Berryville Police Report 1/1/2012 – 1/7/2012

 1-1 04:24 

Rt 7/Trapp Hill Rd 

Assist Sheriff’s Office 

1-1 12:58 

Rice St 

Barking Dog Complaint 

1-1 17:05 

Hermitage Blvd 

Lost Dog 

1-1 21:29 

Liberty St 

Civil Issue 

1-1 21:44 

N Buckmarsh 

Suspicious Activity 

1-1 22:12 

E Main St 

Assist Rescue Squad 

1-2 16:22 

Montgomery Ct 


1-2 16:28 


Illegal hunting 

1-2 19:27 

Rt 7/Triple J Rd 

Assist Sheriff’s Office 

1-3 00:40 

Chalmers Ct 

Neighbor Dispute 

1-3 12:43 

First St 

Dog Running at Large 

1-3 17:31 

Osborne St 


1-3 18:00 

W Fairfax St 

Dog running at large 

1-4 13:35 

Mosby Blvd 

Welfare Check 

1-4 19:05 

Mosby Blvd 

Suspicious Vehicle 

1-4 22:30 

Byrd Ave 

Dogs Running at large 

1-5 09:00 

W Main St 


1-5 09:32 

N Church St 

Parking Complaint 

1-5 14:30 

Police Department 

Civil questions 

1-5 14:36 

Station Rd 


1-5 18:22 


Assist Motorist 

1-5 21:50 

Walnut St 

Welfare Check 

1-6 16:00 

Hermitage Blvd 

Attempted Warrant Service 

1-6 17:53 

E Main St 

Attempted Warrant Service 

1-6 23:02 

McNeil Rd 

Suspicious Persons 

1-7 02:25 


Street signs down 

1-7 03:00 

Taylor St 

Public Utility 

1-7 08:52 

Bundy St 


1-7 14:51 

Tyson Dr 

Suspicious Activity 

1-7 15:59 

N Buckmarsh 

Open Door 

1-7 18:18 

E Main St 

Suspicious Activity 

1-7 23:59 

Isaacs Ct 



  1. how ’bout that family that has their cacti on the 340 sidewalk! just fifteen feet from the food lion “light.” I’m pretty sure, I’m not the only one to say “OUCH”

    • So we are now involving the police for the attact of the cacti? Folks never cease to amaze me.

  2. Hmm. Was you walking with your eyes closed? Most people would just walk around it to avoid being “pricked”.

  3. something really needs to be done about that dog…barking is NOT the only problem!

  4. where on Rice Street does this barking dog reside? What problems can this dog incur or dangers to others. If this is so then does not Berryville have a dangerous dog rule? Because is this dog has attacked unprovoked then the dog is a danger to all.

    • It’s a barking dog. What are you talking about “dangers to others”? “dangerous dog”? “attacked unprovoked”? Are you reading the same police report I am? Wow.

  5. sargewillis says:

    Which dog? there are dozens of dogs on Rice St., I’ve live on Rice for over 20 years and other then the occasional runaway dog and a few barking to long that’s the only complaints I have ever heard of. If you know of a dog that you believe is a danger to the neighborhood let us know about it and why you think so.

  6. I was just going on about what Anon said about barking not being the only problem. Therefore I assumed this was meant to be something to be more dangerous than just barking. That is all.