Berryville Police Weekly Report for 10/31/2010 – 11/6/2010

Date / Time Address Call Type
10-31 Town of Berryville No Calls
11-1 8:31 Chalmers Ct Parking Complaint
11-1 9:40 E Main Delayed report of assault
11-1 10:15 Main/Buckmarsh Funeral Escort
11-1 22:15 Treadwell St Civil Issue
11-2 3:06 Walnut St Assist Rescue Squad
11-2 5:18 E Main Alarm
11-2 5:32 E Main Alarm
11-2 6:26 E Main Alarm
11-2 7:30 W Main Attempt to locate
11-2 14:33 McNeil Dr Fight in Progress
11-2 15:00 E Main Vandalism
11-2 15:17 McNeil Dr Assist Motorist
11-2 17:33 Josephine St Domestic Issues
11-2 18:29 Walnut St Public Service
11-3 00:09 E Fairfax Disturbance
11-3 9:06 E Fairfax Suspicious Activity
11-3 14:47 Mosby Blvd Assault
11-3 16:49 Virginia Ave 911 hang up
11-3 18:52 E Fairfax Alarm
11-3 20:24 Bundy St Sewage leak
11-4 06:10 W Main St Assist Motorist
11-4 10:04 E Main St Alarm
11-4 11:14 S Church St Dog running at large
11-5 01:39 Rt 340/Rt 7 Assist Motorist
11-5 05:56 Lindsay Ct Suspicious Actvity
11-5 14:30 Police Department Public Service
11-5 15:02 N Church St Destruction of Property
11-5 19:13 E Main Assist Motorist
11-5 19:48 E Main Suspicious Person
11-5 23:05 Chalmers Ct Drunk in Public Arrest
11-5 23:26 Chalmers Ct Welfare Check
11-6 01:45 N Church St Assist Sheriff’s Office
11-6 07:36 Lindsay Ct Animal Cruelty
11-6 16:57 E Main St Dog running at large
11-6 12:20 Lindsay Ct Drunk in Public
11-6 15:41 Mosby Blvd Suspicious Vehicle
11-6 16:28 Page St Missing Juvenile (found)
11-6 19:05 S Church Animal Control
11-6 22:28 W Main Suspicious Vehicle
11-6 23:55 Bundy St Assist Rescue Squad


  1. No calls on 10-31? Could that mean that everyone was in Charles Town trick-or-treating? Wonder if the three alarm and the vandalism calls on 11-2 were related.

  2. stopthebarking! says:

    Why hasn’t the dog that is heard constantly barking throughout the day on Ashby Court ever been mentioned on here or reported? The poor thing barks and barks all day long. Obviously the owners let the dog out while they are at work/school and it barks all day long. They leave it out while it rains, while it is cold, it doesn’t matter.
    Either bring your dog in on find the dog a suitable home where the owners will not neglect it and throw it outside all day long. Such irresponsible dog owners! Your neighbors do not appreciate hearing that all day long!!!

  3. Or, here’s an idea, go to the home and tell them in person. No need to be rude, just state the facts. If they aren’t home, leave a note: “Came by to see you. I wanted to let you know your dog barked all day today and you may not realize it. I figured you would rather I tell you in person than to have to call the police or animal control.”

    • Curious one..... says:

      Yeah, u guys make it all sound so easy…. The way people are these days, I don’t blame them for not taking it up with the owners…. They would wanna argue with you and make it sound like you are the one with the problem…… It is what it is…. If these owners cannot hear their own dog barking 22 hours a day, it means they don’t care…. If they did, they would have the common courtesy to handle it on their own…..

  4. Yes, I know what dog you are talking about. I actually called the Berryville police to report it and they told me that I would first have to try and resolve it with the dog owner and after that attempt and with no resolution then the police would step in. I, too agree w/ Curious one, I don’t know the people and don’t feel comfortable b/c I can’t imagine if these people were really concerned about the noise then they would do something about the dog w/o needing a neighbor to point it out to them. I mean who does that? Really?

    • Perhaps they go to work all day and do not know the dog barks incessantly while they are gone.
      Perhaps they would appreciate the neighborly approach of letting them know personally rather than by calling the police on them.
      (Think about your own reaction in such a situation…or perhaps you are and that is the problem)
      Perhaps we might want to acknowledge that it costs the rest of us money to pay the police to do your dirty work because you are too much of a coward to tell your neighbor to his face, politely (God forbid) that their dog’s barking is bothering you.
      “I mean, who does that? Really?”
      Perhaps this is what is wrong with the world today.

      • Curious one..... says:

        NO, Joe, it shouldn’t be up to a neighbor to tell someone that their dog is barking all day! They hear it too! Everyone in that little cul de sac hears it! And then you speak up, you become the [redacted] neighbor, with coke cans in your yard and so on!!!!!!!!! Quit being so naive Joe!

        I say call the cops…. Trust me, it will give them something to do……

        And for the record, you try and go to sleep at night with a dog constantly barking outside your window……

        • One night the police came down our street looking for a barking dog because of a complaint. They couldn’t find it on that street, so they moved on to ours. In the meantime, their presence led all the dogs (including mine) to start barking because they were walking around with flashlights. Yeesh. That worked out great.

