Berryville to Hold Summit for the Arts This Week

Riding on the wave of success the Fire House Gallery has experienced and the ongoing success of the annual artist workshop tour, local officials are reaching out to the community to provide greater support and exposure to the arts through the formation of an Arts Council in Clarke County. Arts Councils typically provide a link between artists and the community, to help administer programs to stimulate community development through the arts. They also supports individual creativity, cultural preservation, and economic development by supporting lifelong learning through the arts.

A Community Summit meeting has been scheduled for November 17th at 6:00pm in the Main Meeting Room of the Government Center to discuss the idea. This meeting will be conducted like the recent summit meetings on tourism and agriculture and will be an open forum for anyone to voice ideas about the challenges members of the arts community face, as well as the opportunities that exist to bring the arts to a much larger audience. Discussion will include all forms of art in the county, from traditional visual arts as well as music, dance and other performing arts.

The meeting is being facilitated by Town Councilman for Ward 2, Allen Kitselman, and Town Planner Christy Dunkle.


  1. Way to go Berryville!

  2. Great idea…