Berryville Bakers Have Big Hopes for Little Cakes

On April 15th downtown shoppers will be able to soothe their tax paying blues with a sweet treat from Berryville’s newest bakery. Sweet Surrender – Specialty Bakers opens Friday and will offer a variety of freshly baked sweets to entice area shoppers

Conceived by owners Ann Turner and Gary Rohrbaugh, the specialty bakery will mix talents from both to take advantage of the national interest in cupcakes. Ann said, “Originally we were just sitting around talking about the cupcake craze that’s going on in the country. I had just gotten back from California where we had been to Sprinkles Cupcakes which was one of the first cupcake bakeries in the country. Gary used to own a catering business in Winchester and he wanted to get back into the business, so a little less a than a year ago we started talking about it   and it just grew from there.”

While cupcakes are the impetus behind the launch, the product line will extend well beyond cupcake offerings. Ann listed off the anticipated product line saying, “We will be selling cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, as well as cinnamon rolls and sticky buns for breakfast shoppers.” To round out the experience the store will also offer a limited but complimentary offering of beverages which will include fresh brewed coffee, bottled water, and cartons of milk.

She also mentioned the possibility of baking bread one day a week. Many boutique bakeries sell bread once a week as a way to offer quality product without having to maintain a large perishable inventory. “We are considering baking bread one day a week, maybe on Fridays to offer customers so they will have fresh bread over the weekend.”

However, before the first confection could be baked, the space required a significant makeover to accommodate the new store. “This building was the old Clarke Times-Courier Building and so it had this huge antique printing press that had been left in the front of the space. We were trying to find someone to take it but there was no way to get it out of the building. Later, we found out that they had taken the front window out to get it in so the the landlord did the same thing to get it out.” Building owner, Jerry Johnson removed the front window and used a forklift to get the old printing press out.

The new space is laid out with a large seating area and front counter for sales. Ann included a demonstration window in part of the production area where visitors and children can watch cake decorating take place.

After many months of hard work both owners are anxious to open to the public.   Anne said, “I have been baking all my life and have always wanted my own bakery, so it’s a dream come true.”

Sweet Surrender – Specialty Bakers will open their doors 8:00 AM Friday at 16 West Main Street in downtown Berryville.



  1. Richie Blick says:

    Welcome to Berryville! Glad to have you here. You have fixed that dark & dated place up on the inside! Really cute and bright.

    — Richie Blick

  2. trthseeker says:

    Did you say cupcakes??!!!?!?! Welcome to the neighborhood and the idea of fresh bread for the weekend is great!

  3. Birdonawire says:

    Welcome to Berryville!!!

  4. Smellin' roses says:

    This is getting negative votes? Really? Wow…

    • ElinorDashwood says:

      Smellin’ roses, I agree with your sentiment. I would venture that the thumbs down are from individuals that fear they have something to lose from this business venture, profit possibly? When commenting on CDN it is wise to keep in mind, sticks and stones may break your bones but thumbs can never hurt you.

  5. Lynette Brondstater-Carlisle says:

    I am thrilled and I absolutely LOVE the name!

    Welcome !!

  6. There goes the diet. STICKY BUNS!!!!!!!! Now all they need is maple bacon doughnuts and I will be in heaven.

    • Maple Bacon Cupcake being offered on Saturday, April 23rd for the Grand Opening. Hope you are able to stop by.

  7. Awesome! A little bakery is perfect for Berryville. Now who wants to start a local butcher shop with fresh, local produce offerings too?

    • Richie Blick says:

      Bubba D, you are right on. I have thought that many times. I would LOVE to buy my meats locally from local farms & ranches. Even if I paid a little more. I grew up in Emporia Va. A small southern town. They have a great corner market and wonderful butcher called Spivey’s. They are well priced too. People there are loyal to them even though there are several other grocery stores and now a small wal-mart.

      • check out Midas Touch in Berryville. They sell local meats/milk/eggs etc..

        • Laura Stevens says:

          They have the best yogurt anywhere. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never buy the box store brands again. Alas, it is not low fat…oh, well.

