Berryville Police Report 1/22/2012 – 1/28/2012

 Date / Time 


Call Type 

1-22 17:23 

Pickett Court 

Code compliance notice X 2 

1-22 20:48 

Kimble Rd 

Assist Sheriff’s Office 

1-22 22:04 

Montgomery Ct 

911 hang up 

1-23 16:45 

Police Department 

Civil Issue 

1-23 17:51 

W Main St 

Inappropriate touching 

1-23 20:28 

W Main St 

Warrant Service 

1-23 21:10 

Lindsay Ct 

Civil Issue 

1-23 21:30 

First St 

Suspicious Activity 

1-24 01:53 

S Church St 


1-24 02:55 

Hermitage Blvd 

Barking Dog complaint 

1-24 12:21 

S Buckmarsh 

Found Property 

1-24 20:12 

Blossom Dr 

Warrant Service 

1-24 20:41 

Hermitage Blvd 

Public Service 

1-25 08:21 

S Church St 

Parking Complaint 

1-25 10:05 

Ewell Ct 

Dog at large 

1-25 12:59 

S Church St 

Dogs at large 

1-25 13:15 

E Main St 

Dogs at large 

1-25 21:50 

E Main St 

Harassing Phone Calls 

1-25 22:04 

Dunlap Dr 

Missing Person (returned) 

1-26 11:28 

Parshall Rd 

Grand larceny 

1-26 12:30 

Ewell Ct 


1-26 20:22 

W Main St 

Found Property 

1-26 20:41 

E Fairfax St 

Dog running at large 

1-27 10:45 

Police Department 

ID theft 

1-27 18:00 

Police Department 

Civil Issue 

1-27 17:38 

Josephine St 

911 Hang up 

1-27 23:19 

Craigs Run 

Shots Fired 

1-28 00:30 

Swan Ave 

Open door 

1-28 04:12 

Jackson Dr 

Suspicious Person 

1-28 04:55 

Moore Dr 

Parking Complaint 

1-28 09:22 

Station Rd 


1-28 11:21 

Academy St Ext 

Suspicious Activity 

1-28 15:07 

E Main St 

Domestic Argument 

1-28 16:45 

Police Department 

Civil Matter 

1-28 18:56 


Dog running at large 


  1. sargewillis says:

    Glad to hear that barking dog moved from Rice St. to Hermitage Blvd.

  2. My 2 Cents says:

    The Hound Dog that has been barking all day up near Food Lion is making me sick! Can’t the owners hear this??????

  3. sargewillis says:

    If the hound dog has been barking for more then a 1/2 hour you can call the cops, check with the person on Riice St. they will be glad to let you know how to do it.

  4. been here a long time says:

    why was Berryville PD on Parshall road, that road is out of Berryville? Possibly assisting the county but the report doesn’t state that. Just curious.

  5. Clarke Co Anne says:

    Perhaps I missed the reason but…why are there no more reports from Clarke Sheriff’s Dept?
    Has not been one since 09/27/11
    I for one appreciated the reports and watched for negative activity close to home or of loved ones.

  6. Clarke Life says:

    I have to agree about the Dog up near Food Lion! This thing barks day and night. I would address with the owners but cannot seem to pinpoint down an address.