Barns of Rose Hill – Commedia dell’Arte





Ever heard of Commedia dell’Arte?  It’s “Improv” gone wild!!  Many theatre conventions we take for granted such as “slapstick,” “professional” actors, and even women being allowed to take on female roles had its roots in Commedia.  Originating during the Italian Renaissance, Commedia dominated the European theatre scene for more than two centuries and has inspired everyone from Shakespeare to The Simpsons.

So here’s your chance to see something truly unique….and it’s coming to Berryville!!

This Thursday Barns of Rose Hill

7:30 pm

No Admission (donations graciously accepted)

Here’s the setting:

The Scams of Scapin

While their parents are away on business, Octave and Leandre fall in love with a pair of beautiful young women – much against their parents’ wishes.  But when their parents suddenly return home, the boys must enlist the help of their devious servants Scapin and Arlequin to avert disaster and protect their newfound love.

“I can’t wait to see where that goes!”

Produced by the Traveling Players Ensemble (TPE), a professional theatre company based in Washington, DC with the mission to bring great theatre to unique venues.  Their programs reflect the very origins of theatre, when troupes of actors roamed the ancient and medieval countryside, relying on a bare minimum of props and scenery.

TPE’s credits include performing at The Kennedy Center and being named by The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) as a “Summer School in the Arts,” one of 25 organizations in the nation to receive this honor.