Berryville Apartment Complex to Get Makeover

Berryville’s Johnson Williams Apartment complex will soon get a facelift thanks to a Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission (NSVRC) housing rehabilitation project. The Clarke County Board of Supervisors gave the go ahead at its regular meeting last Tuesday.

In early 2011 Community Housing Partners Corporation (CHP) was awarded $213,782 in order to make significant improvements to rental properties located in the City of Winchester. $5,344.55 of the rehabilitation funds will be spent on each of the forty (40) rental units at Johnson Williams Apartments.

NSVRC executive director Martha Shickle told the Supervisors that the project was consistent with the long term housing needs of the area.

“CHP has submitted a request for approval to reallocate the awarded funds to support rehabilitation activities at the Johnson Williams Apartments in Berryville,” Shickle said. “NSVRC staff has reviewed the request and determined that the project meets the requirements of the HOME Program and is compatible with the priorities identified in the 2011 Annual Action Plan.”

Each year a new Housing Action Plan is developed and distributed for public comment. Once the plan adopted NSVRC and local officials rely on the plan to prioritize funding resources in support of the region’s 5-Year Consolidated Plan.

Shickle explained that the 5-Year Consolidated Plan serves as the overarching needs assessment and strategy document for local housing agencies and asked the Supervsiors for their endorsement of using the HOME funds at Johnson Williams Apartments.

The Clarke County Board of Supervisors endorsed the project unanimously.

Work at Johnson Williams apartments is expected to commence this fall.

Johnson Williams Apartments, which is managed by Community Housing Partners, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia, a tax-exempt company that leases the building from owner Clarke County.


  1. Another View says:

    Why is the government involved in housing? History tells us that folks lived in houses before government became involved, and that it was cheaper. Hmmmm.