Berryville Pharmacy Inks Deal with CVS

The long time anchor of Main Street, Berryville Pharmacy, has signed a deal to be purchased by CVS. Owner Randy Vinson said he had signed the deal and that the files and employees would move to the CVS in Winchester located on Berryville Avenue. Randy said CVS approached him with an offer and economic uncertainties made the decision to sell one he could not overlook. “We have seen increased pressure from Medicare part B and the declining reimbursements and if Obamacare goes through it is just going to get worse.”

While he characterized the move to Winchester as a temporary one he also indicated that he had no idea what CVS’s ultimate plans for his business and the Berryville locations are. The Berryville location will close March 20th and on March 21, 2012 all files and employees will transfer to the CVS on Berryvville Avenue. Randy and the rest of his current employees will become employees of CVS.

Asked about his personal feelings about the business decision Randy said, “I have enjoyed operating a business in Berryville but when you look down the road it’s uncertain and this was a real opportunity.”


  1. Maybe, just maybe the Town will see this as an opportunity to turn a little more flexible and facilitate development of a name-brand pharmacy near Food Lion.

  2. So now we will be loosing our one and only pharmacy in Berryville? What about all the elderly people who use this pharmacy? Why Can’t CVS just change over this location to a CVS? The town of Berryville is already a ghost town!!! And the town wonders why they don’t have people keeping their business in the town of Berryville. ha, what a joke this place is.

    • “So now we will be loosing our one and only pharmacy in Berryville?”

      Maybe a small part of the problem was Randy got tired of hearing all the mitching and boaning about “Their hours suck”, “Why can’t they stay open later?” “The good ol’ boys are protecting the pharmacy” “The parking sucks” et al

      As the old saying goes “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it”

  3. Hmm. Maybe it’ll become a CVS satellite store. Those of you that wanted longer hours may get them, if CVS decides to go that way. Abd if the move for the employees is indeed “temporary” as the article states, that leads me to believe that CVS is going to open something somewhere in the area

    On the other hand, it’s a crying shame that a perfectly good business had to be sold in part because of the fear of ObamaCare, and it hasn’t even really been implemented yet

  4. So, there goes another piece of Berryville up the road. That store has been there longer than I’ve been living (I’m getting closer to 60).

    I seriously doubt that CVS will open in this location. Either the landscape will be bashed with another oversized big box CVS store somewhere outside of the dowtown area (like the ones they build everywhere else), or everyone from Berryville must drive to Winchester every time they need a prescription filled.

    The big corporations continue to kill the ma and pa businesses in this country.


    • Randy and Sharon’s employees were well compensated for the area. I cannot imagine CVS matching the wages.

  5. StoneBroke says:

    This is great news! I wouldn’t want to ” Loudoun” Clarke County!…….BOOYAH!

  6. Great. The guy gets the BOS to prevent a pharmacy in FL, and then sells to the highest bidder. Now we dont have a pharmacy at all. Well nothing will change much half the town is working or driving back home while they are open.until 6
    Perhaps the BOS should be casually reminded that they work for the citizens of Berryville, . I believe mr. Vinson is a Maryland resident.

    • just saying says:

      Just so you know he is not a resident of Maryland. He is has lived in Clarke County for over 30 years.

      • Thats good to know. His daughter behind the counter led me to believe otherwise. Anyway it doesn’t make my remark any less incooreect, The BOS work for the PEOPLE, not a single business owner.

  7. For all my friends on the liberal side:

    “We have seen increased pressure from Medicare part B and the declining reimbursements and if Obamacare goes through it is just going to get worse.”,

    Oh yeah the government is going to take care of us huh, That and a $1.25 wont get you a cup of coffee

  8. Because I Care says:

    Unless CVS is changing it’s strategy, they have typically pulled out of the mom and pop type smaller venues and strip malls and have opted to build stand alone pharmacies. I would doubt they would want to convert this downtown location. But then again, maybe their strategy for small towns is going a different route.

    • The ones down in DC are all crammed inside buildings just like this, so it’s not unheard of to have them in a location like the pharmacy. In Honolulu they had a little satellite store inside the mall. So they do use spaces like this, but the question here is “Will they?”

      I suspect the town council has been aware of this sale for awhile. Hopefully they have already negotiated for CVS to open there

      • That’s because DC doesn’t have a field of thistles to build on….We Do!

        • Yes they do. DC is currently building a new museum at the corner of 14th and Constitution NW, right on the National Mall. They removed all the beautiful old trees that line Constitution Ave. so they could build the African American History Museum. Mind you, it’s not the museum that bugs me, it’s the LOCATION!!!

  9. Sage of the Mountain says:

    Just aother nail in the wooden box. Wonder if the town would intertain a bid from Alton Echols for a drug store next to food lion now that the threat of competition is gone and no need to protect the selected few. Hey Doc give it another try.

  10. Yeah Right….CVS doesn’t want no part of an old downtown location. They are far beyond that…..Like we have talked about numerous times before….just about every small town across America has changed with the times….Not Clarke County! Maybe it is time!….Just Maybe it is time!

  11. This is sad. I enjoy the charming Ma and Pa status of our town. Having Berryville Pharmacy here reminds me of simpler times . The little store is lovely, and the good ole country folk always saying hello to you and asking how you are. We will not receive that welcome at a giant like CVS…

    They will be missed !