    • Hey, Bubba! Check out Briars Farmstead on Pyletown Road in Boyce ( Matt and Ruth Szechenyi offer pastured beef, pork, poultry, eggs, and milk shares. This year they have partnered with Mike Burner to provide naturally raised vegetables as well. An extensive CSA is also available.

  8. Mr Mister says:

    The shelf life is about to expire on the whole cupcake fad. I wouldn’t hang my hat on it. Now good bread I would do more than once a week. I wish you luck though.

    • Say What? says:

      So you have that crystal ball huh? You have that nack for predicting the future and what others want. Cupcake stores have been around for decades. And it is new to US here in THIS town. Why are you always so negative? Got a better idea – open up your own store and stop complaining and bringing negative energy to this town/county. Seriously Mr Mister. If you can do better, do it! Put up or shut up.

      • Mr Mister says:

        No crystal ball, just an open eyes and mind. I guess you don’t remember the frozen yogurt craze? Where are they all now? By the time it hits main stream media, it hits the plateau. It all goes downhill from there. Besides kids birthday parties, I don’t see a mad rush in this town for cupcakes. I never see a line outside of the other pastry store. Prove me wrong. When I open my storefront, you’ll be first on the guest list.

        • In downtown DC there are several specialty trucks that come around at lunch time. Salads, kabobs etc. One of the most popular is the cupcake truck. The lines are unreal

          • More people in DC=more business. A small town with a specialty cupcake shop will not see the foot traffic that a DC store will see.

  9. Trish Fox says:

    Welcome my friends and Best Wishes. Can’t wait for that Pumpkin Cheescake !!

  10. Laura Stevens says:

    Love seeing vacant store fronts being given new life and new purpose, good luck with the business!

    • Richie Blick says:

      Great Comment! And kudos to Mr. Johnson for doing everything so well and helping out this town. He has also worked wonders on the Coiner Buildings! They were in rough shape but he has the vision and tenacity to save them. I can’t wait to see what he turns the old clothing store/gold leaf space into. –Richie Blick

  11. Stonebroke says:

    Doesn’t Bon Matin already provide that service?

    • Laura Stevens says:

      What used to be Bon Matin and is now Panaterria Malucci does in fact bake wonderful bread daily and pastries and quiche…no cupcakes. Previous owner still in business making lovely wedding cakes though.

    • No, when we spoke he said “I don’t do cupcakes”. But he is providing a delicious pastry. (Crossiants with fillings) and I believe he does some breads as well.

  12. Stonebroke says:

    Maybe you can rent another one of the vacant storefronts and open up a doughnut shop!

  13. Mr Mister says:

    The big question is can I buy one after 6:00 pm?

  14. River Watcher says:

    WELCOME to Berryville!!!

    I hope your bakery is a big success and is around for many years to come. Good Luck!

  15. I want baguettes and pretzels (specifically laugen pretzels)

    Snap to it.


    No, seriously, I do. Glad to see a bakery back in town. 🙂

  16. Auntie Jan says:

    A breath of fresh air scented with cinnamon, restful surrondings, and welcoming smiles. I surrender. Bring it on and on and on!

  17. Auntie Jan says:

    Auntie Jan gives Sweet Surrender a 10!!!

  18. Jeanlouise says:

    I can’t wait for some cuppy cake goodness!
    Best of luck with your shop!

  19. justinterested says:

    welcome to Berryville. I know I will be stopping by to check out all the wonderful goodies. Of course purchasing too.

  20. It’s sad that someone comes in and opens a bakery right down the street from another bakery, that has been established for sometime. Selfish and not the small town way of doing things.

    • Yes that would be sad. However, I believe the owners of both establishments discussed the differences in their products and feel there is plenty of business to go around. Thanks for the comment though.

  21. RasputinSays says:

    I’m surprised it took this long for this sentiment to emerge…..
    While I doubt this is from the owner of the other bakery it is a sentiment that is embraced by several downtown merchants

    Actually it took so long for the usual suspects to emerge that it just might be a sign of hope that this type of silly protectionism is on the way out.

    Competition is good, it drives business to improve their offerings and and refine their approach. The alternative results in complacent businesses who are unresponsive to the needs of the marketplace.
    Berryville continues to evolve as a community and a market. Embrace it and hang on.

