Barns of Rose Hill Receives Financial Help With “Shenandoah Life” Mural

The Barns of Rose Hill, Berryville, Virginia, is pleased to announce the receipt of grants from the Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust and the Marion Park Lewis Foundation.

The Barns of Rose Hill "Shenandoah Life" mural will measure nearly six feet high by thirteen feet wide - Photo Edward Leonard

The Gwathmey Memorial Trust awarded a grant in the amount of $12,000 toward the creation of the “Shenandoah Life” mosaic mural in The Barns of Rose Hill Center for Community, Arts and Education in Berryville. The Trust was established by Mrs. Elizabeth Gwathmey Jeffress in 1981 in memory of her parents. Mrs. Jeffress was particularly interested in the history, literature, art, and architecture of Virginia.

The Shenandoah Life mosaic, measuring 14’ wide x 8’ high, will be the most significant permanent art installation in The Barns Center, visible upon entering the facility. Images of the Shenandoah River and Blue Ridge establish a background for figures that refer to the visual and performing arts.   The work was designed by professional ceramicist Joan Gardiner of Union, Virginia, and Gale Harlow of Opus Oaks – An Art Place, an arts studio in Berryville. With many area artists and art students helping to create the piece, installation is expected by the middle of September.

The Marion Park Lewis Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $3,000 to The Barns, $1,800 of which is also given in support of the Shenandoah Life mosaic mural.

The Foundation was established in 1992 to provide arts education opportunities to residents of the northern Shenandoah Valley. Since that time more than one million dollars in grants have been awarded.

In addition to the award designated for the mural, the Foundation awarded $1,200 in school program support funding.    The Foundation has been an important source of program funding for The Barns since 2005, when the organization became active in bringing arts programs to Clarke County students.