Berryville Police Report 5/8/2011 – 5/14/2011

Date / Time


Call Type

5-8 03:55

100 block Hermitage BLvd

Suspicious Activity

5-8 22:00

Unit block S Buckmarsh

Public Service

5-9 01:43

Rt 7/Honey Lane

Assist Sheriff’s Office

5-9 10:36

200 block First St

Property Damage

5-9 10:44

Battletown Dr

Assist Rescue Squad

5-9 11:03


ATV complaint

5-9 11:48

Unit block S Buckmarsh

Juvenile Offenses

5-9 17:04

400 block N Buckmarsh


5-9 16:32

Battletown Dr

Code Compliance

5-9 17:16

200 block E Main

Parking Complaint

5-9 19:58

Lindsay Ct

Welfare Check

5-9 20:23

100 block W Main St

Dog running at large

5-9 21:17

200 block Ritter Pl

Juvenile Issues

5-9 23:47

Unit block E Main

Open Door

5-10 14:01

200 block Cameron St

Traffic Hazard

5-10 15:52

300 block First St

Welfare Check

5-10 19:32

Orchard Ct

Attempt to locate

5-11 20:18

Bundy St

Drunk in Public

5-12 01:50

200 block Mosby blvd

Assist Rescue Squad

5-12 04:24

N Buckmarsh/Mosby

Assist Rescue Squad

5-12 05:08

200 block Mosby Blvd

Assist Rescue Squad

5-12 05:48

N Buckmarsh/Mosby

Public Service

5-12 12:15

Bundy St

Dog Complaint

5-12 18:37

400 block Academy St

Dog running at large

5-12 19:13

300 block S Buckmarsh St

Code Violations

5-12 19:14

Orchard Ct

Drinking in Public

5-12 21:17

Page St

Domestic Argument

5-13 03:29

700 block W Main St

Deer vs Vehicle

5-13 13:32

Police Department

Civil Question

5-13 17:00

Police Department

Public Service

5-13 17:15

Lindsay Ct


5-14 00:50

E Fairfax

Noise Complaint

5-14 01:05

E Main St


5-14 03:40

S Church St

Dog Running at Large

5-14 04:19

Parker Lane

Assist Sheriff’s Office

5-14 09:08

Chalmers Ct

Welfare Check

5-14 10:46

Byrd Ave

Warrant Service

5-14 11:00

W Main St

Public Service

5-14 19:58

Madden Ct

Attempt to locate

5-14 20:56

Mosby Blvd

Assist Motorist

5-14 22:12

Cameron St

Noise Complaint

5-14 23:04

S Buckmarsh

Assist Motorist


  1. Wondering when the boys peeling rubber in their hot rod in the Johnson Williams Middle School back parking lot at Tyson Drive will get nabbed. They are there every few days doing loud twists and turns, it’s very annoying.

  2. I’d love it if the town stepped up into the times and stopped with the load siren, at the very least have a cutoff point. Pagers, radios or scanners I’m sure they could use something other than the 2am siren notice!

    • Richie Blick says:

      good point. The FD and Rescue have had pagers for 20+ years and cell phones and other devices for at least a decade so why not? Nostalgia? I have lived on the outskirts of town for 13 years. And my hometown had air raid sirens as well. But I think restricting their use is long, long overdue. I do support keeping it but as a second call and emergency like a tornado. Two examples: 1. A friend of mine stayed at Battletown Inn one weekend and said NEVER, EVER again. Multiple air raid sirens went off that night. 2. My young daughter had just had ear tube surgery a few weeks prior. Her hearing was sharp. We got caught on Main St at the daily ‘noon’ blast before she or I could plug her hears. That was horrific as a parent! She screamed in a kind of pain not many are familiar with. I don’t know if that incident caused it but now she has permanent hearing loss in high tones and very low tones and has been tested several times. I am sure we are not the first.

  3. My 2 Cents says:

    Come on people, you cannot have it both ways….. That is what makes Berryville unique, remember? The same place where there aren’t any name-brand stores and people despise growth….. You cannot have your cake and eat it too……. That siren has been around way longer than you have been here Mr. Blick. So I’d say it probably isn’t going anywhere on your account. Just sit back and enjoy Mayberry and relax..

  4. Stonebroke says:

    Too funny! That is the post I was looking for,the same remark everyone always receives about growth. If you don’t like the siren,then maybe you need to move to another town that doesn’t have it. But it will be hard not to find another town like Berryville! I mean your not going to find too many towns without a small strip mall, a McDonalds, Burger King….or something of that nature. Just sayin!

  5. When I was stationed down in North Carolina, all of the local realtors were required to tell prospective home buyers “Hey, there’s an Air Force base right over there. They have jets that make loud noises day and night”, just so people couldn’t come back and sue the military over noise issues.Maybe the local realtors need to start telling people about the Enders siren. Not that it’ll stop the whining

  6. Stonebroke says:

    You can hear the siren all over Berryville! People need to just stop trying to find things to beach about all the time!

  7. THINGS CHANGE, that is a fact of life!!! I love the peaceful sleepy old town of Berryville and PERHAPS that’s why I despise the siren blaring as it does.

    • Stonebroke says:

      Go downtown and buy you a pair of ear plugs, if you can find a place that might carry them? BOOYAH!

    • Uh Oh. You mentioned “Things Change” and “Berryville” in the same posting. No points for you!

  8. My 2 Cents says:

    You may be right Karen. However, that is one thing that won’t. Why don’t you newbie’s focus your time on meaningful change, like somewhere to buy a pair of shoes in Berryville.

