, apparently didn’t know the symbol used by the Nazis, as the one shown painted on the side of the tank is backwards. The Nazi swastika has its arms pointed the other way.

    The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. (That even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!) Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly used symbol as far back as 1000 BCE.

    Only after the Nazis adopted the swastika did it start to have a negative connotation. Try Googling it, and read about its very interesting history – a fun thing to do on a frigid day.

    • I doubt these mental giants knew of it’s ancient origins. They obviously weren’t paying attention in school either, if schools even steach about the Nazis nowadays

  2. why? Are these just kids just seeing how far they can go (maybe not kids)? Have we stopped or forgotten how much pain this symbol brought to the world by one of the most evil men in history. How many deaths? I think spray painting a swasitka on a tank is pretty much vandalism.

  3. Right Winger says:

    Maybe the spray painters were dyslexic?

  4. not only is it backwards, it’s been there for well OVER a year. no one noticed it until now? really?

  5. [redacted] if you’ve seen it for a year, did YOU mention anything to the police? It’s a shame, regardless of its orientation or ancient history.

  6. This is not anti Semitic, it’s just some kid(s), probably drunk, acting like idiots, more than a year ago. CDN, you are blowing this thing up. Short on news stories?

    • I drive that road all the time and I never saw it. So it begs the question, if people knew it was there why didn’t anyone say anything?

      Talk about apathy,

      Not offensive to you?

      What does it take to mention it to the police?

      • nope – not at all offensive to me. it isn’t my business nor concern.
        for me to mention vandalism to the police, it has to be on my property. like i said, that’s private property and not my business.

        • And your comments on this pretty well sums up things…why bother if it’s not on “my” property? Really? It should be offensive to you, for all it represents. This ain’t like that Technicolor barn over at Soldier’s Rest…if you see graffiti, report it.

          • being on private property and in plain view of a major roadway i have no idea why you’re jumping me, but your high and mighty is a little misdirected.

  7. The kids (if they were kids) responsible for the vandalism probably have no clue what Anti-Semitic means or the history of the swastica mentioned above by Robina.
    I blame the schools and standardized tests.

    • Really? Its the schools faults? Robina’s “history” of the swastika is inaccurate anyway. It doesn’t matter which way the swastika is pointing. The Nazi Swastika can be seen to point both ways on metals emblems and even on their airplanes. Furthermore, the “classic” Nazi swastika was turned at at a 45 degree angle. She would know that if she truly looked it up.

      Regardless of semantics, I bring the argument to the parents. Where were they? Why are they not also responsible for teaching their kids? Why weren’t they aware their kids were painting swastikas?

      Also I find it hard to blame the schools when it is people like Robina (if this is the Robina we all know and hate) who are responsible for hiring incompitent teachers in this county that are not trained to meet the standards of the IB, then refusing to fund their training. Hence, trying to force CC to forgo it’s IB credentials, as the IB is extremely rigid in how its teachers must be prepared for the program.

      Look at your own twisted doings instead of pinning the blame on country and county standards.

  8. um, i didn’t report it because it isn’t my property. that’s private property, right? so for all i know, the owner wanted that there. from the road, the vandalism looks almost as old as the tank.
    i just thought it was odd that the police are just now ‘looking into it’. there’s no way berryville or clarke county cops haven’t seen that before. no way.

  9. sadly to me it still represents a time in our past that was horrific. Forwards or backswards or not knowing the meaning makes it hard to explain to the holocaust survivors and what they faced. Perhaps a trip to DC to visit the Holocaust Museum would open some one’s eyes and maybe even learn about history. If a cross is displayed in a manner of disrespect I too would be uneasy. Private property or not.

  10. So far, this is the third act of this nature that I know of in the area. The brick on the side of JW Middle School is one place you can find a swastika, although it has a line through it so I guess that means it has been handled. The second is the inside of the tube part of the slide in the Berryville park downtown, the symbols are engraved in it so I guess that is as handled as it will get, and now the third on the tank. I wonder how it will be taken care of if I get one spray painted on my house, since I just took my Menorah down. Can’t wait to hear the rationalizations then.

    • Stonebroke says:

      Once again– here we go! How else would you like for this to be handled? It clearly states that police are looking in to the situation. If they don’t find out who did it in rather quick fashion—I’m probably going to say that CSI won’t be called in to take on the investigation. So my question to you is–how would you like to see this handled? What can law enforcement do to make you feel safer because there has been 3 sightings of this symbol.

      • I feel perfectly safe here because our law enforcement does act quickly. Handling the still present symbols would entail, gee, maybe covering them up or removing them from sight since they are very visible and around where are children play. Oh, but that may entail an expense, so maybe we could voluntarily work to remove them.

    • Mr Mister says:

      The sign on the rusty tank really doesn’t get me too worked up. For one it’s on private land and two the rust will take care of itself. The ones on the public school and public playground equipment bother me, and should bother you too. This is where our children play and learn. The slide and other equipment are riddled with words carved into then that children shouldn’t see. This is equipment you the tax-payer furnished. I understand that people get their kicks by painting offensive words in public, but it shouldn’t just be looked over and allowed to stay. I’m speaking of words of hate, disgust, or just plain vulgar.

      I’m not just preaching. I was caught spray-painting when I was 15. The town police came to my house looking for me. My parents could not believe that I was in on it. They drove me to the station after I came home. I had to pay for sand-blasting, and I had to re-paint the baseball dug-outs to cover what I had written. Worse than that, I got the beating of a lifetime. I learned a lot that year, and I also straightened up. Kids will be kids and need to learn respect for others. Let’s at least hope kids painted these symbols. I would hate to find out an adult needs to show-off his hatred.

      Not a sermon, just a thought.

      • Best comment yet. You did wrong and parrents made you suffer. WOW!!!! If only more parents followed that process today we might not have any of these problems at all. The people blaming the schools. Unbelievable. Parents are to blame for poor behavior.

  11. Here is a question for the CDN readers… which is considered more offensive…. the swastika or the tank?

  12. Roscoe Evans says:

    Regardless of who painted this sign or when, it ought to be painted over immediately.

    This sort of grafitti is intended as an affront to us all. It’s a shame on all of us that it is allowed to stand.

    Blaming it on kids, drunks, idiots or the school system is inane. It is intended to invoke hatred.

  13. Shall we paint over the faces and flag from the civil war. That are painted on the rear of a building along main street. I am sure some one finds those offensive as well.

  14. I am sure some people may equivocate the two symbols. They may represent different means to the same end, in the name of cultural preservation.