    • I actually miss the little kitchen counter that was in there for years and years. They had the best milkshakes on the planet

      • Sandi Martz says:

        Agreed… There was nothing like the kitchen at the Berryville Pharmacy… and the fountain drinks were the BEST. I am so saddened by the fact that they are going to be gone. I miss my Daddy terribly but am almost glad he is not here to see this…he got all his meds there for years and wouldn’t have another choice…. I am sorry for the elderly that don’t have a way to Winchester.

  12. Hey at least we’ll have room for another resturant!!

  13. I too am sad to see the going of Berryville Pharmacy to CVS. i have been a customer for more years than I can count. It is so nice to be greeted by name with a smile. I know the older generation (of which I am about to become,or already am just in denial))will be hurt the most by this closing. CVS is a great place to shop but it means another drive to Winchester and Berryville Pharmacy is too small for CVS to retain as a pharmacy only. I do not know enough about “Obamacare” to understand the frustrations of a small pharmacy but I am willing to believe that the paper work involved with all insurance companies must be a huge headache. Best wishes to the Vinson family and their service.

  14. I, too, am sad to see the pharmacy go because I use it exclusively (and unfortunately often) to fill my prescriptions. I’m sure we all will continue to debate all the negatives, but I want to wish the Vinson’s well and hope they can enjoy a well deserved retirement after working hard all these years to that end.

  15. You know what would be cool….an “Old Timey” drug store (maybe CVS), complete with an old time soda fountain and ice cream shop with a counter, kinda like Mr. Gower’s in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

    I remember an old drug store just like that when I was growing up. They had the best real cherry cokes I’ve ever had, and the hamburger and french fry platter was to die for!

    • It’s a little harder to pay the rent these days with a soda fountain and ice cream shop footing the bill. That was offered at the Drug Store before….but has faded with time!

    • Von Pippen’s (Berryville Pharmacy) used to have that. Little kitchen counter shaped like a question mark, 50’s looking stools, soda fountain and great food. What was really cool was the phone booth in the corner. Old wooden booth with a really old phone in there, probably from the 50’s. I think as the folks that ran the place got older they got tired of fooling with the kitchen part though, but it was still there when I left for the Air Force in 83

    • Right Winger, Berryville Pharmacy WAS an old timey drug store with a lunch counter and soda fountain until 2006-2007 (although no one had made much use of the lunch counter much for years before that.) I remember sometime around 2000 they had a promotion on their prescription bags that you got a free ice cream soda, which was really good! It was one of the last remaining fixtures of a bygone era and it’s sad to see it going.

  16. Another View says:

    Who is the bigger culprit, the federal government with its tyrannical spectre of Obamacare’s implementation, or the Board of Supervisors who has created an incredibly hostile environment in opposition to new business?

    The victims are the folks of Clarke County.

  17. James Haven says:

    Sad too see a vital part of the main street leaving. If no pharmacy replaces it, how about a butcher. A business lacking in this wonderful town.

    • or a baker, perhaps a candlestick maker.

      • As an option I agree however this Food Lion is too small for a pharmacy and the lot is too small to expand. I think Alton tried that many times but not certain. The town would speak about this soon it would relieve the public worry and speculation.

        • BlossomButt says:

          A perfect place would be on the lot in front of Food Lion, next to the bank. Easy on and off of Rt. 7 and easy to stop in to on the way home or while at the store or bank.

        • Food Lion wanted to build one of their bigger stores with a pharmacy in it (like the one that just closed on Pleasant Valley in Winchester) but were denied by the Planning Commission. You’re right, they’d either have to remodel the store, or I do think there’s room for a stand alone pharmacy like CVS to the right of Food Lion, assuming the property is zoned to allow it.

    • Richie Blick says:

      I would LOVE to see a butcher set up shop here!

    • Another View says:

      A butcher would be wonderful; RED MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Richie Blick says:

    I THANK Randy and Sharon for their years of service to this small community. This must have been too good to turn down. I am having a hard time imagining that they would sell out before knowing what the plans were to their loyal and highly dependent customer base. If not, that is quite selfish and sad. Maybe there are plans that we are unaware of. What does CVS say? What does our town planner say? I have defended BP for remaining in downtown and having limited small town hours. Some of us LIKE the small town atmosphere even if parking is sometimes difficult or not as convenient as a modern CVS would be. Berryville is still a haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I STILL support a downtown pharmacy of another owner, possibly at the available space across the street at 1 West Main (a former pharmacy) that is actively For Sale OR the old Coiners Building space that is for lease. As a town resident my feelings are mixed. As a Realtor I wonder if The Vinson’s wanted to sell it, why not market it publicly and try to sell it to someone that would plan keep it open? It is a beautiful space since the recent remodel. One persons loss is another person’s gain – so see this as an opportunity for the town. But what to do in the mean time? I really feel horrible for the sick and elderly!!!!!!!!! Those that cannot travel 8 or 10 miles to get sometimes life saving medicine.

    • Thats nice. The rest of us have lives to live and prescriptions to fi;;. Nothing better than coming home from Loudoun at 6:30 and having to drive to Winchester to refill a Prescription. Who wins?

  19. Bill Lukens says:

    From what I have heard through the grapevines, twisted and tortuous as they are, one of the reasons Berryville planners and politicians had denied a drug store/pharmacy next to Food Lion was to protect the downtown businesses. While the non-pharmacy parts of a CVS or Walgreens would compete with Family Dollar or Dollar General, the two pharmacies previously protected are now gone.

    I believe that Mr. Echols could get approval to lease/sell the space now. CVS will also have a leg up on the competition since our records would be with them.

