Barns of Rose Hill Reach $1.42 Million Towards Goal of $1.6 Million

Picture 15Having completed its fifth year, the capital campaign to restore two early-20th-century dairy barns in Berryville’s Rose Hill Park for service as a community, arts and education center is nearing its $1.6 million goal.   Year-end gifts totaling more than $20,000 have moved the campaign to $1.42 million and into a goal-line countdown.

“We continue to be thrilled and gratified by the level of support for this exciting and ambitious grass-roots project. We’re deeply grateful to everyone who gave to the campaign this past year,” said Diana Kincannon, president of the Barns board.

The completed architectural and engineering plans for the 7,438-square-foot facility are in the hands of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and the Department of Transportation for review and approval. “This review process is required as a result of funding won from these agencies,” Kincannon explained. “Subsequent to their approval, we will be able to publish an invitation for bids, and we expect that to happen by April. We hope and believe that we’ll be able to break ground before the end of May. Meanwhile, we’re actively serving as a community and arts organization, and our fundraising efforts continue.”

The completed Barns of Rose Hill Center will offer a unique venue for the performing and visual arts, community meetings and educational events. It will also be home to the Berryville-Clarke County Visitor Center, which will participate in the Virginia Tourism Corporation’s state-wide travel development programs. “The Visitor Center offers an opportunity for us to promote ecotourism and agritourism for Clarke County and the region,” Kincannon said.

The new Barns Center’s “Great Hall” will be able to seat about 200 people for a film or lecture presentation, or 120 people for dinner events, Kincannon said. The entrance will face the Berryville-Clarke County administration building on Chalmers Court,   and the government building’s parking lot will be available for Barns events.

For more information, contact the Barns at 955-7093.


  1. Help me out here. People have been giving tax deductible money for over 5 years for a visitors and tourism center? Someone call the IRS . . .

    • Jim Gibson says:

      Sir, your cynicism knows no bounds, does it? If Clarke County has any hope of promoting business within its borders, this is a piece to that puzzle. Additionally, the performing arts opportunities the Barns will open up will only enhance the community as a whole.