  22. Stonebroke says:

    Competition is good–I just wish it was for the more meaningful necessities and not just cupcakes!

  23. Baking is one thing, making from SCRATCH is another. Many establishments bake daily but don’t MAKE them (pies from Nalls, for example)… Hoping these folks do it right; Sprinkles is the best cupcake place ever. And I’ve been to many!

    • Trish Fox says:

      I have also been to Sprinkles in DC, NYC and BH also to DC cupcakes on Monday, (and in my opinion) cupcakes are a feeling someday’s and some flavors don’t always please everyone, but they are comfort food and are pleasing. Although baking from scratch is a given, I found yesterday that Sweet Surrender has a great product and absolutely is not a box product .Great cake and awesome icing !! 🙂 Can’t wait for those Pumpkin Cheesecakes !! Best wishes to Sweet Surrender and Enjoy and Celebrate their Success!!

    • Thanks for the comment. FYI – We do make our products from “scratch” in small batches daily. Our cake batter and our frosting receipes are their own creations as well.

  24. Jeanlouise says:

    Wow, who knew there was so much bitterness in Berryville. A small town either grows and thrives with new business and enterprises or it withers and dies as so many other small downtowns have.
    This is a wonderful new business and will make Berryville proud. Perhaps you’d rather have a tattoo and piercing parlor instead?

    • I would say that the Tattoo and Piering Parlor in Berryville has made a fine name for themselves! Tommy and Jason have a fine establishment–and have been successful for alot of years! I’d probably say it is safe to say that their business probably attracts more business from outsiders than any other business we have in the downtown district.

  25. CCHS Senior says:

    I grabbed a snickerdoodle cupcake with butter cream icing today. I took a bite and my immediate reaction was “Oh my god!” Amazing. I can’t wait to see where this place goes.
    For those concerned about the bakery formerly known as Bon Matin, competition is a good thing and it’s barely even that. Panaterria Malucci specializes in bread, croissants, and sandwiches. And as it says in the article, Sweet Surrender plans to have all sorts of wonderful sweets to choose from.
    Experience them before you criticize them.

  26. Sweet Surrender specialty bakers was proud to offer cupcakes, cheesecake, and crumb cake made fresh from scratch in the kitchen this morning. The response was wonderful and we were not able to keep up on our first day! Thanks for everyone’s patience today and as we work out the kinks during this upcoming week. We welcome feedback and appreciate your patronage.

  27. Tony Parrott says:

    Good luck to my friends; Ann and Gary.
    The Parrott’s will be stopping by.

  28. Beth Dowling says:

    Your Vanilla Cheesecake is divine! Looking forward to cupcakes for our daughter’s birthday. Congratulations on your busy first day!

  29. River Watcher says:

    WOW!!! Great cupcakes & amazing frosting!!!

    It was nice to meet you all. TY…

  30. Trish Fox says:

    Stopped in yesterday and had a Snickerdoodle cupcake, it was better than my trip to DC cupcakes this week by far !!! Congratulations on a great opening day !!

  31. Just had a key-lime cupcake…WOW!
    What are the hours going to be?

    • Closed Sunday & Monday.
      Tues & Wed 8:30am – 2:00.
      Thur & Fri currently 8:30 – 4:00 (may extend or change if needed)
      Sat 8:00 to 1:30.
      Friday only is “bread day”

      • Do you own this place, because I went there today at 2:10, CLOSED!

        • My husband and a friend are the owners. I’m sorry our change in hours affected you negatively. We close at 2pm on Tue & Thurs.

  32. WOW..I cant wait to stop by…sounds wonderful!

  33. I also stopped by and had a Red Velvet as well as a Snickerdoodle and they were both fabulous! Very impressed and if you get a chance, stop by and enjoy! I highly recommend…

  34. jesusfreak says:

    Glad to see Another Christian Owned Store In Berryville !! Best Of Luck To the Both of You.. Godspeed !!

