Berryville Gets a Clean Sweep from VDOT

VDOT street sweeper works its way through Battlefield Estates - Photo Mike Dowling

Despite a weekend snow squall that presented a fresh blanket of snow for early risers Sunday morning, it appears that VDOT is ready for spring. This week VDOT has started street sweeping operations in the Town of Berryville. The annual maintenance effort sends sweepers through the town to remove sand and debris that has accumulated on roadways as a result of winter road treatments.

Beyond the town limits VDOT will begin cutting brush and scraping dirt roads. Drivers should use caution when traveling back roads in the county.



  1. They probably don’t hear it enough, but these guys do good work. Thanks for busting butt to keep the roads clean this past winter!

  2. graveltrain says:

    Thank you for cleaning up the gravel! It’s been driving me nuts.

  3. Chris Rosen says:

    Great work in the Hermitage! They did a great job…