    Please join me at the Grand Opening Celebration for the Berryville CVS stand alone store in March 2013!

    • Here’s a better option

      • ismellcoffee says:

        I’ve brought that up several times Sid. Maybe this time someone will pay attention.

        I’ve written a letter to FL pointing out how we needed a pharmacy and fresher produce.
        Then I asked residents to write the food lion, I have no clue if they did or not.

        Now I’ll send FL an email stating we are good candidates for a pharmacy.
        Thanks for providing the link.

        • It’s not Food Lion’s fault. They wanted to build a bigger store with an in store pharmacy originally and were denied by the town. They just remodeled the store a few years ago and I doubt they will do it again. As to fresher produce, most of the time the produce there looks good to me. I like Wegmans but upon close examination, their produce really isn’t better than Food Lion’s. (And no, I have no reason to defend Food Lion, other than that it’s trendy to bash it for reasons which in my opinion really aren’t valid.)

    • No thank you. I will just order by mail now, something the insurance company has been harassing me about for years. I have refused because I wanted to support small, local business rather than corporate box stores. Oh well.

      • Ditto. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

        It all feels very much like The Winchester Star’s purchase of the Clarke County Times and we all know how that ended. Not sure what Obamacare has to do with this since pharmacies will continue to work with the same insurance companies insuring the same people and operating the same way.

  20. Roscoe Evans says:

    No, the “victims” of this closing are not the folks of Clarke County.

    Loyalty is a two way street, and I have seen no loyalty whatsoever by Clarke’s people towards its businesses, most especially this drug store.

    Ever since I moved to Clarke in 1993 I have heard and read people complain about the zoning/monopoly/good old boys’ restrictions that have kept the national drug chains out of Clarke in favor of The Berryville Pharmacy. (I vaguely recall the drug store at East Main and Church Streets may still have been open when I moved here.) People have whined about that situation incessantly, and I am certain that if that talk annoyed me (which it did), it must have been incredibly grating on the family that owned and ran the pharmacy. I can’t help but think it was a factor in the final decision to move on. Who would want to “serve’ a community that was so damned ungrateful, and openly so?

    I know from doctors in town that Randy and his crew would do anything to help families with medical needs: re-opening to fill the prescriptions that were needed for after-hours emergencies, for example. Still, the complaints prevailed that the store was not open till 9 PM, blah, blah, blah. So what? Adjust your own schedule.

    Anyway, Clarke now is likely to be without a pharmacy, unless CVS decides to open a little shop here for the market that remains. Let’s see what hours it keeps, and whether it will re-open at 7 or 8 or 9 to help out a parent whose kid has an emergency.

    Lots of Clarke’s residents seem to feel the county is just perfect, but will be even more perfect if it gets a Jiffy Lube or a Wendy’s or a CVS or a Popeye’s, or some other pet national chain.

    Well, let’s see.

    But if we cannot respect and support our own businesses, I have my doubts.

    • StoneBroke says:

      It’s not up to the customer to adjust his schedule…that is why a business has set hours. They are set to suit the customers needs, not the owners! They were able to do it so long because of the monopolizing….if there happened to be another pharmacy in this town…I bet you would’ve seen a difference in the hours or they would’ve been under a long time ago!

    • Another View says:

      If a “Wendy’s” or a “CVS” were located in Clarke County, would that not be one of “our own businesses”?

    • Most corporate Rx plans give discounts to mail order Rx.

    • Clarke Co Annie says:

      Mr. Evans
      The article did not state the action was from lack of business or support from locals.
      The man simply made a business decision.

      And yes, many of his customers or “victims” as you called them will struggle to find an alternative way to get their prescriptions.

      • Roscoe Evans says:

        Put on your reading glasses, Annie.

        I said the folks of Clarke were NOT “victims” of this closing, after some other guy said they were.

        I have bought my medications at the Berryville Pharmacy from the time I moved to Clarke through today, and, as I said, I appreciate the fact that they do all they can to accomodate our doctors and their patients, even going to extraordinary means to do so. Try to comprehend that, please.

        But I know plenty of people in Clarke who have moaned and groaned for years about The Berryville
        Pharmacy having a “monopoly” because of the town’s restrictive zoning; and many have chosen to buy their drugs in Winchester or on their way home through Loudoun instead of patronizing the BVP.
        Business at the Berryville Pharmacy would have been far more robust, if it were not for people like that, and the Vinsons’ “simple” business decision would have been more complex. These folks are not just selling a business, you know. They are giving up a way of life.

        So, for those of you who are complaining now, but who had not patronized the Pharmacy before, my comment is, good for you. You got what you wanted, and now, what you deserved.

        If you feel better characterizing yourself as a victim, Annie, go right ahead.

  21. Seems like the word “NECESSITY” is having more meaning after this announcement!

  22. James Haven says:

    Roscoe, it would be niceif most businesses would stay open past 12 on a Saturday.

  23. Clarke fan says:

    I’m sad to see it close. Maybe Valley Health can open a small satellite pharmacy in town. They have pharmacists graduating from their school and have expanded a lot of their services to the smaller towns the service like strasburg, front royal and Woodstock. A CVS is in a money making business but Valley Health is a not for profit organization so a smaller pharmacy might be more beneficial for them. I think I’m going to suggest this idea for our BOS or Economic Development office to pursue. And with gas prices rising it would be nice to not have to travel to Winchester after visiting Dr. Kaisers office (which is quite busy).

    • Stonebroke says:

      Obviously you never checked the difference in prices between CVS and your local downtown pharmacy! No comparison! Downtown Mom and Pops are always higher!