        • Sorry redacted, if YOU have a problem with YOUR neighbor it is your responsibility to make an attempt to work it out in a reasonable manner. Just because you are afraid they may not respond well does not mean I should pay the police to do YOUR DIRTY WORK. If the dog is barking during the daytime the owners may not even know it because they are at work, and it is not a police matter because there is no law involved. If it is at night then it is a noise complaint and it IS a police matter.

          Can we assume that if your neighbor came to you with an honest complaint you would throw coke cans in their yard? Is that NORMAL?

          Sorry, just not willing to pay the cops for your issues. They should be reserved for public safety, not every whiner’s annoyance.

          • Curious one..... says:

            There you go again Joe…..

            The Police get paid to handle situations like these. And by the looks of your post, you seem to be slowly getting upset! That right there is the reason people fear speaking up for themselves….. People like you would give someone a rude and crass answer and send us on our way! Then when the police would be called, we would be the [redacted] neighbor! See what we are sayin????

          • The police do not get paid to handle those situations…they handle them because the neighbor is to scared to knock on a door and talk to them person to person. Do you really think they want to handle this situation for your because you are a coward? If my dog was barking all day, I’d much prefer my neighbor to tell me, than to call the cops. That would be more likely to cause problems then a friendly “hey, just wanted to let you know…”

          • Lilly from Asbury Ct. says:

            Joe and Sara:

            I don’t think there would be so many complaints if the dog just barked during the day. This has been an ongoing problem and in my eyes, is a form of animal cruelty. There is an obvious reason the dog is barking ALL the time, (Joe: IS THAT NORMAL?) not just during the day..perhaps being ignored? neglect?? I have owned several dogs in my time and if they started barking no matter what time of the day or night, the dog came inside, no questions asked….it’s called COMMON COURTESY and RESPONSIBILITY!! Pay attention to your animals, if you can’t you shouldn’t have them. Animals should not be left out with absolutely no supervision for such a long period of time!! If you have to wait for your neighbor to tell you to take care of your animal properly then maybe animal control should be involved in this case..just saying! Do you wait for your neighbor to tell you that your child is cold before you put a coat on them or feed them? NO! You take care of them, that is what you is your responsibility to care for your children as well as your pets..Please do so or the police shall be called….period!

          • Lilly, thank you for such a rational response. I agree with everything you say. A dog owner should not leave their pet out all day and night. They should bring it in when it barks for more than a few minutes, for the love of the dog and for common courtesy of their neighbors. I have a dog that is often out during the day for a few to several hours at a time. He likes to lie in the sun. But when he is ready he comes in. He is always in at night. If he barks more than briefly as someone passes there is a reason and I know his different barks. There are times though that he is out while I am away and if for some reason he barked incessantly while I was gone I would want someone to tell me and give me the opportunity to fix the situation. That is the right thing to do, not the easy thing, but imo the right thing. Obviously Curious and “truthseeker” don’t agree. I am sure they share in my thankfulness that I am not their neighbor.

          • Curious one..... says:

            Thanks for admitting it is your responsibility to fix your problem. Could have avoided all of this, if you would have just responded to the first post and said, Sorry, I will handle it… Thank you again Joe. Here is hoping to sleepful nights now….

          • Yep, Joe…thanks for admitting it is your responsibility to your dogs and your neighbors. As I’ve said previously, if I had a dog it would not be out all day unattended.

          • I also agree with everything you say Lilly. But my point is, if the person doesn’t know a problem exists, how can they fix it. Logically yes, they should know something is wrong…but if they aren’t home all day to hear it, how else would they know. I don’t know the specific situation here, but just because a dog barks doesn’t mean it’s neglected. Maybe they have a doggie door so it’s not left out all day?

          • Frank Smith says:

            If your dogs were barking all day/night outside, should the neighbor’s have to tell you? That’s the problem!

          • Frank Smith says:

            Its your responsibility Sara! The people that live next you shouldn’t have to. Where is the accountability?

          • If Sara is at work all day, she does not know her dog is barking while it is outside. People in neighborhoods often have privacy fences or underground fences so their dogs can stay out. Not all dogs bark all day but some do when their owners are away. It is just a reasonable first step to give the neighbor the opportunity to resolve the problem honestly before calling the police. The neighbors on this board perceive the problem, the owner is obviously unaware or oblivious (or maybe hearing impaired).

          • I agree completely it is the responsibility of the dog owner…no arguments. My point is, if you don’t notify the owner that a problem exists, how can they be expected to fix it? All I’m trying to say is that sometimes a knock on the door from a neighbor with smile on their face who has come to rationally address a provlem is far better than just sending the police over with a complaint. As it is the dog owners responibility to keep the dog quiet it is the responsibility of the person with the problem to address it and not exept others to do it for them.

          • So, by your logic, next time I have to call my credit card company because of a dispute I should have the police do it because it MIGHT cause a confrontation?

