The Return of the Cupola

What weighs 75 pounds, is eight feet tall, shaped like a rocket, and was seen soaring over Berryville on Friday morning?


The Barns of Rose Hill’s refurbished cupola of course!


The cupola from the Barns of Rose Hill, removed for restoration work nearly a year ago, is now safely back in place and looking as good as new.  Dave DeHaven, H&W Construction’s project manager for the Barn of Rose Hill construction project said that he had done most of the restoration on the large, tin cupola himself.

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“The work wasn’t too hard,” DeHaven said. “The metal was in pretty good shape. Now that we’ve fixed it up it should last for another hundred years.”


DeHaven said that one of the challenges was patching all of the bullet holes in the old cupola.


Bullet holes?


“People used to shoot the pigeons that roosted up there,” DeHaven said.

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DeHaven is used to the idiosyncrasies of working on old buildings. He recently restored an historic courthouse in Romney, West Virginia and said that old structures always contain surprises when they are refurbished.


“There’s little unknowns that pop-up,” DeHaven said. “But the biggest problem is that nothing is square in an old building like this. It takes a lot more effort to make things fit because everything has to custom made and then adjusted.”


DeHaven said he was very pleased with the work that had been done so far on the historic structure and that his team of four men were making every effort to reuse the original materials from the barn’s original construction.


“There was an old grainery inside the barn,” DeHaven recalled as he prepared to send the refurbished cupola skyward to a team waiting to receive it on the roof of the barn. “We re-used the old flooring boards in the wall of the great hall. It looks pretty good.”


Barns of Rose Hill board member Stan Kerns agreed with DeHaven.


“H&W is really making good progress and the outside is starting to come together,” Kerns said while watching the construction crew prepared to send the cupola aloft. “The inside looks absolutely beautiful and the great hall is going to be a real showcase to the community.”

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