  24. ucantalwaysgetwhatuwant says:

    Oh you non-believers.
    The BOS have had a plan along, a 24hr pharmacy/battlefield park combo.After all, the club house at the almost former golf course will sit empty . Now the security issues are solved and visitors won’t have to drive as far to purchase beer.Maybe the” Stones ” were wrong, you can get what you want .

  25. like my small town says:

    They might not have had the most convenient hours, but they knew you when you walked in and pulled your prescriptions before you even got to the counter, knew which of my kids had regular meds, they were always helpful – they found a way to get my son’s meds to me for my co-pay even though my employer hadn’t entered me into their system yet. It’s definitely sad to lose this business. CVS pharmacists do not have that relationship with their customers and wouldn’t even if there were a CVS built by Food Lion. I’m sure they won’t be delivering to the elderly, either.

    • BlossomButt says:

      Its not the store that develops the relationship, but the employees. Food Lion is a “big chain” store but the employees still recognize you and know many by name. The name of the store doesnt indicate the type of service, rather the people working there do.

      • True dat. Used to be that way when A&P and Safeway were in town. Oh, I’m showing my age a bit;)

        • Nice to see someone who didn’t mention, ” when I moved here “.
          Seems as if they have all the answers.I wonder how many folks on here recall the days when there were 3 clothing stores in town,1 for the gentlemen, a new car dealership, Western Auto, and 6 gas stations, not including the 2 self service ones.I never hear any of the old timers complaining or offering a fix.
          It’s as if moving to Clarke makes everyone an expert on what’s needed to make Clarke a better place.
          I bet those old timers think Clarke and Berryville were a better place in the good old days.

          • Well said oldtimer!. I’ve lived here 37 years..which would be my whole life. The only clothing store I remember is Corniers (sp?). You could get what you needed there and got to watch the ‘change’ system. Western Auto I’m not sure of and I can’t believe we had 6 gas stations at one time. I remember where Swartz’s was, Pancoast, Bug’s, and I think citgo was always there which was Fiddler’s…oh and I remember when everybody knew everybody…..oh the memories

          • Well said ,
            Two restaurants (surprise) are now where the other 2 were located, Mario’s and Subway .

          • My error, you said Swartz’s but forgot Red Apple Deli.Western Auto was a chain located on Church Street and we even had dry cleaners in town.

          • Seems BP was where Mario’s is now, Exxon was at the auto repair place and Shell was where the Red Apple is now located. I also seem to remember Western Auto being next to the newstand in the building now taken up with office space. Sometime before that it was a pool hall. Early 70’s maybe. And wasn’t the little clothing shop on the other side of the alley Schuers or something like that? I seem to remember Peter Levi runing it for a while

          • Prior to main street Western Auto was located on S Church ,Wisecarver’s Gents Shop was on N side of Main and Peter Levi did run Schuers , Mr E. Jackson was the owner.There also was a western wear and saddle shop on N Buckmarsh too.Come to think of I may have left 2 gas stations out of the total.There once was one on S side of Main across from Broy’s car wash and Texaco on E Main.They all seemed busy and now there are but 2 left standing.

            With that said has the town progressed or regressed ?

          • Correct on all locations….Western Auto was also located where Bon Matin is currently…Jane’s Lunch was located in vacant building beside McKenzies…..Dime store was located at Berryville Grille…..White’s Drug Store located at Rug store….

          • Jane’s Lunch was once in the former Light House location next door to the Berryville Grill, complete with bowling machine and adult beverages too. Talk about 9 lives.

          • Chad Enfroid says:

            When a recent transplant suggests bringing in retail, they’re eviscerated for “wanting to turn Clarke into Loudoun”.

            But in the “good old days” we had multiple gas stations, clothing retailers, dry cleaners, a new car dealership, and more than one grocery store.

            Sounds like Clarke County *USED TO BE* more like Loudoun than the old-timers care to admit.

            So what happened to this thriving metropolis that caused all of these places to bug out? Can’t blame that on the newbies coming over the mountain.

          • Maybe we can, did the newbies shop at home or on their way to and from home ?

          • Chad Enfroid says:


            The newbies didn’t *cause* any stores to close that weren’t going to close already. If anything, their additional patronage kept some of them open longer. But any lack of patronage is no different than if they weren’t even here.

          • “So what happened to this thriving metropolis that caused all of these places to bug out?”

            What happened was mega box stores that sell cheap crap made by virtual slaves in other countries that have no human rights or environmental standards and are therefore able to sell for less. People eat that up and then wonder what happened to small businesses and American jobs. Also, the internet, and mail order drugs.

            If we want the convenience of purchasing our “needs” without leaving the comfort of our home or getting out of our car to go in somewhere than there will be no more small businesses and American jobs will be at CVS, Target, and Walmart.

            That is just not my idea of the good life.

          • Even the small business sell the same cheap crap from China. the only thing is I can get it cheaper at the box stores. Don’t try to fool us to thinking that the small business is making all of their items.

          • “What happened was mega box stores that sell cheap crap made by virtual slaves in other countries that have no human rights or environmental standards and are therefore able to sell for less”;
            Yes you are correct. and what can we do about it? Invade Indonesia? Lamenting the loss of the mom and pop gets you nothing but used tissue.

