Berryville Resident Participates in City of Alexandria Proclamation

On May 7th, Berryville resident, Don DeHaven portrayed founding father George Washington during an official proclamation ceremony in the City of Alexandria.   The Honorable Mayor William D. Euille, of Alexandria Virginia, supported by the Office of Historic Alexandria, Gadsby’s Tavern Museum and The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), issued an official proclamation to support AICI’s global initiative, Civility Counts.   The signing ceremony took place at the City Hall in the Council Chambers of the Mayor William D. Euille.


Photo left to right: Cindy Ann Peterson with AICI and the Global Initiative, Civility Counts, President George Washington (portrayed by Don DeHaven), Mayor William D. Euille, J. Lance Mallamo, Director, Office of Historic Alexandria and Gretchen Bulova, Director, Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, Alexandria, Virginia. Photo in Council Chambers, City Hall Alexandria, Virginia, May 7th, 2010

The city has partnered with AICI as they embark on a new journey to spread a positive “civility epidemic” around the world. Inspired by Dr. P. M. Forni’s book,  Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct, the AICI Civility Counts Project is a multi-faceted long-term initiative aimed at gaining international support for embracing civility and motivating people from all walks of life to make it part of their everyday lives.

The worldwide chapters of AICI will come together at the 2010 Annual Conference to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from May 20 through May 23, 2010. Each proclamation received will be recognized and prominently displayed at the Conference in celebration of May 2010 as International Civility Awareness Month.

Official Proclamation

Official Proclamation

“AICI is proud to include Alexandria, Virginia in this impressive lineup of proclamations,’’ said Cindy Ann Peterson, who is assisting with the AICI’s Civility Counts Project.   Peterson, a member of the Washington DC Metro Area Chapter of AICI as well as the Gadsby’s Tavern Museum Society said, “It is an honor to bring the Civility Awareness to the people of Alexandria.   Even more, it is an honor that this project should come full circle to the hometown of George Washington, whom as a young boy of thirteen had jotted notes of social rules into a notebook and titled his book The Rules of Civility.   In sharing this common goal for a more gentile and thoughtful approach to handling life and business we all win.   Our lives will be enriched through the thoughtfulness and courtesy to others.”

J. Lance Mallamo,  Director, Office of Historic Alexandria,  believes that the reason the Civility Counts project is important for Alexandria is because it seeks to maintain the City’s long standing traditions of courtesy, respect and politeness to those who live in or visit Alexandria.


  1. Sharon Strickland says:

    It is always a pleasure to see our “George” participating in any event. He truly looks like George Washington. I watched him walk down my front steps several years ago and it was foggy. Very spooky.

    • Cindy Ann Peterson says:

      Mr. Don De Haven not only portrayed President George Washington he evoked the true spirit of Civility that was dear to George Washington.

      It was great to have Mr. Don De Haven helping with this noble effort by his reading of the Twenty-Five rules of Considerate Conduct, penned by Dr. P. M. Forni of Johns Hopkins University. After which Mayor William D. Euille of Alexandria, Virginia declared the month of May 2010 – AICI International Civility Awareness Month for the City of Alexandria.

      Acts of incivility have become prevalent in today’s complex, competitive society and affect the quality of life for all who live, work in, and visit our City of Alexandria. In keeping with the fine direction by our founding father George Washington, we think he would be proud to be a part of a project dear to his heart. “Every Action done in Company ought to be with Some Sign of Respect to those that are Present” is Rule 1 in George Washington’s Rules of Civility. These words ring true in 2010 for his beloved Alexandria.