Barns of Rose Hill Executive Director Resigns

Ben Glen during the annual organizational meeting in January. Photo credit Mike Dowling

BERRYVILLE, VA – Today Barns of Rose Hill announced the resignation due to health reasons of its Executive Director, Ben Glenn II.

“We are deeply saddened at this turn of events,” remarked Ann St. Clair Lesman, Board Chair of Barns of Rose Hill.  “Ben is a talented and capable nonprofit professional, and Barns of Rose Hill will miss him. Under Glenn’s leadership, the organization presented a variety of critically acclaimed and widely popular art exhibitions, musical performances, and dance recitals.  He developed new means of electronic outreach to supporters and designed new fundraising initiatives.”

Mr. Glenn’s appointment as Executive Director was announced at the organizations annual meeting in January of 2012.


  1. Well…that was quick.

  2. George Archibald says:

    The health issue that caused Director Glen’s departure was obviously unexpected, but informed observers know that the Barns leadership now has another major problem in finding his replacement, which primarily results from the selection process that resulted in Mr. Glen being chosen several months ago. There were many applicants besides Mr. Glen who went to the trouble of applying, including some local area people with strong public experience and management backgrounds who did not receive invitations to be interviewed. The selection committee might want to go back to these applicants who were not chosen, but it will be difficult because of the discourtesy to them previously. Another problem is the compensation arrangement offered for the executive director position, which was $25,000 for the first year on a part-time basis with an opportunity to be paid $50,000 for the second year on a full-time basis. This was apparently the basis of Mr. Glen’s contract. The Barns is asking a lot from a person with the skills they required for $25,000. Believe me, the job on a part-time basis would end up being full-time regardless because the Barns board includes many demanding people who would all want their pound of flesh from the person who was their staff director. This may have been an issue that propelled Mr. Glen’s decision to exit gracefully when he did because of his unfortunate health development.

  3. From what I observed as a volunteer at the Barns, Mr. Glenn is lucky to have only wasted a brief period of his time and talents. The blew a golden opportunity. Pity