          • No, what happens is newbies come over here from the madhouse on a weekend or something, and they look around and go “Awww, look honey, it’s just like Maaaaaayberry! Look, there’s Floyds barbershop, and Goobers filling station and there’s the town sheriff. Wonder if he’s like Andy?” Then at some point the newbies, after paying their latest tax bill or sitting in traffic or the umpteeth time say “Hey, let’s move over to Berryville!” and here they come.

            Then, it takes anywhere from a month to six months for the old timers and people that like it here to start hearing “HEY! I can’t get milk at 2 am!” (Well, I guess you can now with the 7/11) and “Boy, that fire siren is too loud! Don’t they have pagers and modern technology over here?” “Man, we really NEED a Walmart here”

            Well guess what? A lot of us that grew up here like it the way it is and don’t care what newbies think or want. If you what all that crap, there’s Loudon and Frederick, and now parts of Warren counties. Houses are cheap nowadays. Bust a move.

          • Well Mr Rebel, I hope if and when you need emergency service you call a civil war surgeon!

          • Chad Enfroid says:

            I’ve never advocated a Starbucks on every corner; quite the opposite. I moved to Clarke to get away from all that, but at the same time I’m not so closed-minded that I’m unwilling to accept the changing environment and what it means to the community.

            What I am doing is pointing out the hypocrisy of some of the more outspoken long-time residents. Clarke used to have more retail in “the good old days”, but for some reason it’s not OK to suggest it now.

            How many more businesses need to pack up and leave before you accept that there’s a problem? You may like it “the way it is”, but what it really is is unsustainable.

            By burying your head in the sand and not addressing the problem head-on, you’re guaranteeing nothing but scorched earth for the next generation of Clarke residents, regardless of whether they’ve been here forever or just relocated. But that’s OK, since you got your years of peace and quiet.

          • I personally have no problems with some things moving in. I remember when I was in school here in the early 80’s thinking it’d be nice if we got a Mickey D’s or something. Something the kids could work in that would generate a tax base. What isn’t needed is an IBM plant or something along those lines that would bring a thousand people into the city/county to work and live.

            This discussion has been going on for an eternity, and will probably continue to do so. If a Starbucks goes into the Pharmacy, so be it, as long as it’s low key and doesn’t detract from the overall look of the town.

            And as I wrote in another thread, there’s the zoning to consider on the outskirts. Once a crack is found, if it’s found, we could find ourselves knee deep in the same landscape as you said you moved here to escape, ala Alton Echols and the manuver he pulled with Battlefield Estates.

            As for hypocritical, what I find hypocritical is the newbs coming in here as I described. They come here for many reasons, not the least of which is to get away from a Starbucks or Walgreens or CVS on every corner, among other things. But then they get here and want to change the landscape from what it currently is, to something akin to what drove them from Loudon or where ever to begin with.

            All that stuff is right up the road or right up over the mountain. I do not wish to see what I consider a positive quality of life destroyed by changing things so that Berryville/Clarke County looks just like Loudon, Frederick etc.

          • I guess I should clarify my stance a bit.I am not anti growth, if anything I am pro growth.What I am anti is, as labeled by someone here not me, are newbies that move to Clarke to get away from development and shudder at the mention of god forbid a chain restaurant or the like moving to the area. How long can the citizens foot the bills ?

            Clarke is not Middleburg, and if i recall correctly it is in wait for it, Loudoun County.What a novel approach,development in designated areas to pay the bills while preserving too.

            It is so difficult to do business in Clarke most folks throw up their arms in frustration and give up.How many site plans did the Handi Mart have to present before finally gaining approval ? Last time I checked the earth continued to spin after it was blessed.

            The chickens are coming home to roost sooner than anyone wants to admit.That’s three tax bases that will be lost in the first quarter of 2012.Virginia National, Berryville Pharmacy,and if the other postings are correct McKenzie’s.

          • loves new businesses says:

            Add Frontier Beef Pit in White Post (formerly Mr. B’s BBQ) to the list. The new owners have just listed it for sale.

          • Because I Care says:

            Did Frontier ever open? Every time I went by there to try it out, they weren’t open. And I tried at least 4 or 5 times sincereading the CDN news article.

          • boomer says says:

            It has been listed for several months — went on the market not long after it opened, though I haven’t the foggiest notion why.

          • loves new businesses says:

            Frontier opened late spring 2011. Listed for sale 1/29/2012.
            Boomer – the post office next to Frontier has been for sale during this time.

          • Stonebroke says:

            Add Poe’s Collectibles to that list too!

          • loves new businesses says:

            Let’s wish The Cookie Guy and Boyds Nest Restaurant the best of luck. +2 will help offset -5.

          • Well lets see, with 4 other businesses closing in the county that wont be paying taxes that the BOS can’t control looks like they should not vote for the park that will take another 90k away and let it be sold to one of the offers that are going it keep it a course and keep paying 24k taxes to the county and not cost 65k membership to the park.

          • Not Surprized! says:

            At least they cleaned that place up. Previous tenet ran that place into the ground.

          • boomer says says:

            Not a biggie, but Frontier was listed in late summer early fall — may have pulled from the market, dunno. Check the listings and you’ll find that the Greek restaurant is listed also.

  26. Because I Care says:

    CVS is a great, efficient pharmacy in my opinion and their prices on sale items are most always very competitive. Oh no! Food Lion may have to (gasp) lower it’s prices on some items if CVS builds in Berryville!

    • Food Lion’s prices are set at the corporate level, and plenty of them are located next to pharmacies like CVS or Rite Aid, so that wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Food Lion but prices aren’t usually one of them. Their everyday prices are slightly lower than Martin’s.