  35. Ever Open? says:

    It’s been nothing but disappointing so far… It would be nice if this new business would sort out their hours! I have tried FOUR, yes, FOUR times to buy cupcakes, only to find the business closed. Earlier in the week, door locked, no hours posted. Hours posted here in comments above DO NOT match the hours posted on the storefront door, or the actual open times. Just today (4th time), I tried to stop by during the hours stated above – the Open flag was hanging outside, all lights on and people inside, only to find the door locked. Come on. Even if you are “sold out” you could keep the door open. I would have stopped in, said “Hi” and at least bought a soda, if I were allowed inside. Instead I went and spent my money elsewhere.
    I don’t think I’ll waste my time on a FIFTH try. Too frustrating.
    Is this business “in business”, or just pretending to be “in business” for their friends?

    • @ EverOpen?
      We are sorry that you have been confused and frustrated by the changes in our operating hours. I did not realize people were still commenting on this link. How very helpful to us to still be receiving so many comments on an article that ran more than a week ago! We have a website and a facebook page which we do maintain regularly and the hours have been posted there and updated when they changed.
      Sorry you were disappointed on this day, but we are happy that you were able to find refreshment at another of the businesses. Although I wish we locked the door because we are sold out, unfortunately it is only because we are closed.
      We would love to meet you, please stop by and introduce yourself. Your first cupcake is on us!

    • ginglymus says:

      I sat and enjoyed a cupcake and cup of coffe with a friend and was amused to see how many people had trouble opening the front door. It is PULL rather than PUSH but you could see the confusion when the door appeared to be “locked”. I suggested to the owners that they put a PULL sign on the door before I left. Really though, common sense says if the lights are on and the sign says open and there are people inside, then try the door both ways.

  36. Mr Mister says:

    With those hours they won’t get a dime from me. Are you kidding, 2:00 pm? I know people enjoy two days off, but closed on Sunday? You don’t think a cupcake after church would be a good thing? Sounds like the owners are just part-timing it. They will only have their friends to blame when the have to shut down because people give up trying.

    • Oh my goodness Mr Mister won’t be spending $5 at the cupcake shop. It’s THEIR business and they set the hours- so be it.

  37. A new business needs to find their niche. The only way they will do that is to offer more convenient hours for customers to at least be able to try some of their items. With these odd hours they will not get enough traffic, will not be able to gague what moves,will not find what hours will work well. They are already setting themselves up for failure.

  38. livein22611 says:

    I didn’t have trouble getting in the door, getting and enjoying my cupcake, and my cupcake was only $2! The grand opening wasn’t scheduled until TOMORROW. This was a soft opening week until then. The CDN published their article and the owners were busier than expected. That’s what a dry run is. Time to get things right. But of course, for the grumpies, it was just another thing to complain about. You wanted more businesses in town so quit complaining. Hours can be adjusted. Chill out.
    FYI-store hours depend on business and the $ made during open hours. It’s hard to justify staying open a couple extra hours to sell $6 in goods. And supportting a local business means going there more than once or twice a year.

  39. Ever Open? says:

    The bakery owners announced the business was opening last Friday. The owners did not announce it was a soft opening, a test-run, or even that the hours were subject to change based on owner’s mood or whether the bakery was “busy” or not. The hours posted here online, where many potential customers could see them and plan a visit to try this newly-opened business, were INCORRECT. The hours posted on the door of the bakery are currently incorrect, based on 4 attempts to patronize the place. If you have customers standing outside your store during posted open hours, yet the door is locked, you have a serious problem.
    Downtown Berryville is busiest from 7:30 – 9:00 AM for commuters, then 3:00 – 5:00 with after-school and after-work activities. Perhaps you could keep that in mind when setting your store hours. Can’t keep up? Hire employees to help you. There are plenty of people looking for work.
    I’ve owned and managed small family businesses for more than 20 years. I’ve never seen a business yet that closes because it is “too busy”. If you are going to succeed, you actually have to try. You’re selling cupcakes. Sold out? Bake more. And keep baking. If you keep the door open, you’ll keep selling out. Isn’t that the point? With a little common sense, you could have a very successful business. Without it, keep those doors locked!

    • Geeze, enough already. Why do i get the impression you are bashing these people on purpose? Let me guess you are affiliated with another downtown business?

