Berryville Bears

On the evening of June 8th the Berryville Police Department responded to a black bear sighting in the Hermitage subdivision.   According to Berryville Police the bear is most likely a yearling that has recently left the supervision of its mother. Encounters between bears and humans are not uncommon in our area and often occur when the animal is seeking food sources.

On Sunday evening a black bear entered the Virginia Tech University Mall parking structure located on University City Blvd. Blacksburg police blocked off the area as the bear paced a raised walkway connecting the parking structure to a BB&T bank. A biologist was called to tranquilize the animal, however, the bear exited the parking structure and left the area on its own accord.

Black bear paces Virginia Tech parking structure on Sunday evening

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries plans to monitor the Virginia Tech the bear’s activity and believe the bear will most likely move on in a short period of time.

Black bears typically do not pose a threat to humans but can be dangerous under circumstances involving cubs or food.  If you observe a bear or notice that a bear has been on your property please alert the Berryville Police Department at 955-3863 during normal business hours or 955-1234 after business hours for non-emergencies.   In case of an emergency please dial 911.

The best way to prevent encounters with bears and other wildlife is to remove food sources:

Remove any birdfeeders from property (including empty feeders)

Keep all pet foods inside.

Keep garage doors shut to limit access to potential food sources.

Do not place trash receptacles curbside until the morning trash collection day

Clean and close barbeque grills after each use.

Do not leave any food particles or left-overs on the grill overnight

More information about living with bears is available on the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website at


  1. Right Winger says:

    Additional recommendations;)

    Keep small children inside, bears find them tasty and easy to catch. The screaming is also likely to disturb your neighbors’ sleep. Show some courtesy!

    Keep pets inside as well. The noise they make is also likely to disturb your naighbors’ sleep. Again, courtesy is requested!

    If you encounter a bear, take a picture and send it in!

  2. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball…er, Bear


  3. Where is the Hermitage Subdivision? I need to steer clear of that place – permanently! Scared of bears.