  27. Roscoe Evans says:

    How about adding a drive-in pharmacy at the new high school? That way folks who won’t walk or waddle to a store that does not have parking at its front door can pick up their children and their necessities at the same time.

    As for Wendy’s or CVS, no, no matter whether they sprung up in Clarke or not, they’re not Clarke businesses because there’d be no local accountability, unless they are run by a local franchise operation. Besides, square hamburgers are Un-American. I’d have thought you would know that.

    • Why would CVS buy out the BP without considering to put in some sort of Pharmacy here. After all, If I drive west the first Pharmacy I hit is Walgreen’s, unless you go to the CVS on Senseny. but it might be further away.

      • Technically, the 1st pharmacy on Rt.7W is the one in that Martin’s by Starbucks and Foster’s Grille…

    • Another View says:

      Let’s just dig a moat around the county and fill it with alligators. That’ll keep out the foreigners!

      • Too late sadly.I was thinking a toll booth would be a better solution.Charge an entrance fee but no exit fee.

  28. CC TaxPayer says:

    I am so sorry to hear the B-ville Pharmacy is leaving. It is so nice to have a pharmacy where you feel welcomed. The staff is always pleasant and helpful, and the service is FAST. I never have to wait more than 15 minutes to get a prescription filled. I dread going to a big chain store, and waiting, not to mention the inconvenience of driving 20 miles to a drug store. If our BOS would not have been so stubborn, over the years, about having another drug store in Berryville, the community would not be left hi and dry.

    • Had the BOS allowed this, my guess is Berryville Pharmacy would have gone out of business awhile back. I applaud them for trying to save the ma and pa businesses…however now what Berryville will be lacking a pharmacy, I hope they’ll reconsider.

  29. Stonebroke says:

    I’m just curious as to why CVS would want to buy a small town pharmacy in Berryville? It’s not like the pharmacy in Berryville was posing any threat to their business in the Winchester area. I’m thinking there has to be some type of bigger plan that isn’t being disclosed at this particular time. Sounds a little fishy to me!

    • Why compete when you can buy the competitor. Maybe because CVS was denied development in Berryville?

    • They purchased Mr. Vinson’s CUSTOMERS. The prescriptions will be transferred to CVS ready to be refilled. Some will opt for mail order, some will go to Walgreens, some will go to the CVS on Senseny, some will go to CVS on Berryville Avenue. 2 out of the four decisions are a win for CVS.

  30. Sigh, wish people had been as concerned about the fact that Mosby Blvd will divide the new High School property. Did you even know? If they ever want to expand the school the kids will have to cross a street to get to whatever they put there. Mosby is going to be very busy. Hmm, if they put in a CVS in the lot with Food Lion and add a restaurant or 4 Mosby could be the new Main Street!!!

  31. Indeed sad, but I’m glad to see that the Vinson’s were able to make their own decision and get out while still ahead. They had many good years and while they will be missed, at least the pharmacy is leaving while still a successful business and I’m very glad to see that he made sure his employees would still have jobs.

    • The BOS weren’t trying to save downtown as a place of business for US, they were trying to save the owners of the buildings downtown from losing their shirts…. They will reject any proposal to build a Pharmacy next/in/on top of/ beneath the Food Lion so long as one of their pals owns properties on Main St.

  32. As far as I can see, there has been a drug store/pharmacy business in that building for the majority of the years since it was built in 1884. It has been the Berryville Pharmacy since the 1940s. We have missed gathering most days at the lunch counter since it left (Oh, those cherry smashes in the summer!), but the good people stayed. We will miss it! Wish all the staff the best of fortune in their move.

  33. Lost Nothing Feb 24, 2012 says:


    You lost nothing this week. You lost it after many years of not having a plan and not becoming a part of your own destiny. No doubt a few voting choices helped along the way. Now whinning is too late especially in todays economy.

    This applys as well to other articles here concerning your golf course and school budget. Welcome to 2012 as you failed to forsee it. Could be time to move on?

  34. Guy Stevenson says:

    Dearest neighbors… We have lost a lot. Berryville has been my home for nearly 5 years now, and has reminded me of the town where I was raised in Illinois (population 950) (yes, less than one thousand).

    Not long after I moved here, I recognized what we have here in Clarke County, and as such, adjusted the way I did things to frequent the businesses here. Along the way we have lost our newspaper and a number of other businesses on Main street. The pharmacy is just another loss in the long list, but I must admit that it is the one that hurts me the most. What a great place that was…

    Some day, I hope that we wake up and elect leadership in our County that will remember what makes this County a great place to live. A leadership that is not so focused on having great and wonderous buildings in the County (or town), but one that wants to preserve what we have (left) above all else.

    This is not an individual failure, it is a failure of us all. We (as a community) could have prevented this…

    At this point, the question to ask yourself is what can you do to prevent the next one…

  35. James Haven says:

    Makenzies has now posted on Facebook “Thanks to our loyal customers for the last few years. We did our best to make Berryville work but with a down economy we couldn’t pull through it! We will miss you all :(”

    This has come as a shock. Another shop closing down.

    I have enjoyed all of the positive and negative comments above. We do not know what will happen to the space left by the Pharmacy. But what it does show is the passion by the people in this town.

    • The restaurant business is a hard one in an economy like Obama’s. First thing people do to cut back on expenses is to quit going out to eat.

      The question now for the BOS and Town Council is, “Where do we go from here?” At least in terms of getting another pharmacy.

