Berryville Businesses $1500 Giveaway

Twenty-two Berryville businesses have joined together this summer for a “Berryville Businesses $1500 Giveaway” promotion.   You may have seen flyers or posters around town or noticed jars of entry forms at your favorite eatery or shop.    

Here is how it works.   Visitors to each of the participating businesses can pickup an entry form and register.   No purchase is necessary.   There will be eleven winners.   One wins a grand prize of $250 in cash and $250 dollars worth of Berryville Bucks good at any of the twenty-two businesses.   Ten other winners receive $50 in cash and $50 in Berryville Bucks.

Sherry Craig of Sweet Pea's Children's Shop

The drawing is July 16 at the Fire House Gallery and Shop.   People can register until July 15.   How many times can you enter?   Lots of times.   You can fill out an entry form at each of the businesses once a day.   Additional entry forms can be submitted if a customer makes purchases.   Simple as that.  

It’s a fun way for local businesses to promote themselves.   It doesn’t cost a customer anything except a visit.   You probably shop or dine at many of the businesses already so the program is a positive for everyone involved.  

The promotion also ran last December to bring customers into Berryville for Christmas shopping.   It proved a successful way to bring Christmas cheer to beleaguered businesses downtown.
If there was ever an example of one person making a difference in things, it would be Sherry Craig who conceived the promotion and brought it to realization.   She has a well-earned stake in the health of Berryville’s local economy as the business owner of Sweet Pea’s Children’s Shop.   Her enthusiasm got other business owners involved.  

“All of us businesses in Berryville were not seeing what we usually see and it was due to the economy”, explained Craig.   “I woke up thinking wouldn’t it be nice if we as businesses could get together, do something to help us but in return, help the community?   That’s where the idea came from.   I went and shared it with Berryville Main Street and some of the other businesses and they jumped on it.   We started it with a $1000 giveaway and that was in December.”

“We promoted it at the parade which was December 5th.   It only went until December 19th  because we wanted to give the money away before Christmas.   We gave $100 cash to ten different people.   We had one of those big bins.   It was three fourths filled with entries in two week’s time – hundreds and hundreds.    We turned out to have a great December because of it.”  

“Because the businesses loved it so much, we decided to have businesses getting together once a month and talking about different things we could do together to help each other.   I felt Berryville Main Street should get involved in this so we invited them to our meeting and we paired up because they said that they could take on a little bit of the responsibility.   They did all the graphics.”    The  informal business group meets the first Monday of every month at the Berryville Auto Parts/Radio Shack at 5:30pm.   Local businesses are welcome to attend.      

A Well-dressed Bear at Sweet Pea's Children's Shop

Regarding the future of the drawing giveaway, Craig said, “It’s something we definitely plan to keep rolling.   People are excited about it.   At our meeting this month, the Tastee-Freeze lady she said she actually saw a couple meet at the corner together.   One went on one side of the street [with the flyer] and one went on the other and they were checking off as they were going in and registering.”  

“The more times they register the more chances they’re going to have to win.   I think it’s a win-win situation for everybody because the businesses win and we’re giving back.   We’re helping the economy.   Sure, it’s only a drawing.   There’s only eleven winners but who knows?”  

Sweet Pea’s is located in a bright, kid-friendly shop on the second floor of the old Battletown Hotel building.   Craig specializes in new and nearly new children’s clothing.   She’s running a clever ‘pick your own sale’ in June and July with discounts up to 30%.    There is a ladies gift area with jewelry, cards, and handmade items.   Need furniture or clothing for the American Doll series?   Craig has locally-made replicas at a much lower price, as well as children’s tables and chairs.   It’s also a great place for kids or grownups to explore for toys and books.   Oh, and if you visit, don’t forget to register for the drawing.  

Visit these businesses to participate:

Battletown Inn & Restaurant
Berryville Auto Parts
Berryville Farm Supply
Berryville Grille
Berryville Pharmacy
Berryville Tastee-Freeze
Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store
Cabinet & Appliance Center
Camino Real
Fire House Gallery & Shop
Focaccia Italian Grill
Gold Leaf Gifts
Home Service
Mario’s Pizzeria
Mike’s Music Studio
Panetteria Malucci
Radio Shack
Social Graces
Sponseller’s Flower Shop
Sweet Pea’s Childrens Shop
The House of Light
Tricks of the Trade