Updated: Armed Robber Holds Up Corner Store

10:30 am Update: According to Sargent Gall the suspect was approximately 5’8″ to 6’0 tall and was wearing a ski mask. The robber was if slender build and believed to be Caucasian male. No money was taken from J&J Corner Store.

An armed robber pulled off a daring rush hour robbery at JJ Corner store on Monday afternoon. The crime may be related to another robbery that occurred less than an hour later north of the scene.

Clarke County Sheriff’s Department Sargent Kenny Gall said that on November 7 around 18:14 deputies responded to J&J corner Store located at the intersection of Shepherds Mill Rd and Rt. 7 for a report of armed robbery.

Gall said that an unknown male reportedly entered the store and displayed a handgun and ordered the cashier to open the registers and give him the money.

The suspect then fled on foot north on Shepherds Road. Gall did not disclose the amount of money that was stolen.

The robber was last seen wearing a dark colored zip up jacket, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Gall said that a Jefferson County robbery that occurred later that evening around 7:00pm may be related to the Clarke County crime.

Gall said that the incident is under investigation by the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office and requests that anyone with any information related to the robbery call 540-955-1234.


  1. Right Winger says:

    So I guess the perp was invisible since we don’t have a physical description?

    CDN Editor: “The robber was last seen wearing a dark colored zip up jacket, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.”

    • Because I Care says:

      The old-fashioned description of race, height, build, physical characteristics would help the public spot him much easier. It’s a shame that profiling has become a practice that is frowned upon.

  2. Because I Care says:

    People are getting desperate without their untaxed cigarettes!

  3. He probably wanted some of the money back that was stolen from him by this store over the years, gas 20 cents higher than other local stations etc.

    • I cannot even believe that you would post that! The guy just stuck a gun in someone’s face and you are worried about 20 cents a gallon…..and no it is not stolen from anyone…….they are free to go elsewhere!

    • Sage of the Mountain says:

      Really sid. If you bothered to check with Doodles you would proably find that he is paying as much wholesale as Wichester stations are charging retail. Another suggestion why not stop by J & J and tell Doodles that you feel that he is stealing. Just post it when you are going to do it so I can be there to see the reaction.

      • I’ve been in the store and asked why the gas is so high. They obnoxiously responded “go buy it somewhere else.” It is robbery, especially for travelers who don’t know there is an option 4 miles west with realistice prices.

      • I don’t shop there,it’s a ripoff. And I seriously doubt he is paying for gas as what I’m paying. What would be the point? Have you ever been to the little store at the Greenwood intersection in Sensney? Look at the size of the store and their prices. J&J get wholesale prices, just too greedy to pass on to the customers.

  4. So is there some kind of physical description? White guy/girl? Black guy/girl? Fat guy/girl? Someone else? Has the law released any PC hyphenated description at all?

  5. ‘The robber was if slender build and believed to be Caucasian male’

    jeez, read the article. skinny white dude.

  6. Right Winger says:

    What???? Wait a minute….The updated portion of the article states no money was taken, but the original portion of the article states that an undisclosed amount of money was stolen.

    Which is it?

    CDN Editor: The original article says “Gall did not disclose the amount of money that was stolen.” The Sheriff’s Department press release reported a robbery. CDN made the inference that money was taken based on the term “robbery”. Sgt. Gall’s 10:30am statement clarifies the details of the crime.

    • Right Winger says:

      Okay, thanks for the clarification. But why is it still called a robbery if nothing was taken? Or was something taken but not released in the police report? Thanks!!

  7. Who cares if he took money or not! Fact is, he entered the store and brandished a fire arm! Is this NOT crime enough? Be thankful nobody was shot or hurt, people are crazy!