Berryville Tradition Continues With Santa’s Ride

Sirens were heard throughout the Town of Berryille Saturday afternoon but there was no need for alarm, it was all part of a local Christmas tradition. As residents ran to windows and doors to investigate the ruckus, they were greeted by an entourage of emergency vehicles with a very special passenger. Santa Claus was escorted through the Town of Berryville high atop Wagon 1 by   volunteers from John H. Enders Fire and Rescue Company.

For many years the department has welcomed Santa to town during the annual Christmas parade, but Santa’s Ride is a relatively new tradition that came to town about 5 years ago. Chris Shipe, the current President of John H. Enders Fire and Rescue Company said, “Building on the time honored parade tradition the department started taking Santa around the town’s neighborhoods. The idea came from some new members that brought the idea from their previous fire department. ”

Children scamper out to gather goodies - Photo by Mike Dowling

The annual event   still catches many residents by surprise. Children peered through windows at the sound of sirens and suddenly realized that Santa was riding down their street.   They darted out doorways with no coats, some in pajamas and barefoot, to grab goodies that Santa tossed to them with a “Ho Ho Ho” and a “Merry Christmas.”

Santa spent about four hours touring the Town of Berryville before heading back to the North Pole.

Shipe said, “Berryville and Clarke County are wonderful in their support of John H Enders Fire and Rescue, bringing Santa around town is a small way we can say thanks and give back to the community”.

This holiday tradition is one of the many ways volunteers make our community a special place to live. Special thanks go out to the men and women of John H. Enders Fire and Rescue Company who make this annual event possible.

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