Berryville Police Event Promotes Bicycle Safety

child-bicycle-helmetOnce again this spring, the Berryville Police Department will promote bicycle safety by giving away free bicycle helmets. This annual event will be held in downtown Berryville and coincides with the opening of the local Farmer’s Market and Craft Market on May 8, 2010.   The bicycle event will take place from 10:00 am through 12:00 pm in the Crow Street parking lot beside the Camino Real. Free helmets are provided through funding from the Virginia Department of Health Division of Injury and Violence Prevention grant.

This community project aims to prevent cycling injuries among children who are at higher risk of   accidents than older riders.   Bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except the automobile. Data collected by the Virginia Department of Health in 2007 showed that 1,355 injuries were reported listing a bicycle as the mechanism of injury.   During the same time period there were also 10 fatalities involving bicycle accidents.   A properly worn bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of serious brain injury and head trauma by 90%, and injury reduction is a goal of this project.

Members of the Berryville Police Department who have completed a police mountain bike officer course will be on hand at this event to distribute the helmets, check for proper fit, and answer any questions about safe cycling.

This event is just a small part of all the activity taking place in downtown Berryville on May 8, 2010 so bring the family and enjoy the atmosphere that a small town and friendly neighbors have to offer.


  1. Jeane Cromer says:

    This is a wonderful program! My son was thrilled to recieve his helmet last year and wears it proudly. Kudos to BPD for finding and obtaining such a wonderful grant.