Berryville Voters Will Decide Town Recorder Tuesday

Tuesday is election day in Clarke County and it has proven to be a slim field with most candidates running unopposed. In Berryville, Allen Kitselman and David Tollett are both running unopposed for Town Council seats. In Boyce, Erika Kelbe is unopposed for a seat on the Town Council, while Tamara Myer is unopposed for Town Recorder. The only seat that remains up for grabs in this election is  Town Council Recorder  in Berryville.

The race for Recorder in Berryville was originally between Craig Curren and the incumbent Jay Arnold. However, weeks before the election Curren announced that he would drop out of the race. In a letter distributed to the community, Curren cited an unexpected job transfer as the reason behind his decision to withdraw.  Because the decision came late in the election cycle Curren’s name will still appear on the ballot. The void created by the unexpected withdrawal launched the campaign of write-in candidate Carolyn Brophy. Curren endorsed Brophy and urged his supporters to back the write-in candidate in the upcoming election.

The Clarke Daily News asked each candidate to answer a few questions about themselves to give voters some insight into their identities and positions on current issues. Both graciously responded and we have provided the information below.


Incumbent Candidate For Town Recorder, Harry L. “Jay” Arnold


Harry L. "Jay" Arnold

Number of years living in town: I have lived in town for 51 years
Owner and operator of Berryville Auto Parts Inc.

Public Service: Appointed to and served on the Clarke County Planning Commission 1995-2010. Elected to a Four year term on the Berryville Town Council as Town Recorder 2006 to present time. Served on various committees and councils representing Clarke County.

Other Service Organizations or volunteer affiliations: Clarke County Fire & Rescue Association officer and various positions Active volunteer and life member for 35 years, 10 years as Chief   John H. Enders Fire Company and Rescue Squad. Past President Berryville-Clarke County Chamber of Commerce. Clarke-Times Courier Citizen of the year

Reason for running: I have always enjoyed serving and helping the citizens of Berryville and Clarke County.   I have been a lifelong resident and Berryville is a very special place for me.   I have been fortunate over the years to be supported by my friends and customers that have allowed me to work in town daily, which has allowed me to serve on the Town Council and do the volunteer work such as the fire company and to give back to the community.   I have seen many positive changes in Berryville and I like being a part of planning and the approval process.   This allows us to continue to improve the Town, so everyone can enjoy the wonderful place that we have to live.

Write-In Candidate For Town Recorder, Carolyn Brophy


Carolyn Brophy

Number of years living in town: 4 years
Retired Federal Employee with 35 years of management and planning experience.
Public service
: I supported the modernization of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve Automate Data Processing (ADP) hardware and software.   This allowed all information to be gathered on our soldiers as well as their dependents prior to being deployed. I also worked for 10 years on the modernization of ADP hardware and software for a Top Secret command and control system.

Other service organizations or volunteer affiliations: I was a member of the PTA during my child’s school years, as well as I volunteered in support of the Brownies, Girl Scouts, and multiple other school activities. I am advocate for animal rescue, providing support when and where it is required. I am a founding Member of the Clarke Affordable Senior Housing (CASH) Alliance.

Reason for running:
I believe we need to work to find new ways for economic development which will create local shopping, new local jobs and tax relief for homeowners.     The experience I have gained over the years will enhance all areas in the town.

First thing you’ll do when you take office: The first thing I would do when I take office is to work with the town staff to develop, modify, and/or change planning processes.   This would encourage development of available land in town which we will ensure maintains the small town look and feel of Berryville we all love.

Favorite thing about your town: My favorite thing about our town is the small town look, feel and the wonderful people that I have met.