Berryville Proceeds With Blight Abatement While Liberty Street Property is Demolished

Crews begin work of demolishing Liberty Street property - Photo Ed Leonard

The Berryville Planning Commission met Tuesday night for their monthly meeting and topping the agenda were two properties that have been identified in the Town’s Blight Abatement program. One property was targeted for a public hearing but due to a delay in the public notice, the property on Liberty Street was given a one month reprieve and the hearing was rescheduled for next month.

However the property owner did not need any additional time. Wednesday the property owner had crews begin demolishing the property.

The owner was on site and said the town had been very good to work with. Charles Jackson, a former teacher with CCPS purchased the property as an investment and had pulled previous permits to demolish the structure but had never completed the task. Once the town began to enforce its blight abatement code Mr. Jackson moved to comply.

Liberty Street property demolished - Photo Mike Dowling

The second property in the Planning Commissions agenda was the large structure on First street. Commissioner Chair Doug Shaffer said,”This one is a real public safety concern.”

The property is in a severe state of disrepair and has been the source of wind-blown debris in the past. The commission moved to set a public hearing on the property at their November 22 meeting.


  1. Just curious as to what financial responsibilities the owner is responsible for? Clean-up,demolition and removal had to cost someone!

    • Rice St. Resident says:

      With the way the article was written, this property owner took it upon himself to demo it, as the town postponed final decision by a month. In that case, it would have to be the homeowner. Also, I believe a previous article addressed this, stating that the property owner would be charges any costs incurred.

      • Rice St. Resident says:

        Found it. August 1st article:
        “If the property is determined to be blighted then a recommendation is made to the Town Council. The council would then vote on whether to proceed with the Planning Commissions recommendation.  In this case, if the recommendation to demolish is advanced, the town would hire a contractor to have the structure removed and then charge the costs back to the property owner.”

  2. I have no doubt that Charlie Jackson will fulfill any obligation incurred. Sometimes he’s a bit slow, but his electrical work has always been impeccable. The worst thing this wonderful man did here was procrastinate.

  3. Proud to say I was taught by Mr. Jackson; I agree with Bob, he is a great man (and friend) who acts with integrity.