          • Business Owner says:

            Seriously, this has to be the owners posting under different names…. I guarantee you…. You try and go to sleep at night and hear the same dog bark all night and then come talk to me in the morning…… We can argue this all day, but here is the deal, if you are gonna own a dog, have some courtesy to your neighbors….. Its called respect…… If the owners had any, they would bring the dogs inside, or fix the problem themselves……. If people want to avoid confrontation, thats there right! By looks of Joe’s, Sara’s, and Kim approach and attitude, who could blame them???????

          • I agree neighbor courtesy is a big deal…which is why I feel the neighbor with the issue should also be courtesy by letting the neighbor know of the problem before getting the police involved. If they talk to the neighbor and nothing happens, by all means, call the cops. I guess I look at it like this. If my child is doing something wrong, I let them know it is wrong. If my child then does it again after knowing it is wrong, then I punish them. I don’t punish them from the get go. People deserve a chance to fix a problem before more extreme measures are taken, such as calling the police.

          • Sara:

            People know their animals. People KNOW if they have a dog that is a potential barker or not..C’mon! Give me a break. I had a dog once that I knew had the potential to bark loudly when left outside for more than 10 minutes. So, I acted just like a responsible pet owner should and took precautionary measures to ensure the peace was not disturbed. Yes this was a hassle to have others help let the animal in and out when on vacation or make time when I’m at work- but if it can’t be done then you shouldn’t own a pet! You cannot honestly say that you don’t know that your dog is a barker. Whatever!

            And by the way JOE, if this dog is disturbing the peace EVERY single day, then this is in violation of the noise ordinance, therefore police involvement is necessary. If they would like to contact animal control- that’s their decision. Citizens are making complaints specifically about disturbing the peace. And if you don’t agree with your $$ paying an officer to drive 1 mile to the house for a disturbance call- then you should sit in on the town budget sessions or petition for a re-authorization of the town code. The citizens are following the proper procedures. The people hearing this animal is not just the neighbor next door, it is also people in other neighborhoods that cannot tell exactly which house its from. So now what Joe? Go knocking on everyone’s door? Nope! Not me- not in today’s society! And…If you are willing to argue this point so much- then you must know the person, how about telling them for me? And have them take care of their animal properly?! That might save that 2.75/gallon that you are so worried about using as the police drive 1 mile to the home..Thanks!

          • Kim:

            Your comparison makes absolutely no sense and is misrepresenting comments made on this board! With a credit card dispute you willingly entered into a business relationship with the credit company therefore you deal with it! The citizens that are being disturbed by this specific animal are living in surrounding neighborhoods that do not ask to be kept awake because of negligent animal owners. I am sorry you have misunderstood- calling the police is not to avoid confrontation at all, it is because some may not know exactly which house it is, as you can hear this specific dog from surrounding neighborhoods. It is also because the police are the people that deal with disturbance calls. It is what it is Kim!

            Bottom line: people know if they have a dog that barks, take care of your animals!!! This means NOT leaving them unattended for long periods of time.

      • Joe, I am a dog lover but I don’t own one right now b/c it’s not fair to the dog or my neighbors to leave it out all day while I’m off at work. Just asking for people to be responsible to their pets and and their neighbors. Maybe that’s just too much to ask of some people.

      • Jeff Peterson says:

        Sir, if you need your neighbor’s to tell you that you’re dogs bark all the time, then you are the one with the problem? IS THAT NORMAL?

  5. Some people are oblivious to common courtesy. I have a dog lover behind me. Only a 1/4 acre of land with four big labs! My neighbor had to take them to court to give them a clue that their dogs were disturbing everyone with constant barking. Every day and night for hours it would go on and on. And they bred a couple of them once and their were puppies constantly yapping. If you want to have that many dogs and breed them, get a farm. They hear the barking, they just don’t care.

  6. Business Owner says:

    OK, well Joe…… Your darn dogs bark all day and night! Could u put them in the garage???? How was that?

  7. Berryville Res says:

    Does anyone know why the police take animal control calls?

    I dont remember them being in the police reports a year ago.

  8. River Watcher says:

    On November 4, 2010, a beloved family dog “Pete” was shot and killed at
    his residence in Clarke County, VA. “Pete” was secured in his kennel,
    adjacent to the family home, which is located on Route 7 between Berryville and the Shenandoah River.

    The article is lacking details.
    Was this dog shot at close or long range??

    Hard to believe this was an accident but the barrage of gunfire that occurs out here is unbelievable. Its not safe to walk in your own yard without wearing orange!

    Not only has this family lost a loved one, but I’ll bet they live in fear of gunshots being fired directly towards their home.

    • What article is there that speaks to this incident? This is just a listing of the police calls for the town, and I don’t see anything regarding a dog being shot in this listing.

      • Local Dog Shot/Killed says:

        Did you ever find the article?

        I put it up again under County reports.

        Theres a 1k reward….

  9. River Watcher says:

    It was on our local TV stations website Dec 3rd under crime of the week..

    Youre right its not in either of our police depts reports.