Authorities Seize 5,400 Marijuana Plants in Nelson County Va

Nelson County is situated at the halfway point between Charlottesville and Lynchburg which may have been the reason a particular group of farmers selected it as the site for their particular crop. On Tuesday, Aug. 2, Virginia State Police with the assistance of Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agents seized approximately 5,400 marijuana plants within Nelson County.

The day began with the discovery of a significant crop of marijuana in the Schuyler area of the county. Investigators confiscated 5,204 marijuana plants from an isolated, wooded location.

Later in the day, throughout the county, multiple smaller plots were located and a couple hundred more plants were removed by police.

Arrests are pending as the investigation into each plot continues at this time.

These operations are part of the Governor’s Initiative Against Narcotics Trafficking (G.I.A.N.T.), a collaborative effort among state agencies to eradicate marijuana production and distribution within the Commonwealth.


  1. Bobs Sports Store says:

    Bummer Duuude!

  2. How are they gonna say its wrong to plant some trees? Its better for our earth than all the factories!

  3. Help wanted says:

    This is how they keep the Mexican drug cartel in business.