    • NOT a newbie here. I was born and raised in this community and chose to raise my family here. I’m not nieve enough to place the public in harms way if the siren is a necessity. The question is, is it?? If it is, please by all means, continue to use it. If it is not and is strictly being used to uphold “tradition”, I AM NOT A FAN. Just my opinion…

  9. J Jenkins says:

    I really can’t believe that the siren bothers people so much. Just be thankful the next time you hear it that it’s not a call going to your house.

  10. been here a long time says:

    My standard answer to anyone who complains about the siren is that you should pray when you hear it as someone is in need of help. I hope and pray that you never have the need to have the siren sound for you or yours.

  11. If you whiners ever need ems or fire dept. That siren will not blow loud enought or long enought. The fire trucks and rescue squad will not travel fast enought. When is not you in need it’s to loud and the equipment is travelling to fast. We know you will never be satisified. Not everyone has their pager with them all the time.

  12. Laura Stevens says:

    When I moved to Boyce ten years ago there was no siren but five or six years ago they started using it. I’m not complaining or whining, it really doesn’t bother me even though my dog likes to howl along with it anytime it goes off, day or night…heck, during the day I like to howl along with her. Did they not have one before that or had they stopped using it for some reason? Just curious…

  13. mayor quinsby says:

    What is the real reason the siren has to be blown everyday at noon? What if someone’s house is on fire at noon? Also, does any of donated money go to emt or firefighters for pagers or cell phones? If so, seems like a big waste cash since the siren works fine. [my tongue is in my cheek]

    • Town Resident says:

      The siren is not blown every day at noon, only Saturday at noon…guess you’re not home during the week to notice.

  14. I don’t mind the siren. I also don’t mind hearing the train whistle blow at night while lying in bed. Some sound better than others and their patterns vary sometimes but it always should be two long blasts, one short blast and then one long blast again to be proper.

    Back to the siren, I would also like to hear a different type of warning siren if there is a tornado in the area. From what I hear, there is no such thing in Berryville right now which is concerning.

  15. Doggone says:

    We must also remember that the siren is an alert to motorists and pedestrians in Berryville. When you hear it, you know that a firetruck or rescue squad will soon follow, so be ready to pull aside or get out of the crosswalk to give them the right of way. It may be going to your house or someone that you know. Please get out of their way so they can go do what they are trained to do!
    I remember back in High School, at what is now Johnson Williams, that siren would go off during school and the volunteers that were Jrs and Srs would jump up in class and run out the door across the field to the firehouse. Some of those guys wee so fast they were at the firehouse before the siren stopped! I always admired their aid to the community.

  16. Embarassed says:

    Here is your answer people after some reasearch with those involved. The siren is only tested at noon on Saturday’s like Town resident said. Also as we all know just like cell phones; pagers and radios are elctronic devices that use radio waves which aren’t always reliable. The siren is used for those volunteers who may be out in a field on or a job and don’t recieve the electronic notice. We do live in a valley with air wave dead spots so it is a necessity for first responders. Like some others have said if it was you in an accident or whose house was on fire you would want it blaring and the rescue personell screaming to you or your loved ones. Which brings me to my last point that was pointed out to me a fire or car crash is the only time the siren is set off, not for squad calls.
    Maybe if the Board of Supervisors let in a tax base of some businesses and could pay a decent salary to paid fire and rescue to be on call at the stations like other counties have they would not need the siren. hmmmmm……

  17. BlossomButt says:

    This evening was a prime example of the siren being overused. The skies are very dangerous looking and the wind is suddenly blowing like crazy. All of a sudden the siren sounds. Panic, is it a fire or a tornado? How will we know? So I sit outside watching the skies myself, since it would be hard to determine a warning (even if we have one) from a fire. As far as the notices to those in the field, that is bull. There are dead spots, yes, but not for pagers AND phones and radios. Its simply and old fashioned idea that they keep up with. While I have no problem with the siren for fires, it would be nice to have something for emergencies, so we can actually know of there is a problem in the sky.

    • Mike Dowling says:

      This evening there was an accident on 340 near Gaylord. A motorcyclist lost control and crashed. The siren was used to call volunteers who manned Engine 1, Medic 1, Rescue 1,and Engine 8. He and his passenger needed emergency care and the volunteers of Clarke County responded as they always do.

      I know many people feel that the siren is a nuisance, however I am happy to know that help is on the way for someone who needs it when the siren goes off. Could another method work? It’s possible. I guess the point that most would make, and I feel the same way, is that any nuisance it causes is a small price to pay for the good it represents.

  18. livein22611 says:

    Isn’t it three blasts for a fire/rescue call and just a really long continuous one for a tornado? That’s what I heard. And for those who complain about the siren, lack of shopping, and everything else–didn’t you do any research before you moved here? Did you just throw a dart at a map? Did you bother spending a little time around here before you came and started complaining?
    The siren is not hurting anyone and doesn’t cause hearing loss! And I remember a lot of electronic and cellular devices not working on 9/11. And with the Fed.’s now trying to get the right to block service during “emergencies” we may need that siren. Deal with it.
    **Funny thought-we could have a “do not sound” list. Put your name on the list and when you need services they won’t sound the siren and bother anyone!

    • BlossomButt says:

      As a matter of fact, it was one long blast, but it appears it was an accident, so therefore how are we to know. “Do your math”, really? Did you check before you moved here to see if a siren blasts? Did you check to see how long the stores are open? Did you check to see how many deputies are on duty at various hours? Come on, be real? I am not complaining about the siren, only saying that it does not appear to be necessary in todays age of electronics but there does need to be a clear and distinct weather emergency siren that we do not have!