Barns Project Moves Into Construction Phase – VDOT Authorizes Invitation for Bids

The Barns of Rose Hill will soon be breaking ground in Berryville’s Rose Hill Park, having received authorization from the Virginia Department of Transportation Enhancement Program to advertise an invitation to general contractors to bid on the project to restore and enlarge Berryville’s barns for service as a community arts center and visitor center.
Artist's Conception:  Barns of Rose Hill

Artist's Conception: Barns of Rose Hill

“After more than five years of fundraising and planning, we’re exuberant about moving into construction,” Diana Kincannon, president of the Barns, commented. “We’ve worked with VDOT for the last two years to meet all federal and state regulatory requirements, design and engineering approvals and funding specifications that are part of the Enhancement Program grant supporting the creation of the Berryville-Clarke County Visitor Center in the Barns.   We owe thanks to Jerry VanLear, our VDOT contact, for his invaluable help in guiding us through the extensive process successfully.”

The Visitor Center is one aspect of the 8,000+ square-foot year-round public-use facility that will serve the people of Berryville, Clarke County and the northern Valley region as well as visitors to the area. The two-storey, lofted dairy barn, designated the James R. Wilkins, Sr. Arts and Education Center, will be an active venue for the visual and performing arts, lectures and workshops, dinners and dances.

Kincannon also cited the Barns Building Committee, including George Dellinger, Wayne Armbrust, Rick Sponseller, Susi Bailey and Project Lead Stan Kerns, and architects Carter+Burton for their work in getting the Barns to ground-breaking.

Kerns anticipates publication of the invitation for bids next week, with a mandatory pre-bid conference for contractors in mid-April and a bid date on or near April 30.

Kincannon noted that the Barns organization has $1.45 million in reserve for the project and that the goal remains $1.6 million. “We’re energetically appealing to our many Barn Raisers to help reach the campaign goal,” she said.

For information, contact: Diana Kincannon, The Barns of Rose Hill (540) 955-7093


Website: Barns of Rose Hill


  1. Right Winger says:

    Wow, they or going to have this built quicker than the new High School, which has been needed for a far longer time. Will wonders never cease?

  2. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Proabbly because this is a niche thing supported by the fat cats in the county as a cute pet project, and the high school has been a political fooball for [redacted] near a decade. There really is no excuse that this community (county, School Board, and town alike) have not been able to put aside turf wars and political point-scoring and get the high school done before now.