BADA Approves High School Site

The Clarke County High School reached a long awaited milestone yesterday afternoon as the Berryville Area Development Authority gave its blessing to the School Board’s Final Site Plan. During the meeting BADA addressed several areas that needed clarification. These were included as conditions to the approval and included:

  1. A recommendation that that parking be done in two phases, with 76 spaces located at the lower end of the student’s parking lot be kept for a Phase II asphalting as an LID element (Low Impact Development), and left as environmentally friendly green space, to be used as overflow parking, until, at the discretion of the School Board, and after completion of construction and usage, it is felt that there is a need for the additional spaces.
  2. Finalization of all agency comments (VDOT, Chester Engineers and town staff), who, although they have met with Jon Erickson last week and this Tuesday, reviewed the 2nd submission of the site plan and done an overall review of the main issues and feel that the issues have been addressed, still must go through the minor details/comments contained in the 60 page site plan drawings.

check-markAfter a brief discussion to ensure all the issues had been addressed Reagan Duncan made a motion to approve the Final Site Plan. Pete Dunning seconded the motion and all members voted unanimously to approve the Final Site Plan.

There was applause in the council chamber and several members of BADA as well as School Board Chairman Robina Bouffault took the opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to the project.

The Final Site Plan will now move to the Town Council for approval at a special meeting to be held on April 22nd.


  1. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Well…this i certainly a positive. Here’s hoping that the powers that be get out fo their own way and let this sorely needed building actually get built.

  2. Jim Gibson says:

    Agreed! It is good to get this approval in place. Now, here’s hoping that those with the power to move this forward can do so expeditiously so that we can take advantage of a still-favorable bidding market. Dollars are tight for this project, so here’s hoping they are used wisely.