Berryville Police Weekly Report for 11/14/2010 – 11/22/2010

Date / Time Address Call Type
11-14 03:06 E Main St Alarm
11-14 10:33 Montgomery Ct Animal Call
11-14 14:49 Cameron St Vandalism
11-14 16:11 Treadwell St Barking Dog Complaint
11-14 23:46 Josephine St Disturbance
11-15 03:07 E Main St Alarm
11-15 9:19 Academy St Theft from Vehicle
11-15 9:30 Buckmarsh/Main Funeral Escort
11-15 10:00 Buckmarsh/Main Traffic Light Problem
11-15 16:42 E Fairfax 911 Hang up
11-15 21:09 Chalmers Ct Subjects stuck in elevator
11-15 23:58 Crow St Suspicious Activity
11-16 15:01 Cobbler Dr Vandalism
11-16 15:38 W Main/Westwood Rd Crash
11-16 16:45 Jack Enders Blvd 911 hang up
11-16 22:26 Rt 7/Kennel Rd Assist Sheriff’s Office
11-16 23:20 E Main St Suspicious Person
11-17 13:10 Police Department Credit Card Fraud (Calif)
11-17 21:24 Jack Enders Blvd Larceny
11-17 22:03 North Hill Lane Assist Sheriff’s Office
11-18 06:00 E Main St Public Service
11-18 12:05 W Main St Code Enforcement
11-18 18:25 W Main/Hermitage Suspicious Person
11-19 00:40 Clay Hill Rd Assist Sheriff’s Office
11-19 07:41 W Main St Petit Larceny
11-19 12:41 W Main St Found Property
11-19 18:29 Moore Dr Civil Issue
11-19 22:17 Orchard Ct Suspicious Vehicle
11-20 11:36 McNeil Rd Alarm
11-20 14:07 W Main Suspicious Person
11-20 17:47 Academy St Domestic Situation
11-20 22:16 Page St Vandalism
11-20 22:44 Page St Vandalism


  1. A “crash” at Westwood Road and West Main Street on 11/16 (a Tuesday) at 3:38 in the afternoon…hmmmm…That would be the intersection at D.G. Elementary School, correct? This incident happened about 30 minutes (give or take) after school lets out. That is one of the busiest school intersections…and one that no longer has an active crossing guard when shool is commencing in the mornings or dismissing in the afternoons. Does anyone else see a problem here? Let’s get the crossing guard back in the middle of that intersection and not parked across the street.

    • I agree. Why not? The Kawanis lady did a great job in previous years. Get her back. I cannot believe that intersection has not been improved upon in after all these years. I did not know how bad it was until my child began Cooley this year. If you do not go that way or have a child in high school or Cooley you are clueless. Sometimes vehicles are backed up 20 deep in Cooley trying to turn left or right out of the school then a quick right or left onto Main Street, or to turn Right to go on Westwood Rd to the high school. They posses a safety issue with kids trying to be dropped off for school hopping out of cars before they get to the drop off point at the doors. And the exit leaving Cooley is barely wide enough for a right turn and a left turn space. And why is there no ‘right’ turning lane on Westwood onto Main? There is nothing but farmland on the corner so plenty of room to create one or have a sweeping one like coming off of Route 7 onto W Main just to get people out of that intersection. We’ll be using the old high school and Cooley for years to come.

      • Just sayin says:

        Y’all make it sound so simple. It’s called money…another turn lane costs money (for the land from Bev Byrd + to build the thing), and to pay the crossing guard. When the new high school is built out, the plan has been to construct a traffic round-about at that intersection, this hopefully takin care of some of that mess. We’ll see…

  2. There is a huge need for a crossing guard at this particular intersection. When we had one several years ago she ran it like clock work. Demanded turn signals and kept everyone on their toes. Good for parents and students alike. When you have high school students driving with the mix of elementary school parent drop offs at an intersection without a crossing guard you are asking for serious trouble. Why was this crossing guard removed in the first place? She did a great job for years,starting at the Johnson-Williams crossing to the Cooley-CC High School. Money? How much money is worth someone’s life or injury. New High School or not a crossing guard is needed now,please bring her back. Thanks

  3. BlossomButt says:

    A crossing guard is used for the purposes of safe crossing of children. We still have one for that purpose. what was there in the years before was basically a traffic cop. Unfortunately, the woman at the intersection was not qualified for that post and actually abused her “power” many times. I have seen her scream (literally) at people turning right after stop, when she was allowing traffic coming in the opposite direction to turn left (in other words, no possible way for the right turning person to cause a problem). However, she didnt like the fact that she did not have complete control. Thats probably why she resigned when she found out she would no longer be a glorified Barney Phife. That intersection will work fine if people use common sense and courtesy. Unfortunately, that does not happen, so you want to spend more tax dollars to make citizens do what they should be doing in the first place. Then you will complain because your taxes are higher. Actually, if you pay attention, many people stop and let others out and the traffic is very RARELY as backed up on the bypass as they were with Barney in place. For Westwood traffic, it is a secondary road and you must plan accordingly. You know traffic will be bad so plan ahead or go the other way out, but paying for another person to control idiotic drivers is not the answer.

  4. livein2611 says:

    Directing traffic is the job of the police, not citizens. But I’m sure the schools and police would a volunteer, just sign a nice little personal injury waiver! There’s not a lot of traffic at that intersection at 3:38 anyway. Just pay attention when you drive and put down your cell phone.