      • Stonebroke says:

        First it was Obama’s fault for the pharmacy closing….Now it is Obama’s fault for McKenzie’s closing. Wow…people deep into politics never cease to amaze me!

        • Did either place have a problem staying open four years ago, before the recession and the additional requirements of Obamacare?

          • Stonebroke says:

            Breaking News!….(whether you want to believe it or not) the recession has been going on for longer than 4 years!

          • Thank you for being a voice of reason, Stonebroke.

          • My 2 Cents says:

            Maybe it has to do with Mackenzie’s food being bad!!! The Berryville Grill is still open! Put a decent product out there and people will support it……………..

          • I don’t think the food at Berryville Grill is good either. It may have something to do with the cost of rent.

      • loves new businesses says:

        The restaurant business is a hard one when your food is not good.

      • Getting a CVS or Walgreens for Berryville would not be difficult at all….at least from their side. Both have approached me in the past with a desire to locate on the site between the medical building and the cemetary. The one at the light across from Food Lion where the Bank was previously approved. If you can get that approved it would be a done. There is an election coming up in May….might be a good place to start.

        • Town Council Member Daniel said there were no zoning restrictions preventing a pharmacy IN Food Lion but I believe there are restrictions preventing a free standing pharmacy in the area you mention. Is that your understanding?

          • Stonebroke says:

            Why would there be restrictions for a free standing pharmacy? What reasoning can there be that it would not be allowed?

  36. Stonebroke says:

    I guess we continue to fail….It looks as if McKenzie’s have closed down shop too! Don’t Loudoun Clarke!

  37. CVS isn’t buying BP for the building or the inventory or the capital assets. They are buying BP for the customer base. After the sale is final CVS will offer all of the BP customers goodies so they will keep their business with CVS and sell off all of the captial assets. If they keep even 25% of the old BP customer base they still win out in the big picture. Its how big business works. Memories of the way things used to be are a wonderful thing. For those of us born & raised in Clarke it’ll be all we have some day. Good luck Vinson family! Enjoy your retirement.

    • Sharon Strickland says:

      Plankton, reread the article. Randy Vinson is also reporting to work at CVS on March 21. He and his staff will be employees of CVS. He may choose to work part-time or just work at getting the BP customer records loaded correctly.

  38. Stonebroke says:

    CVS could care less about BP’s customer base! Look for a CVS groundbreaking in the near future. I guarantee you that is the game plan!

  39. Mary L. C. Daniel says:

    Just to address one inaccurate speculation above — I can’t speak for anyone else, but this Town Councilor learned about the deal after Richie Blick told me it was in the CDN.

    Nothing in Berryville’s zoning prevents a pharmacy in the Food Lion, and in any of our “B” zoning, so all hope is not lost. (The Town and County are separate in this regard.)

    I will miss the Vinsons, who have been my family’s pharmacists for over 15 years. I am happy to see them make what I assume is a good deal – they have worked hard and deserve some financial
    security. It’s better than the “slow fade” the article suggests they fear!

  40. I dont know. I didnt move out here 13 years ago because i wanted convenience. I came because it is special and beautiful here; it seems almost obscene to complain about driving 5 miles to CVS. However, there are a lot of elderly people in this town for which transportation can be an issue. Maybe we could start a group to volunteer to drive our older citizens to the CVS periodically each week, turn this situation into an opportunity to connect, build community, be selfless, live like we are in a, ahem, small town. I would certainly volunteer for that! Anyone else interested? Im sure mr. Vinson could help us organize it.

  41. And a big hug, thank you, and good luck to the vinsons. Your personal touch has been remarkable. I loved coming in in the mornings, where the town brain trust was solving the worlds problems over coffee at the lunch counter. You made this town VERY special. Much love and appreciation!

  42. Sharon Strickland says:

    For those with Federal Anthem BC/BS, our CAREMARK pharmacies are CVS, Walgreens, and Martin’s Pharmacy. Berryville Pharmacy was also included in our listing of pharmacies we could use in 2012. However, I could not fill some prescriptions for 90 days. Profit loss was the issue. Since CAREMARK OWNS CVS, I should be able to get a fair price and fill for 90 days. Mostly, I will use the mail order system in order to save driving 20 miles to get a prescription filled. I encourage all to use the mail order system to save money in this economy. Talk to your doctor now to get new scripts for meds that can be mailed to you and filled for 90 days with refills for a year. It is easier to check a box on the computer or call the number on a bottle for a refill to be mailed. Driving that 20 miles with the prices of gas is not a good choice. I would rather save the gas money and spend it at one of our fine restaurants in town. To Mary Daniel, thanks for your comments. Even some of the staff at the Berryville Medical did not know about the closing until I told them on Friday afternoon. Good luck to the BP staff and I hope you enjoy your new jobs at CVS. I will miss your smiling faces and watching Brittany Hardesty get ready for her upcoming wedding!

  43. Wayne Webb says:

    The elderly (I’m one) Fedral retirees can use Costco on line Pharmacy with low option BC&BS and order 90 day drug supplies.
    Possibly one of our churches in town could set up time at Mary Hardesty or the other appropriat locations to help the non emailers with on line precriptions.
    Costco online pharmacy is pleased to sell to any one not just Federal retirees.
    And in a closing note Berryville and Clarke County have a sign for developers and new people. The sign points out of town. the objective is to “Maintain the rural nature of the County”.