    • @Ever Open?
      Sorry, I replied to your entry from yesterday and hadn’t seen this one yet. Again we’re sorry that the hours were confusing. But we have only been open for 7 days. I wish we had had the benefit of your insight on the busiest times in Berryville, it would have helped us establish our hours quicker. While I am sure it is busy 7-9am; cupcakes for breakfast do not appear to be very appealing. We did quickly discover after 2pm was needed and adjusted accordingly.
      Now that I see you have a great deal of experience in owning and managing small business I would love for you to stop by and introduce yourself. We welcome any suggestions you might have for our success. We hope you will have a chance to stop by soon, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. BTW – I forgot to give you our website address in my last reply: or check on facebook. Thanks!

  40. Clarke Eagle says:

    Sorry I am not affiliated with any downtown business. I stopped twice. The last time was this morning (Friday) at 8:15 AM. There were NOT open. This article did not mention dry run or shifting hours. I want to support downtown business but if these folks fail they can’t blame the community. How many people attempted to support this business but were unable to do so?

    • @Clarke Eagle
      Sorry we missed you too but the updated hours were posted on our website and facebook page. But it appears that posting them here may be helpful???
      We are closed on Sunday and Monday. Tues and Thur 8 am – 2 pm. Wed and Fri 11 am – 6 pm. Sat 8am – 1:30 pm. This offers time for the early birds and the end of the day folks!
      Hope you will have another opportunity to stop by! Thanks!

      • With these minimal hours we are going to have to tape a post-it note to our steering wheels to know what days I can visit before work, and what days I can visit after work.

        My luck I will stop by during closed hours (as has already happened twice) and decide not to return.

        I wish you nothing but the best, but these awkward hours are simply not going to cut it.

      • Clarke Eagle says:

        Thank you the reply Debi. I stopped in this morning and I will be back. When will the lineup expand to cinnamon rolls and such? Good Luck!

  41. Seriously, we are talking cupcakes here. They are fabulous, and hey last time I checked this was still America, and they can open or close anytime they like. What a novel idea…

  42. I’ve had some of the these cupcakes and they are great. The buttercream icing is super. Worth the effort to put the posted note of their hours on the sterring wheel or fridge. Glad to see all the comments that such a little bakery is “stirring up”. I’m sure if the owners are smart enough to open a cupcake place, they are smart enough to adjust their hours to meet the needs of the public. Guess the public will have to stop in and let them know. Would love to know if Mr. Mister ever took the time to find the hours and stopped in for his first cupcake? Will be interested to see if he can post anything positive. For someone who brags about all his experience with small business, it doesn’t sound like he has learned how to talk to people or just be civil. BEST OF LUCK to this little shop.

    • Mr Mister says:

      With hours like they have, I will never be able to set foot inside. Believe me, I drive by their closed doors every day. What I don’t understand is why do they open at different times during the week? Some days at 8 and others at 11. Just too confusing, not worth the post-it note. Like I said before, don’t hang you hat on cupcakes alone. People in the morning would like a cookie, muffin, scone,cinnamon roll. Those are the sweet surrender I’m talking about. Cupcakes are a fad. Expand your hours and product line. Stop working hours only for YOUR onvenience.

  43. Honestly, I’ve had a couple, and I can only say “average”. I commend on the hard work. Hopefully you’ll improve with time.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      I agree with Sid. Personally I think the cupcakes are very dry & overpriced. It seems all the icing is cream cheese based. I personally like a butter cream icing or frosting. I tried the Snickerdoodle, Chocolate & Vanilla Latte, Coconut and the Strawberry. We got a couple of each for everyone to try a bite of each. Not to mention, they had them sitting on top of the counter and the icing was almost melting off. With dairy products I’m surprised they aren’t required to have them refrigerated.

      At any rate for $2 each I won’t be back. I stopped in to see what all the rave was about but was not impressed. The owners were sitting at a table and didn’t even acknowledge us walk in (we were the ONLY people there). Most small businesses would want to greet their customers, but I guess they were too busy with other things. So that will be the last $13 I spend there. Sorry!

      As a small business I wish them nothing but the best! I think with some personality & recipe changes they could do ok.

  44. Stonebroke says:

    Just another hobby business for the Downtown of Berryville. You can tell by the hours that the owners are not in it for the money! Not sure how you even pay the rent by running a business for a whopping 31.5 hours a week! Your going to have to push alot of cupcakes out the door! Good Luck!