Berryville Business Caters to Natural Bath, Body & Hair Care

While the debate continues about whether or not Clarke County offers a viable location to “big box” retailers, small business owners still see Clarke County as a business friendly and cost competitive place to locate. Leesburg entrepreneur Latashia Palmer launched her online bath and body products business in 2006 but when she needed a “bricks-n-mortar” outlet for her products Palmer decided   Berryville was the right place to be.

“We have been successful selling our products online” Palmer said from her Jasmine Elise Bath, Body & Hair store located on Crow Street in Berryville. “But I also wanted a place where people could come and feel, smell and experience my products before they purchased them.”

Palmer launched Jasmine Elise Bath, Body & Hair in 2006 on the belief that feeling good is very important. Palmer says that there are too many products being sold that contain harsh ingredients that are not beneficial to skin, the body’s largest organ.

Latashia Palmer designs all of the products offered in her Berryville store - Photo Edward Leonard

“All of my bath and body products are natural and don’t contain sulfates” Palmer said. According to Palmer, who is currently working on a doctorate degree in health science, products containing sulfates can dry out the skin by removing natural body oils.

“Most of my products contain organic aloe which helps to keep the skin feeling moisturized” said Palmer.

Palmer emphasizes that our skin is the body’s visual presentation to the world. The use plant based oils and botanicals not only helps replenish the skin, but also keeps the skin nourished as well.

Entering Palmer’s Jasmine Elise Bath, Body & Hair store is an olfactory delight. Scents of lavender, jasmine and other mysterious, yet intriguing, perfumes waft through the air. The delightful odors are complimented by brightly colored products that make the shopping experience there feel like a stroll through a flower garden.

“My vision is that we want people to feel special when they apply our products to their skin.   We want people to know how important they are” Palmer said. “Many times, we go into stores and walk out feeling like we just did a chore. With Jasmine Elise Bath, Body & Hair we want you to feel like you just bought a gift that will benefit your skin time and time again.”

Jasmine Elise Bath, Body and Hair offers a full selection of natural products

Palmer opened her Berryville Jasmine Elise Bath, Body & Hair store in April, 2011. Business was slow at first she said but things have picked up since June.

Palmer says that her passion is to design the best natural skin care products so that her customers can feel sensational from head to toe. All of the products in the store are from Palmer’s own design.

“It’s pretty simple for us, you feel good we feel good” Palmer said. “This company was built on the idea that nature has some great benefits. Plant oils and essential oils have been used for ages to help the skin.”

Jasmine Elise Bath, Body & Hair is located at 23 Crow Street in Berryville, Virginia.



  1. I look forward to checking out the new store.

  2. Isabelle says:

    I bought some soap there. It’s very nice. Also,I tried some body spray and really enjoyed the scent all day long.I will be going back for more.

  3. Clarisse says:

    Great to see small businesses getting recognition and support. If I’m ever in Berryville, I will definitely stop in.

  4. Danielle says:

    I was amazed at how reasonably priced the store’s products are! To be able to get products with natural and clean ingredients that are very affordable is a delight. Great for gift giving because her products are unique.

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  6. latashia says:

    Thank you for all your comments!

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    Very Very Very Very Very Very Nice products. Please try it you wont be sorry…

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