Berryville Makes Its Debut in Wendy’s Commercial

Starting   Monday, May 30, Wendy’s will begin airing a TV commercial for their new Berry Almond Chicken Salad that was recently filmed in Berryville, VA and features local citizens.

This new salad makes Wendy’s the only national fast food restaurant to serve a salad with fresh berries this season, and it is an extension of Wendy’s Garden Sensations line of premium salads that have bolstered Wendy’s salad unit sales by 60 percent over last year.



  1. Ronda Campbell says:

    Rock it Berryville! We miss you!!!

  2. I recently worked in B’ville…..and have moved to Georgia. It’s fun showing co-workers and friends down here, the News of this commercial filming! Too bad I wasn’t a STAR in it!! Ha!Hello to all my B’ville friends!

  3. David - CCHS '74 says:

    Berryville . . . My Hometown!!! When I saw the ad on TV yesterday evening, I fell off my chair. Since when did Berryville make national TV? Actually, not since 9/11, when CNN interviewed folks in Berryville that afternoon to get the “small town” take on the day’s tragedies. So glad to hear there’s now a Wendy’s in Berryville. Thanks.

    CDN Editor: David, glad to hear that you saw us homies on the tube. Although we do have a Wendy’s commercial now, you still have to drive to Winchester for single with cheese…

    • Gary - CCHS '70 says:

      Hey David – maybe a Wendy’s will come to Berryville someday. Anything can happen – for example a new CCHS being built. Go B’ville

      • Stonebroke says:

        The Wendy’s people wouldn’t wait 10 years for their store to be built. Just sayin!

  4. My 2 Cents says:

    Yes David, things haven’t changed much since 74! You still have to drive to Winchester for everything you need in life, other than a Subway! But hey I guess beggars can’t be choosy!

  5. Stonebroke says:

    No David, not much has changed in Berryville since 74. We still have 1 grocery store, except it isn’t the A&P,it is now Food Lion. We are still enjoying the great taste of the Big Tee Burger. (Not) Now located where the old TownHouse was. 1 Flower Shop and 1 pharmacy. Shell Gas station is now Red apple. BP gas station is now Mario’s Pizza. Exxon station is now just a car shop. Dollar store is where the Legion Building was located. Berryville Grille is located in the old Dime Store. Western Auto is gone! Highs is gone! Berryville Lumber Company is gone! We still have Jane’s Lunch! Coiner’s Hardware and Department Store is gone! Sheur’s (sp?s) shoe store is gone! We still have TV Clinic and the Radio Shack! Still decorate the town with the same wreath’s from 74 and we no longer put up the big Christmas Tree at the Fire Hall! Pretty much the same old Berryville!

  6. valerie says:

    I like the ‘same old’ Berryville. And Wendy’s is disgusting.

    Know how they make that ‘homecooked’ chilli?

    I’ll take the Berryville Grille over that kind of ‘food’ any day!

  7. Rice St. Resident says:

    so who is the girl who “requested” that the ad be shot in Berryville? Does she really live here?

  8. Jennifer Harrell says:

    Good ole Berryville, I miss living there!

  9. Well I never thought there would be a day when Berryville would be in the Commericals who would have ever guessed. I lived there for 30 years of my life and now Berryville is finally moving up in the world.

  10. Tracy W. says:

    Saw this commercial for the first time this week! How exciting! I moved to Knoxville, TN 2 years ago, but my parents still live in Berryville….makes me miss ’em even more!

  11. Mary Mtz. says:

    Never heard of berryville. i live in texas and i was curious if it existed. cute little town. hello to berryville residents from here in San Antonio, Texas!

  12. So, who is the girl in the commercial? I love her voice!

  13. Tristan Hardesty, C. T.’s daughter.

  14. Pete Chapman says:

    Good Show Berryville ! ! ! Born and raised in Berryville, now live in Rancho Cordova, CA.

  15. BlossomButt says:

    Unfortunately, it seems many of the local teens went to Ocean City this weekend, without parental supervision, and some as young as 16 with newly obtained drivers licenses. Its really a shame, and my son is upset because I would not let him go. However, I may have an upset son, but at least I have one that alive, safe and sound, and I dont have to sit up at night and worry about if he is on his way home or dead on the side of the road. At least not yet, anyway.