    • That reminds me of when I was stationed in Idaho in the early 90’s. During that time, a lot of Californians had figured out they had ruined their state and so were looking to move somewhere else. A flood of them were starting to come to Idaho and in response one of the most popular bumperstickers of the day said “Welcome to Idaho! Now go home”

  44. Birdonawire says:

    Oh well, if I’m going to dream. I’m going to dream big. Since Doodle’s is for sale… I would love to see Sheetz build on that property. 🙂

  45. I will miss all the great people at the pharmacy. Thank you for all your help and wonderful smiles.

  46. I have only needed to take prescription medication less than a dozen times in my entire life (very healthy, knock on wood!). So the Pharmacy, any pharmacy never benefited from my business. The loss of this one has zero impact for me. However, if you are elderly or have a serious medical condition, it really is very sad that you’re not able to get the medication you need and have to travel to Winchester or Purcellville to get it. I think about the Senior citizens and how so many of them live in poverty and know that a lot of people will now be dependent upon the help of family or friends to drive them to the pharmacy. I doubt they’re going to have the time to wait for their meds if they have to do mail order. The comment in the article about politics seems unnecessary and unhelpful. The pharmacy owner could have used more tact. ~~ p.s. It amuses me to read people complain about parking. Really? This town is so small. Unless you have a medical reason or live outside of town or across the railroad tracks on the East side, you could easily walk to any of the downtown business. Just walk, enjoy the town, my two bits.

    • The “parking issue” isn’t that there is no parking per se, there isn’t enough parking to maintain the type of customer flow to make the area successful. As far as his “politics” go, that’s not only his opinion, but i would think a more informed opinion of Obamacare. he had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in this, I think the man has access to information about the legislation that we needed to pass to find out about.

    • Clarke Eagle says:

      “The comment in the article about politics seems unnecessary and unhelpful. The pharmacy owner could have used more tact. ”

      What a hilarious comment. A business owner speaking the truth about legislation that was going to hurt his business. Do you think he should not speak the truth?

      Voters reap what they sow.

    • “The comment in the article about politics seems unnecessary and unhelpful”

      The truth hurts sometimes

  47. put it on my tab says:

    some of the elderly residents had a running tab there and they would just pay the bill when they had the money. will CVS offer that? I seriously doubt it.

  48. old native says:

    wow – this is long, but there is a lot to say and reminisce about – I remember the cmp’s at Von Pippon’s, all the Western Auto stores, Shackleford’s grocery store (and Kave’s Market farther down near the RR tracks – where there WAS a butcher shop in the back – and the old train station), the pool hall on Main St. (we would cross the street to avoid walking past it), the first Jane’s Lunch at the old Lighthouse restaurant – Mitzi’s grandmother, Esther, The Mecca Restaurant was where the alley on Main St. is now, the town swimming pool behind he current Dollar General store – so much more – many mentioned in the above postings.

    Randy and Sharon have certainly served our community well with their business and civic mindedness and friendliness. No one has mentioned that the Pharmacy also served many of the residents at Greenfield Senior Living (behind the Food Lion) – and probably other nursing homes and assisted living facilities here – bubble packing multiple meds (thanks Brittany) and delivering seperate ones, as needed, at the end of long days at the pharmacy. I’m not sure what the new plan for all that will be, but we’ll have to adjust. We wish them all well in their new jobs and routines. It’s very sad to loose this business – another piece of Berryville – gone. We can’t go back to “the good old days” but we don’t have to become just part of the “Anywhere USA” landscape either do we? I’ve always had more questions than answers and this situation is no different. So on we go.

  49. I dont understand why everyone is up in arms about this move/change.. who cares?? I was a resident of CC for 25+ years. It took me several trips to berryville to find out how inconvenient all the local shops were. What sealed the deal for me was one particular year my baby had pneumonia…at Apple Blossom of all times, not wanting to deal with the traffic in Winchester i left the ER and came to Berryville to get her medicine…and guess what the pharmacies (both of em) were locked up tight..because of the apple blossom “celebration’ in Winchester. so there is no convenience in having any of the stuff in Berryville. BOO leaving CC?? go 15 min in any direction and youll run into civilizaton

  50. BlossomButt says:

    It seems that CVS purchased the customer base because it wanted the customers but not the building. It doesnt make sense to me because I really cant see little Berryville having that many customers to warrant CVS seeing the pharmacy as a threat. Something is missing here that is not being told. I wouldnt be surprised to find that CVS was actually approached by the pharmacy, instead of the other way around. Either way, I will be going to Walgreens instead and moving all my prescriptions there. It is closer, easier to navigate in and out of, and I dont like the idea of being “told” where my prescriptions will be moved to.

  51. Right Winger says:

    “…Something is missing here that is not being told…. ”

    That’s a given. Why pay to “buy customers”? It would be one thing if the customers have no other options, but they do. I’m just waiting to see what comes of this.

  52. Exactly! I’ve been saying this all along! Has anyone spoke to our Town Council regarding this matter? What the plan is for our town and not having the convenience of a Drug Store! (Of all things)

  53. StoneBroke

    So it the Town Councils to provide us with a drug store…

  54. boomer says says:
  55. Rice Street Homeowner says:

    Unfortunate, Our economy plays such havoc for our Business owners.
    However, hasn’t it been a great being a Berryville Pharmacy Customer!.
    Lets not forget how exceptional the staff & Pharmacists have been throughout the years.
    The Pharmacy will be missed.
    Susie Allen

  56. Berryville owner says:

    So long pharmacy, hello new business owner. If someone would be so kind as to post the property owners contact information, rent, square footage, etc, maybe we can find a new business to replace.