Benevolent Association Braves the Heat to Stay on Mission

Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association (HCBA) BBQ fundraising event at Nall's - Photo credit: Alex Chambers

Through abundant years of plenty and lean years of uncertainty, the Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association (HCBA) has held true to its mission, “Local people helping their Community.” Cooking and selling BBQ under a tent outside Nalls Farm Market in hot Memorial Day weather, the HCBA crew was all smiles and proud to share their mission with visitors. Kim Chambers was one of the folks working by the cooker and she noted they had barbecued nearly three hogs in two days. Even CCHS students, Alex Chambers and Nora Warren pitched in to help with this fundraiser to support the HCBA’s charitable goals.

What began nearly twenty years ago with a fundraiser for a national charity, led the group to consider what they could accomplish for the local community. What if they could impact people right where they live? Speaking with Jim Wink at the weekend BBQ tent, he recalled how they started the fundraisers for the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department (BRVFD), “We sat down and started thinking, the fire department volunteers have jobs, they have families, they have to train, and they respond to calls, then they have to raise money, too. So, we decided to raise money for them.” The first year was about $1400. Now 18 fundraisers later, the HCBA has raised over $154,000 just for the Blue Ridge Company 8.

Volunteers cooked 3 whole hogs during the two day event - Photo credit: Mike Dowling

The HCBA supports other local needs, too. Over the years, families have been fed, patients have been supported in battles with cancer, and students have earned scholarships for college. Thanks to the HCBA, children experiencing poverty and the elderly living alone have felt the joy of Christmas. Local police and public servants have also been honored for their dedication. The HCBA often supports other organizations in their efforts as well. The list goes on, and to the benefit of all Clarke county citizens, so does the determination of the HCBA to impact the community in a positive way.

June 11th marks the 19th annual Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association fundraiser for the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire and Rescue. The event runs from 4pm – 10pm. Be sure not to miss the silent (4pm-6pm) and live (7pm) auctions featuring lots of unique and quality items. There will be fire truck rides, delicious food (including the HCBA’s famous BBQ), and a bake sale. A raffle will be held for a Remington Model 870 Wingmaster shotgun and a pick-a-bag raffle for the ladies. Special musical guest this year is, “Shabala.”   When asked about the annual Tug-of-War between Blue Ridge Company 8 and the Horseshoe Curve folks, HCBA President, Tracee Wink commented, “We are proud to say we won the tug-a-war last year, it breaks out about even from year to year in wins for each team.” Delegate Joe May is slated to be the Officiator again this year. Tracee also notes the goal for this year’s fundraiser is $19,000. Once raised, these funds will meet a matching federal grant for an Advanced Life Support SUV valued at $38,000.

Mark your calendars for June 11th and bring the family and friends for first-rate fun for a worthy cause! The Horseshoe Curve is located at 1162 Pine Grove Road, Bluemont, VA.

2010 18th Annual Fundraiser for Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue - Photo Credit Tracee Wink






  1. Sage of the Mountain says:

    Great people doing good.

  2. Keenque says:

    Thank God for the HCBA! Better yet, thank them yourself! 🙂

  3. River Watcher says:

    Glad to hear you all had a great day, sorry I missed it.

    The fundraiser on the 11th is not only a good event to support, its FUN!!!
    Great people, awesome music and some real good food..

    Please come join us!!!

  4. Tracee Wink says:

    Thank you for a great article that describes what our hard working Benevolent Association workers do. Its brought a smile to our faces!

  5. River Watcher says:

    Hi Folks, Hope some of you’re going to come join us TODAY!!! It starts at 4pm….. See ya there.